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$1.50/2 Dove Coupon = Bar Soap Only 52¢

12:58 PM MST
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Just a reminder that you can still head over here to print a coupon valid for $1.50 off 2 Dove Products (excludes travel and trial sizes). If you’re a fan of Dove Bar Soap, consider using this coupon at Walmart to snag the following deal…

Buy 2 Dove Single Bar Soaps $1.27 each
Total =$2.54
Use the $1.50/2 coupon found here
Final Cost $0.52 each!

If you come across any other great deals on Dove products, please share them below!

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  • LinG says:

    This would be good to use with the CVS red machine q $1 off any body wash or bar soap that’s printing out (everyday, Ithink coz it has done it for me two days in a row).

  • Laura says:

    Thanks! My mom has very sensitive skin and can only use Dove unscented.

  • mel says:

    Thanks! Don’t these usually go on sale at the drug stores for .99? Think I’ll hold onto them just in case, and if not use them at WM.

  • Anntots says:

    Thanks for sharing, but I’m just confuse if a single bar considered a travel size or trial size!?

    Thanks again.

  • Alejandra says:

    Sorry I’m new in this :(
    I want to star use coupons can you explain what means when in the coupon said ” on any two ”
    Do I have to buy two products ?
    And the $1.50 off us on each product ?

    Final cost .52 each ?

    Sorry my english is bad I know :)
    Thank you !

    • Makayla says:

      Alejandra el cupon de descuento es 1.50 por cada dos productos que compres… En este caso, dos jabones a 1.27 cada uno = a 2.54 menos el 1.50 es 1.04 por dos productos o sea 52 centavos cada producto. :)

  • nicole says:

    got them thanks collin .i love the sensitive bar for my kiddos.

  • Ze says:

    If you have two $2 any shampoo/conditioner/styler coupons from CVS you can get Dove hair care for 0.25 next week!

    2 Dove Hair Care Products $6
    2 CVS Coupons -$4
    1 Manufacture Coupon -$1.50
    Total: 0.50 for two!

    • anna says:

      I got a .75 cents MQ in the 6/3 RP on any one hair care product, some got a $1/1 . Use (2) and (2) store coupons = 2 free ! This MQ expires 7/1 !!

  • debbie says:

    tried this coupon tonight at my walmart and the cashier said no because the coupon wouldn’t go through and she said the single bars were trial size, ah, I hate walmart so much, coupons are such a joke there!!!!

  • Shanna says:

    This is the only soap my sis and nephew can use, gonna stock up for her.

  • Patti says:

    Tried this at CVS last night and it would not scan for bar soap, so I could not use it :(
    The cashier tried it several times, and then said it had to be one of the items pictured.

  • Chrissy Martin says:

    I tried to do this deal at my local Walmart and the cashier said, they were no longer excepting coupons, with “short and fat” barcodes because they won’t scan, is this correct? Anyone know? I’ve been using them…

  • Jen says:

    I tried this coupon on the bars of soap and it beeped and the cashier said it wasn’t for the bars of soap only liquid dove products and she refused to take it. I was really hoping to get this deal too!

  • Crystal says:

    Yes I had the same problem today. I just cant get over a store not accepting a coupon they advertised for!!! Geez!! Ive got to stop shopping at Wal-mart period. Im so tired of being embarrassed and made to look like some kind of criminal in the front of the whole store just because I used a coupon and it beeped!!! Im actually filing a complaint with corporate. I was even accused of copying the Birds Eye Voila coupon just because I had two. I was like you get two prints per computer! What is this!? I hope everyone else had a better shopping trip than I did. Im going to go use these at my CVS store because I know they will take them, the only issue will be if the Dove is in stock.

    • debbie says:

      i know how you feel, i filed a complaint too

      • Crystal says:

        Follow-up on my complaint I filed Friday night. I received a call from the store’s manager today and she had been forwarded the complaint I submitted from corporate. She asked how they could keep me as a customer and I stated a gift card would be nice but mostly I would just like for you to review your coupon policy with your employees. ALL of them! So I got a $20 gift card and was assured she would be making sure the cashiers got more training on coupons. I was amazed I even got a response! Wow!

  • insik01 says:

    I tried this coupon at Meijer and it scan w no problem it is price for $1 for one bar so i got it for $.25 each. I love Meijer i get really good deals at there store every week.

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