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FREE Quick Stick Sample Kit (Includes 2 Glucose Stick Samples, Wrist Band, & Booklet)

9:57 PM MST
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If you or a loved one are currently suffering from diabetes, you may be interested in requesting this new sample! Head on over here and fill out the form to request a FREE Quick Stick Starter Kit containing 1 Glucose Quick Sticks Watermelon Sample, 1 Glucose Quick Sticks Sour Apple Sample, a Quick Sticks Educational Booklet, and a Quick Sticks Wrist Band. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

*Quick Sticks are easy to use and dissolve quickly! Just tear open the Quick Stick and pour directly into your mouth. Enjoy a quick boost of glucose. It’s that simple! Quick Sticks are sold at HEB and Kroger stores. Go here to find store locations near you that carry this product.

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  • cynthia says:

    No po box :(

  • Tammy says:

    I have Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes. Items such as these can be a real lifesaver during hypoglycemic episodes. Collin, Thank you so much for posting.

  • angel says:

    can’t get it to work says type in a valid email

  • Patricia says:

    Thanks Collin, I appreciate this post, my husband and my 3 yo son suffer from Type 1 Diabetes and this items became a lifesaver! specially with my little guy who still doesnt recognize the symptons of a low sugar :(

  • Laura Waddell says:

    Why are these so hard to find in a store? I cannot chew the thick glucose tablets & the liquid or gel glucose does not work for me. Walmart & Walgreens both say they stock them, but are both out of stock on line & in stores within a 10 mile radius of my home.
    I would l like to purchase them, but can’t find them. Are they available anywhere?

  • Joe p says:

    Great source to boost low sugars or just to maintain a normal glucose level without adding calories ..Watermelon flavor Is good but Green Apple is my favorite but hard to find ..

  • Reveta Strolberg says:

    I have been looking for the last 2 months fir these… where to be found. Looked at Walmart and Wslgreens….shelves bare. It appears these are out of stock….are these going to be discontinued? Help…I really need some of these!

  • Bill R. says:

    Guess they went out of bussiness? Cannot find them at the stores they have stated they are available. Kind of makes me mad that my wife loves the green apple the best and so I have been to every walmart and walgreens around to buy them for her and guess what. Sorry we don’t have any. What a waste of gas and time. Cost me more than three boxes of 10 in gas alone.

  • Sharon says:

    Have been trying to find the QuickSticks but they are not to be found! What is wrong with that company? They could rake in the money,but they will not produce product. Why?

  • Barbara Reynolds Eaves says:

    My son who is a soccer player and just found out his has Type 1 , one month after turning 16 and these have been a life saver ,we have had trouble finding them are Wal-Mart clearance these and I bought all and I need to restock .

  • Sharon Harris says:

    When are these going to become available in stores again? I used to get them at Walmart, but can’t anymore. Can I order them online without going through Amazon? Really like these more than any other product.

  • julie hollowell says:

    I found out n february that I had low blood sugar. I was sitting on the loveseat picking out pecans with my hubby. He ask me a question & I didnt respond, he looked at me & I had passed out. He couldnt get me to respond so he called 911, he thought I had a heart attack since my sister & brother had heart attacks. When I came to my sugar had dropped to 28. They gave me a cup of juice & 3 tubes of yuckie gel. I now take 50mg of acarbose 3 times a day. But my sugar still drops & im not even aware that its dropping. I purchased 2 boxes of the quick sticks bout 2 months ago at a walmart, but they no longer carry them. I really the quick sticks they left no aftertaste.

  • Carlos Trevisan says:

    Where can i buy this product?
    I am from Brasil……

  • Jody Teipen says:

    The link is not valid.

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