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Old Navy SnapAppy: Win FREE Flip Flops + More

12:59 PM MST
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I just want to remind you all about the Old Navy FREE app that you can download to your Android, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Just go to the app store on your device and search for Old Navy or click here, then download this FREE app. Once downloaded, you will be able to get Old Navy SnapAppy! :)

Just point your phone at an Old Navy logo to play the Old Navy SnapAppy game! I pulled up the Old Navy site on my MacBook, then put my iPhone over the Old Navy logo and “snapped”. I was then able to spin the wheel to try and win great prizes!

I ended up winning FREE flip flops and a couple money saving coupons! Yay! Reader, Lupita, also won FREE flip flops, a $5 off $25 coupon, and $15 off $75 coupon! Awesome!

Good Luck! :D

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  • Marti says:

    If you have an android you need to enter old navy snap appy then it will come up. I searched for it this way. Hope this helps

  • Ashley says:

    Do they scan your phone with the free flip flops? I just got a pair too! I dont want to click redeem now incase I lose it then? I never used my phone with stores like that…

  • Teri says:

    Yay! I got free flip flops!

  • Jano says:

    They dont, when you go to the store click on reedem code, and then give to the cashier she will enter the code to the computer that’s it!

  • Monique says:

    Sweet! I got free flip flops & a $5.00 off coupon!!!! Awesome!!!

  • Laura Velez says:

    yay!! it worked I just came back from old navy and the coupon worked for my free flip flops, I didn’t even have to pay for tax =) Thanks Collin, nice little surprise.

    • Yen says:

      Would you mind sharing how much your flip flops were and were they just the generic rubber ones or did you get the stylish ones or wedged ones? TIA

      • bittersweet says:

        mine were the generic ones like $3.94 i believe. I tried on a pair to get my DH but didnt work :/ but hey they were free :) and i used my $5 to get a nice water bottle for $5 no tax!!! hth

        • Yen says:

          Thanks for confirming. Bit disappointed the higher end flip flops don’t work, but oh well, can’t beat free. lol.

  • Tara says:

    I got free flip flops and a $5 off so I got 3 pairs of flip flops for free :)

  • Julie says:

    can we print this coupon and take it to the store? i don’t want to bring my ipad….

  • Kara says:

    This is awesome! I got a free pair of flip flops, a $15/$75 and a $5 off so far. I will have to go out of town and do some Old Navy Shopping :)

  • kristen says:

    i won $5 off $5, FREE flip flops, a $5 off $25 coupon, and $15 off $75 coupon!

  • Tim Fisher says:

    SWEET! I won free flip flops! :) Thanks Collin!

  • Laura says:

    I assume the $5 off any purchase means I can buy something worth $5 and it will work right? I hate getting to register only to be told that I have to spend something else as well. lol.

  • Yen says:

    Any use successfully use the free flip flop q on the wedged ones or more stylish ones worth around $10? I tried to today, cashier didn’t even try to enter or scan the q. She just flat out refused it saying it’s meant for the generic rubber flip flops. The Q itself has no restrictions.

    • Jaime R. says:

      I tried to use it on a $10.00 sandal, and they wouldn’t let me. She rang up the sandal and scanned the coupon code but it said invalid. I ended up getting the $3 flip flops for my little niece. You can’t beat free flip flops.

      • Yen says:

        At least now I know it wouldn’t work even if scanned. I was thinking that it would work if the cashier would just try it. Thanks for confirming, I’ll be getting my free pair of generic flip flops then. I won a $5 off any purchase too so I’ll use that towards the nicer wedged flip flops.

  • Scott992 says:

    I went into Old Navy the other day, and tried to use the coupon on a $10 pair, and was refused. They were pretty rude about it, too. I was told if I didn’t like it, I should call customer service. I did, and they said they would send me a gift card to get the $10.00 flip flops. The app doesn’t specify that you can only get the cheaper pair.

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