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Walmart: $2/1 GE Energy Smart Lighbulbs Coupon (New Link!) = 3-Pack Only $0.13

10:48 AM MST
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(Photo Credit: Sarah’s Deals)

Yay! Here’s a new high value light bulb coupon for ya that will make for a super cheap deal at Walmart! Just head on over to and use zip code 85254 to print a high value $2/1 any GE Energy Smart CFL or Energy-Efficient Soft White lighting product coupon. You can then take this coupon to Walmart to score the following deal…

GE Energy Smart CFL 3 pack $2.13
Use the $2/1 GE coupon found here (use zip 85254)
Final cost only $0.13 for the 3-pack!

NOTE – Bummer! This coupon expires June 3rd so you’ll have to make use of it this weekend!

(Thanks, I Heart the Mart, Clip and Follow, Couponaholic, and photo credit, Sarah’s Deals!)

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  • Lila says:

    Got four boxes last time you posted this. They were 2.83 at my Walmart, but still a pretty good deal!

    • CB says:

      They were the same price for me too. Was a good thing I got them though because my husband was planning on buying some himself, and who knows how much he would have paid ;)

  • cdawnt says:

    These are still $5.84 a box at my WM in Mississippi and Arkansas and I’ve been watching them ever since the other coupon came out. Really wanted these for rental properties, but not at this price.

  • samuel says:

    they have reset you can print more

  • Alison M says:

    I just printed mine and it has an expiration date of 6/3/12! I don’t know that I have ever seen such a short date on a printable coupon.

  • cdawnt says:

    I sure was hoping the expiration date had changed so I would have more time, but it’s still June 3rd. :(

  • Jen @ LovingMeSomeBaby says:

    Perfect timing! Thanks! :)

  • Roy says:

    These are over $5 at my Wally World!!

  • Jaime says:

    could not find them for this price at my walmart. did see single bulbs for $2.48 at walmart

  • Shelby says:

    A three pack of these for only $2.13 is way too cheap! I wonder if the price was a mistake at whatever Walmart that was.

  • kaylen says:

    They were 2.88 at my walmart…still a good buy for .88 each after coupon.

    • amhale11 says:

      They were $2.88 at my Walmart too, which was surprising because usually their prices are much higher than all the deals that are posted. I usually avoid Walmart like the plague lol, but I had to go pick up something I ordered online.

  • Bobby says:

    Yes, a waste of ink it expires JUNE 3RD…if I knew that I wont have printed it!!

    • cdawnt says:

      I’ve started printing mine to a PDF file first, then only printing them if I’m really going to use them. I throw so many away. Anyone know of a good coupon organizing App? I’d love to be able to have them all listed in my phone so I know what I have.

      • Sunny says:

        How do you print to a PDF file? A lot of the time these coupon apps won’t let you print to a file. Thanks!

        • cdawnt says:

          I don’t know, I have a print driver that is called PDF Filemaker and I know will let me “print” to it. I also have to make PDF Filemaker my Default printer before printing or else it won’t print to PDF cause and most other coupon sites don’t give me a choice of which printer to use before they print. I just started doing this a few weeks ago after I realized I was throwing away piles of unused coupons.

        • Maria says:


          I’m using PaperPort Image printer ’cause I’m using “Brother” brand printer. I think it really depends on what brand your printer is, whatever scanner app you have may work. Just change the default setting of your printer. Once printed on my PaperPort Image printer, I could choose however I wanted it to file like pdf, jpeg and etc. won’t allow to print on file though, has to be connected to a printer. Hope this helps.

  • Tracey says:

    I bought the energy smart ones in the picture. I get nothing but grief at my Walmart when using coupons. Still got a great deal though. They are $2.44 at my walmart for a 6 pack, so $.44 for 6 is awesome in my book!

  • Tabatha Soliz says:

    Hmmmm I printed my coupon off when it first came out an the exp, date is 2014… Plus the 3pk of bulbs here in ga. Is $5.88 but did use it for the single which is $1.24 an gave me $.76 overage.

    • cdawnt says:

      Yeah, I may just have to quit holding out and get the smaller pack since they expire Sunday. That way I get something for my efforts.

  • Kari says:

    I used mine yesterday and the scanner was so scratched they wouldn’t scan. The cashier gave them to me anyways but after a big stink about the price of the bulbs and the coupon. Made me wait for 30 minutes for a manager that never showed up and then complained I was actually stealing the product. I told her not so when the company gets the 2.00 and .08 on top of that. Really was a pain. First time walmart was like that. I stopped shopping at target because of that problem.

    • A.R says:

      I know what you mean.. my local walmart has always been a big pain when it comes to coupons or price match.. they’ve now stopped taking internet printables.. to top it all, the store is so badly maintained.. and little stock.. unfriendly cashiers..

      • mackyjane says:

        Seems like your local WM is not following their own coupon policy. You may want to call corporate and let them know because their coupon policy says that they take valid internet printables.

      • mollie says:

        Wal Mart complaint number is 1-800-Wal-Mart. Also ask for the district managers number or it should be printed and hanging up at customer service. I have never had trouble at WalMart.

  • Patti says:

    No surprise, the light bulb section looks like a bomb went off. I didn’t find anything that would be of value to me (odd shapes and sizes!!), so I passed and will check another store.

  • Mark J says:

    For some reason in Southern Ohio, the power companies are dueling. The local power company Dayton Power & Light (DP&L) had the 6 pack of the new ones pictured in the coupon for less than $2.00 at Walmart. The 2-3 packs were discounted as well, but still around $2.

  • Doreen B says:

    I’m in IL at the 3 pack was only 1.48 at my Walmart! Thanx Colin, for always saving me $$ :)

  • Angel says:

    they are only $1.48 where I am and I got $$ back on it! :D

  • Dani says:

    Every zip code I have checked, it has disappeared.

  • Lisa says:

    At my WalMart here in Florida, these packs were $5.88 and above. Not such a great deal here.

  • Candy N says:

    Is the coupon gone? I can’t seem to find it…..

  • Donna says:

    Dani try zip 71291. I printed mine earlier today.

  • Misty says:


  • Marissa says:

    anyone find this coupon still? i printed it at my parents house earlier today and of course left my coupons there! Trying to find it again but can’t! THANKS!

  • Bethany says:

    Is it funny (funny strange, not funny ha ha) to anyone else how much the price varies across the country for a pack of light bulbs!?!?!? I’m shocked!!

  • Shea says:

    Must be gone, I can’t find it.

  • Nicole says:

    I can’t find it either, and I’ve tried 3 different zip codes :(

  • Vaden says:

    A lot of Walgreens have these light bulbs on clearance. They were $1.87 at my Wags today. Oh, and it must be gone, because I can’t find it either. Glad I printed 2 yesterday!

  • Mandy says:

    Over $5 at my WM for a 3 pack and there were no singles. My WM is very high priced apparently… :\

  • karkar says:

    I am having trouble printing ANY coupons at!!!! Have been using it and all of a sudden cant look through them or print. Anyone have any advice??

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