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Old Navy SnapAppy: Possible $5 off Any Purchase Coupon = FREE Tanks & Tees + More

1:32 PM MST
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I just want to remind you all about the Old Navy FREE app that you can download to your Android, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Just go to the app store on your device and search for Old Navy or click here, then download this FREE app. Once downloaded, you will be able to get Old Navy SnapAppy! :)

Just point your phone at an Old Navy logo to play the Old Navy SnapAppy game! I pulled up the Old Navy site on my MacBook, then put my iPhone over the Old Navy logo. I was then able to spin the wheel to try to win great prizes!

I ended up winning a $5 off ANY purchase (No minimum!) coupon! Yay! I am going to use this coupon to score a couple FREE tank tops when paired with the awesome sale I mentioned yesterday (details below)! Reader, Lisa, also emailed the following a few days ago regarding how much she loves this FREE old Navy app…

I just wanted to say a Big Thank You Again!!!! You posted about the Old Navy SnapAppy App and I downloaded it to mine and my husband’s phone immediately. Every week I’ve been winning the $5 SNAP FIVE Coupon. With this coupon, I’ve been purchasing Old Navy’s 2/$5 Flip Flops(photo attached). I can’t say how excited I am that the family is ready for summer with these awesome flip flops and the best part about it is that they were totally Free!!! If you purchase the 2/$5 flip flops, the coupon even takes care of your tax, so I literally walked out of the store paying nothing. It amazing how many items are actually available for $5.00 at Old Navy– Kids sunglasses-$5.50, hot and cold travel cups and mugs-$5.00, 4th of July T’s-$5.00, toys, snacks $1.00, and the list goes on and on. I’m going to keep playing and seeing what other awesome free items I can score. Thanks Old Navy and Thanks Hip 2 Save!!!

…And just a reminder that you can score $2 tanks and tees at Old Navy! You will also find tanks and tees ranging from $4-$8 each as well. It’s hard to beat that price for brand new clothes! These prices are valid through 5/28, so stock up while they’re cheap! I love having lots of tanks and tees on hand for laying. :)

The $2 tanks and tees are only available in-store, but if you’d rather shop from home, is also hosting a sale on tanks and tees starting at just $4 each. Plus, FREE shipping on all orders over $50!

To make this deal even sweeter, head on over to the Old Navy Facebook page and click on the Reveal-A-Deal tab to snag a coupon valid for 10% off your entire purchase. With this coupon, you can snag tanks for just $1.80 each! Keep in mind that this coupon is not valid to use until tomorrow, 5/25.

OR take advantage of the Old Navy SnapAppy App to possibly snag a $5 off ANY purchase coupon – which will score you at least 2 FREE tank tops! Sweet! :)

(Thanks, Coupon Connections!)

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  • Sarah says:

    I used to play this game a few months ago and never won anything. But the last 2 times I have played, I have won a $5 off $5 purchase! I also won free flip flops! I was able to get my son some new shirts and socks. I just played again and won another $5 off! Going today to get some more free things!

  • Tarri says:

    I don’t have an iphone or I pod touch, I have a Kindle Fire but :( it does not work with that. I did go there yesterday and got the tanks for $2 and used a 10% off q so got them for 1.80, not bad. I heard the employee at my store say they were not getting in any more of the tanks that was it. So looks like this might be the go get in now sale.

  • Maggie says:

    I don’t have an Iphone, just the Ipod Touch. Since I don’t have 3G on it, I haven’t been able to redeem the rewards I spin for. I thought that I could redeem them without internet access, but when I tried to in store it didn’t work. Going to put it on hubby’s Iphone and try again.

  • Karina Koji says:

    i got the $5 off $5 deal today too! and thanks for the reminder to use my free flip flop coupon!

  • Samantha G. says:

    Used my app just now and got the Snap 5 – thanks, Collin!

  • Gayle says:

    So, I just got the $5 off of $5 coupon. How do I redeem it at the store?

  • Stella says:

    I just returned from Old Navy and was told that the Snap 5 award was expired which is weird because I won today.. Sigh

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

      How weird! My Snap 5 Award states that it expires in 3 days.

    • Lisa says:

      Stella, the cashier just may need to scan it. It looks like the coupon has expired because of the wording underneath, but if you explain to the cashier that you just won it they will use it. You can also back out to the main screen and show the cashier when it expires if they question you? Same thing happened to my Mom yesterday and she just had to explain that she’d just won it that same day. The cashier then let her use the cpn, and she got her free travel mug :)

  • Jes says:

    I downloaded the app,but didnt win anything.

  • Confused says:

    Hi, I have an android (google phone) and it won’t let me download the app. Can someone please help me and tell me exactly what i need to do? Thank you so much in advance :)

  • MichelleD says:

    I tried to use the snap 5 ($5 off any purchase) to buy the 2 for $5 flip flops and they still charged me $2.62 after the coupon! I tried to explain that if the shoes were 2 for $5 and I had $5 off how was my total still over $2. They still couldn’t figure it out.

  • Marisela says:

    I have iPad, downloaded app & got $5 off a $25 purchase. I don’t have an iPod or iPhone so I’m a little confused on how I can redeem this coupon in the store? Any suggestions?

    • Victoria says:

      Can you take a screen shot?

    • Lisa says:

      Take your iPad with you and bring up the screen when you get to checkout. Once you are on the coupon page, it has to be scanned immediately or you will lose the coupon.

    • Marisela says:

      Ok thanks, I’m new in using iPad so trying to figure it all out still :) so I take iPad with me & open coupon when I’m checking out & they scan it. Pretty cool hope it works :) thanks so much. Oh someone mentioned that their coupon expires in 3 days, so does mine.

    • Dama says:

      You can only use the iPad if it has wifi. Because u need to open the app and they will need to click done deal and it will erase from ur surprises, I tried it from my iPad too, and they would not take a pic or the screen

  • ash says:

    this is my first time playing, and i see there is a goody bag listed on the wheel. does anyone know what that is??

    • Victoria says:

      Thats where you can win the free flip flops through, not sure what else you can win though.

    • Lisa says:

      Yeah, I’ve won the free flip flops off there as well and likewise. I’m not sure what other free gifts you can win??? Would be interesting to hear if anyone else has won anything different?

    • Jessica says:

      I also won the free flip flops! Once I also won free boots, free jeans and free “cozy” socks all in one sitting. It was exciting!

  • Kara says:

    can you combine the 10% with the $5 off you win with this app

    • Mel says:

      I’m wondering the same thing.

    • jeni says:

      You cannot use both, the 10% coupon states it cannot be combined with any other offers. If they try to scan both their computer beeps. FYI shopkick has a $10 off $40 purchase which is way better than the 10% or $5 off for that amount.

  • Kat says:

    I tried numerous times wednesday and the app wouldn’t work. So I gave up.

  • Lisa says:

    I’ve gotten the $5 off $5 coupon about three times now since you last posted about this App. I also got the free flip flops coupon. Great deal! Especially since I live right next to an outlet where this CAN be used.

  • Felice says:

    All I got was a tic tac toe game, so I deleted it.

  • johan says:

    How many time its posible play and how many its posible take and used in the store?

    • Sarah says:

      You can spin 10 times a day. You can use as many coupons as you want of the ones you win, but only one coupon per transaction.

  • Jenny says:

    I scanned a bunch of times- got 5 off after a few other random spins…. Walked away with FREE toddler shorts that we’re on sale for Dave dollars!!
    Thanks Collin.

  • Kristen says:

    Kept spinning till I got the $5!!

  • Jenny says:

    Five dollars. Oops…..

  • K says:

    Got $5 off any, $5 off $25 and $15 off $75. Anyone know if I can combine them if I purchase say $100?

  • Cherry says:

    i know this is a stupid question but i really don’t know how to snap the logo…is there a button that i need to press? i kept tapping snap but nothing happens…pls help! thanks!

    • Marisela says:

      Haha I had the same issue, finally figured it out. I pulled up old navy site on my laptop put iPad camera up close to the Onavy logo then it snapped it on its own & that’s when the prize wheel spun. It took me a few times b4 I actually won the $5 off $25, then I maxed my spins. Not sure how often you can do this. I didn’t feel like reading long terms & cond :) good luck

    • Cara says:

      hold your phone up to an old navy logo (like one on your computer screen). it will take the picture and spin the wheel.

    • Liz says:

      For my phone, when I “snap a pic” I just hold my phone at the logo and the phone vibrates which means it snapped it. Sometimes it doesn’t work and gives me a message saying so. You just have to keep trying.

  • Dallas says:

    Darn I can’t find this app on my husbands andriod smart phone. It is samsung Galaxy 3G. He should be able to ge this app right? I am bummed!!

  • Kara's Deals and Steals says:

    I wish I had an Old Navy anywhere near here. Living in a small town stinks sometimes when it comes to shopping for deals! All we have is Walmart. I wish we could redeem these online.

  • jackie says:

    I went an hour ago and with my 5 off 5 i got a two dollar tank and two clif hate (white chocolate macadamia yummy !) For free! I also got 3 polos for the hubs and with the 5 off 25 paid 23 ( two where ten each one was sox and they retail for 19.94!) . I love this site! Literally every thing Im wearing now i got for free using coupons ! And Im talking about old navy capri jeans, mossimo tank, mossimo tee, vs flip flops even the unmentionables! (sorry , tmi ) but seriously Collin you rock!

  • Cara says:

    You get 10 spins a day, every day. Some days I get stuff, some days I don’t. So far I’ve gotten 5 free pairs of flip flops and some money off of purchase too. I love this app!!

  • Melony says:

    How do you get the prizes once you win them?

    • Sarah says:

      in the app go to surprises, it will have a list of the ones you have. click on the one you want then go to redeem now.

      • Sarah says:

        if you spin and get the one you want and dont click that you want to save it it will not appear in your surprises.

  • Jennifer says:

    I was told by an employee at the store that you can spin the wheel on the Snap Appy up to 10 times a day. So you just save them all and then use the one that works best for you once you get there. I won the $5 of $5, had the 10% coupon that I printed off yesterday, and had a $10 e gift card from Viggle, so I walked out of there with 26 shirts for $52 out of pocket – sweet!

  • amberwaves says:

    Our entire family is in desperate need of flip flops so we got my 5 year old taken care of today! Hopefully I’ll keep getting the $5 off any purchase! Thanks so much =D

  • Lori says:

    Won a $5 off $25 coupon but it wouldn’t open while I was in the store & they wouldn’t honor it even though you could see it in the app under “deals”. Not happy.

  • Sarah says:

    I got 3 $2 tanks, 1 $4 tanks, a candy bar and flip flops for $5.39! Then I was able to give my $15 off of 75 to another customer that was checking out. She seemed so shocked. I probably scared her to death though, because she was about to slide her card and I practically screamed “No!” I have a coupon

  • ITOUCH says:

    For those people who have ITOUCH like me :) I bought 2 flip flops for FREE!!!! You could use your ITOUCH just press the redeem and make sure you move the screen often to prevent from sleep mode. First tell cashier that you have a coupon and you have an ITOUCH plus there’s no internet access. He or she will type the code and it worked for me :) So I’m sure it will work for you too!!

  • Starkissed says:

    Thank you Collin for sharing the snappy app with us! I was able to get a cute onsie outfit for my new nephew for free today with the $5 off coupon!

  • Destinee says:

    Im so annoyed…it keeps giving me a communication error every time I try to take a picture :(

  • patti says:

    I went to download this app but it had such bad reviews I decided to pass this time.

  • Lisa says:

    I got two $2 tanks and a reusable today for free yay. This is my fourth time getting the $5 off I usually use it on clearance items $5.99 or lower

  • Julie says:

    Can we get an Old Navy coupon if we dont have any iphone, ipad, android or i-device, only a regular laptop?

  • Trish says:

    Im confused…. I hold the camera up to the logo but its says its not snappable… what am I doing wrong

    • Lisa says:

      Trish, try the Old Navy oval logo on the top left corner on their website. I’ve also used the little blue hang tags from their clothing and flip flops. HTH

  • Charity says:

    I had $15 in Old Navy gift cards from Shopkick and combined that with the $10 off $40 coupon from Shopkick in one transaction. My daughter and I both got the $5 off $5 coupons from Snap Appy and used them in separate transactions to buy boxer briefs and a boys polo shirt (both on sale for $5 each) and they were completely FREE!

  • christi says:

    for some reason when i click to snap the old navy logo, it says that there is an issue communicating and to try again in a minute . is that just my phone messing up or is it the app? I would like to be able to get these awesome coupons!

  • Shanna says:

    Worked like a charm! 3 tanks 1.60! Hope I can score another one!

  • rach says:

    So we take a. Picture of the website? I Thot it was inthe store?

    • Sku says:

      Any logo image. I just use the google image search. Make sure the background is not too busy because I think it can’t read it then.

  • Amanda says:

    I went to old navy today and got two tanks for $1 after the $5 off coupon I got with the app! such a great deal!

  • Hilliary says:

    I went to a mall in Middle TN today and was looked at like I was crazy for trying to use my Snap Appy. They gave me my Snap 5 because they were running that in store but none of the employees or the manager had ever even heard of Snap Appy! I was steaming by the time I got out of there because they treated me just awful! I emailed customer service and hope to be hearing somethign soon.

  • liss says:

    anybody know the promo coupon for the 5 dollars off ???

  • Ana says:

    Thank you so much Collin for sharing this and the trick of taking snaps of the logo at the Old Navy website. This assured us the coupons and everything for free. Plus the 50% sale there was fab as well and totally worth the trip. The ironic part was we each took 10 snaps in the store and got absolutely nothing, hence the bad reviews of the app probably, which is a shame. Using your trick, this is great! Really love this site!

  • Rachel says:

    Thank you for posting this! I was able to get $5.00 off of any purchase & a $5.00 off of $25.00. I did 2 separate transactions & got 8 mens t-shirts for $32.00! Not bad! i could of got 1 less shirt & spent a little less but hubby needed new shirts!

  • Bethany says:

    So far I have gotten 2 pairs of rubber slippers (flip flops) and an American flag tank for free! It seems that only once a week I actually land on the Snap 5 and I use it everyday. Today I landed on the Snap 5 again so this weekend I will be going back to Old Navy for more free stuff! Living in Hawaii I go through about 10 pairs of slippers a year so getting them for free is awesome! Getting free tanks is a sweet deal as well! I LOVE the SnapAppy!

  • Bebu says:

    They have closed snap 5 on snap appy?????

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