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Staples: New $5 Off $30 Purchase Coupon

8:05 AM MST
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If you are planning to do any Back to School shopping this week or next week, you may be happy to hear that Staples just released a new $5 off any $30 purchase coupon (some exclusions apply), valid through July 28th! This coupon will pair nicely with the current Back to School deals this week!

…And if you need some Back to School shopping motivation, make sure to check out my videos here and here!

(Thanks, Mister Cheap and Clip and Follow!)

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  • M says:

    There is also a new saveology deal. $7.50 for a $15 gift card from Staples, valid today only for new members.

  • Kristy says:

    Awesome! Lets hope for some great deals coming up this weekend!

  • ashley says:

    I got some great deals at yesterday… they have hp ink buy 2 get 1 free. Hp 60 ink was $14.99 each, so thats about $45 worth of ink for $30, and you get free shipping on ink. plus i had a coupon i got in the mail attached to a catalog for a free 12 pack of rice krispies treats a $9.99 value for free with a $30 online purchase. Then I had also turned in 8 empty ink cartridges for staples to recycle and they pay you $2 each, so i had a $16 certificate in my account for thoose. Oh i did have to add a filler item because my total was a few cants short of $30 to get the free krispies…. so i added some crayola chalk for $0.79. So (3) hp 60 inks, (1) 12 pk of krispies, and (1) crayola chalk totals to about $55 retail. then minus $15 (for free ink), minus $9.99 for free krispises, minus $16 for ink recycling rewards, and free shippinb made my order just $15.06 with tax and everything shipped to mg door…. what an excellant deal!

  • Gretch says:

    Well done ashley!!!

  • Mo says:

    there will be a 5/$25 store coupon in the OfficeMax ad this weekend; if you don’t need to go to the store before then, you should be able to take it to both Staples and/or Office Depot (if you have two copies) and use it there, as they both take competitor coupons – and you can spend $5 less out of pocket that way (vs having to buy $30 worth of items to use the Staples coupon).

    • Tarri says:

      I went to a Staples last week, gave them the Office Max coupon and I was told I could not use it there. Contact CS and they told me that is true. Called my Staples and they said they would take it, figured out why they do, they treat it as a Price match and apply it to one of the items. Which is fine, it is a rebate item, waiting to see if I get the full amount back or the amount – the $5.

      • Mo says:

        huh – you know – now that you say that I think I remember the guy that checked me out saying something to that effect. But they’ve *always* taken competitors’ coupons for me at my store – that sorta stinks that it’s a YMMV when they are a national chain :( I’m also waiting to see if I get the full $ back on rebated items.

  • Tarri says:

    Can’t wait for this week, more free pencils/pens and .01 index cards and .01 eraser caps. Hoping to keep getting everything for real cheap/free or mm. by using the 5/30 Staples or 5/25 Ofice Maxx along with rebate items.

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