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High-Value 3M Coupons (Save on Post-It Notes, Tape, Scissors + More) + Walmart Scenarios

2:10 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

As I mentioned last night in the Coupon Round-Up, has released several new high-value 3M product coupons. Just head on over there and use zip code 77477 (choose the household category) to print the following coupons…

* Save $1 off any 3 3M Products
* Save $2 off any 4 3M Products
* Save $3 off any 5 3M Products

Note that these coupons do print with the HEB logo but they are regular manufacturer’s coupons that can be used anywhere. Consider printing these coupons now and then heading over to your local Walmart to score the following deals…

Buy 5 Post It Notes $1 each
Use the $3/5 coupon found here (use zip code 77477)
Final Cost $2–just $0.40 each!

Buy 5 Scotch Tape $1 each
Use the $3/5 coupon found here (use zip code 77477)
Final Cost $2–just $0.40 each!

(Thanks and Photo Credit, I Heart the Mart and thanks, Breanna!)

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  • Bethany says:

    im not finding the coupons. I entered the zipcode and then clicked on household catergory.

  • Mo says:

    awesome! Thanks Collin! We’ve been so busy that I haven’t been keeping up on the coupon round ups (tsk tsk!) but I am SO ready to start getting deals on school supplies! LOVE to donate them to the teachers at our (public) school!! CO has faced a TON of budget cuts, the teachers are paying for all kinds of stuff out of their pockets, and every little bit we do helps them to keep their paycheck for themselves and their own families!

  • Kim says:

    click office supplies

  • says:

    are you sure i can use these at walmart?? I can already hear the cashier, “this is only for heb”, and is that sale going on right now???

    • Mo says:

      It says “Redeemable at HEB” not “Redeem ONLY at HEB.” That’s what I would point out. Just like when a company has a $1 off any product coupon, but they put a picture of their most expensive item – they’re hoping people new to couponing will then buy one of their most (instead of least!) expensive items with the coupon. In this case, obviously HEB had a hand in putting their logo on the coupon, in hopes people will only use it there, but it is a manufacturer’s, not store, coupon, and you should be able to redeem it anywhere (especially since in the fine print it starts out “Retailer:” not “HEB Store:” and then the instructions for them regarding what to do with the coupon to get credit for it). HTH!

  • Fina says:

    ooops please delete previous comment

  • Moosetracks says:

    thank you collin I was dangerously low

  • Fina says:

    I accidentally commented and used my email, how do I delete my comment??

  • Noemi says:

    I don’t understand why we have to put in a certain zip in order to print a coupon. i just want to make sure its okay, so my question is if that coupon is specifically for that area, why is it appropriate for us who do not live there to use their coupon? I’m new to couponing and I’m just trying to be honest about it.

    • Lynn says:

      I dont really know the answer as to why coupons are available in certain areas & not others. However, as long as you are using them correctly ie not making copies, etc then you have nothing to worry about. You are not doing anything wrong by printing coupons available to other zip codes; You are being a smart & savvy shopper.

  • Sue says:

    Looks like the coupons have changed I only see the one for the tape not the post it notes but they have one up there but it does not say post it notes bummer any one else

  • Sue says:

    Also lets remember sometimes we can get these products for 10 for a 1.00 during the school sales so lets hope the sales start soon anyone know when??????

  • thriftylivin says:

    Thanks for such great deals. I am attempting to find a teaching job so every little bit helps.

  • Janet says:

    Can anyone tell me the expiration date on these coupons?

  • VB says:

    Is that 3m rebate still available???

  • RUTH says:

    look for them under “Top Brands” 3-M (at the end of all the categories) all 3 coupons list post-it notes

  • kristen says:

    any idea how this deal would be at target?? for the tape….i hate dealing with the people at walmart when i have coupons!

  • Danielle Huberty says:

    I found mine under household

  • Mindy says:

    My Wal-Mart wouldn’t accept the $3/5 coupon on the $1 Scotch tape. Register/scanner wouldn’t take it, and the cashier wouldn’t override it.

  • Mary says:

    My Walmart would not take the coupons for Scotch tape. The supervisor tried to say the coupon is only for the pictured packing tape. She also said it was only for Command products. I read the coupon aloud nicely but she said they couldn’t take it. I was trying to use it on the 2 pack of Scotch tape. I think I’ll try it again on the single rolls.

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