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CVS: 2 FREE Yardley Soaps (w/ New CVS Coupon)

7:36 AM MST
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And the CVS Magic Coupon Machine is at it yet again! If you head on over there today to snatch up any of the weekly deals, make sure to scan your card as it sounds like most readers are receiving a $2/2 Any Body Wash or Bar Soaps CVS coupon. If you do receive this coupon, you can score FREE bar soap…

Buy 2 Yardley Bar Soaps on sale for $0.69 each
Total = $1.38
Use: $2/2 CVS Magic Coupon Machine Coupon
Final cost – 2 FREE soaps!

(Thanks and Photo Credit, This Mommy Saves Money!)

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  • Jen Trimble says:

    hmmm…i got free cvs vitamins gummies, an unreal bar and $2 off any CVS brand body wash…still not too shabby though. esp since they didnt have the vitamins and i got to substitute for a yummy brand that had a $0.50 coupon it :)

  • Mona says:

    Darn, our CVS coupon machine is no longer spitting out the coupons. Every time I go in it is down for some unbeknown reason.

    • mel says:

      Did you ask the cashier or manager to see whats wrong? Sometimes it just needs paper or to be reset. If the manager won’t do anything, then call CS and report it. Stores don’t like when points get docked for customer complaints.

      • Sandra says:

        Also, register your card online if you haven’t. Many (but not all) of the coupons will show up on your account online and you can then either print them from your computer or send them to your card and still get them that way. For example, the body wash, free hair accessory, free toothpaste were all available from my online account.

  • janel says:

    I never get mine to spot out these good coupons lol

    • Adrienne B. says:

      neither do I! but it doesn’t stop me from sprinting there thinking there’s always a 1st time! hahaha

    • JohnandLamora says:

      Do you scan your card multiple times? I have found I can scan my card about 3 times before it says “no coupons, try tomorrow” and the good ones usually don’t print out the 1st time! :)

  • stacy says:

    do you need to add for overage?

  • Bianca says:

    I noticed that they send most of these coupons to your account online and you can print them. When ever I don’t feel like going there I check online. Just printed this one.

    • Janel says:

      I never knew that, but I just made an account to check and sure enough there is the 2/2 soap. Thanks! Now I dont have to go to a cvs just to check what the coupon machine might be giving out!

      • Seth says:

        Sometimes whe I check online and see why coupons I will get and then go to the store, I always get ones that were not posted to my account. It’s always better to go to the store if it’s near by.

  • td says:

    just a note about the coupon machine. Always, always scan your card 2 times. most times, i get a few more coupons on the 2nd try.

    • Janel says:

      Yeah I always do that. I don’t usually get more coupons actually, but sometimes it works. lol

    • nilu says:

      I noticed that too..on the first scan, I got 1 coupon, then on the second scan, it spit out 4 coupons!! Worth to scan it again!!

    • mel says:

      sometimes I scan my card 4 times! Keep scanning until it says no more coupons available!!!

    • darlene says:

      I came on just to post that . I scanned my card and it gave me 6 beauty item coupons. I asked the cashier if I could use my $5 beauty reward on anything (yes). She asked me if I got my mars coupon (no) She told me scan again and i got it plus 5 more coupons. Maybe it can only print out 6 at time. Who cares I feel like I hit the lottery today WOOHOO!!!

  • emily says:

    I always scan my card until it says “No more coupons available, check back tomorrow” This past week i have been able to get it to print 3-4 different times!

    • Seth says:

      I don’t know why people only scan it once. Blows my mind at items they could be missing. Yesterday I went to get a couple of items one being the free Mars candy bars. The store manage only scanned his card once. I told him to scan again and he or the coupon. He never knew you could scan more than once. When will people learn…lol. :) Also…get a green bag tag. Every 4th scan you get $1 ECB back. Not to many people know about that either.

      • Becky says:

        I think a lot of people don’t know to scan until it says no more coupons. People just scan their card just to scan it. I’ve seen ECB’s (well, only once and it was for .50 but still!) in the garbage and coupons for FREE product! Oh it gives me a stomach ache to see but I guess CVS counts on that to some point.

  • Lori says:

    The coupon machine at my store gave me 3 different $1 off CVS brand diapers. I found jumbo packs 75% off at $2.32. With my 20% off coupon and my rewards, I ended up getting 4 jumbo packs of size 5 diapers and a half gallon of milk for just over $2. Major score!

    • josie says:

      yeah, me too. cvs brand size 2 diapers for $2.22 – $1 Q = $1.22!! i noticed they had diapers out with new packaging and one package that still had the old label, so i decided to price check it. woot!

    • Karen says:

      I was hoping to use my $3/$15 CVS premium diapers coupon for the clearances diapers but they are give at all 6 of my local stores… bummer!

  • Erin says:

    Mine printed out $1 off any cosmetics item…wet and wild has their nail polish and eyeliner on sale for .69!

  • Suzanne says:

    I swear I am addicted to CVS! I bought 6 things yesterday and paid $0 without extrabucks! I know my husband thinks I’m nuts!

    • amanda says:

      My whole family thinks im nuts lol but they love my presents at christmas time lol they can think I’m crazy im a young mother of three boys so I need all the help I can get haha

  • Dara says:

    I was wondering, if you buy more than 2, like 3 the register take off $2 or only the cost of 2?

    • Kylie says:

      Usually the CVS coupons will take off the full amount, applying the overage to the rest of your basket purchase. For example, the bogo cadbury coupon will take off the full $2.19. I used it for both the big bars and the carmellos which are 2/$2. Hope that helps!

    • Dara says:

      will the register

  • edy says:

    I will use my cvs cupon for the yardley soap but will get 3 bars @ .69 cents and pay .07 cents after cpn. And the mars candy spitting everyday! Also, some are gettying a cvs cpn for free childrens vitamins!!

  • Kelly says:

    I got the same coupon, but it was $2 off an $8 minimum purchase. I’ll just have to drown my sorrows in a free bag of peanut M&Ms 😃

    • Patti says:

      me too. They caught on!! and changed it.

    • AnnaDm says:

      I just checked online and that is what mine says too, bummer.

      • mel says:

        they didn’t change it. I got both $2/2 (printed yesterday) and $2 off $8 purchase (printed today). I plan on using them next week for the Suave & Nivea deals.

        • mel says:

          wrong way.. the $2 off $8 printed yesterday and the $2/2 printed today.

          • heather says:

            How are you going to use them toward the Suave and Nivea deals? Just curious…

            • mel says:

              Suave is Spend $12, Get $4
              Nivea, buy 3 body wash or scrubs @ $12, Get $4

              For Suave, I plan on 3 body washes @ $2 each ($6), 2 Lotions @ 2/$6 = $12
              use 2 .75/1 Suave Body Wash IPs from, 1 .50/1 Suave Body Wash IP from unilever/Making Life Better site & 2 .50/1 Suave Lotion IPs from unilever site

              Nivea – 3 body washes @ $12

              total – $24.00
              – $3/2 Nivea coupon that printed from the magic machine last week
              – $2/2 Any Body Wash or Bar Soap from MCM
              – $2/$8 Body Wash or Bar Soap purchase from MCM
              – $9 ECB (quarterly spending)
              – $3 for the Suave IPs
              = $5 for 6 Body Washes & 2 Lotions or about .62 each!
              Then in return, I’ll get back a $4 ECB for Suave, $4 ECB for Nivea and $1 for my Green Bag Tag (unless I make another trip this week, which will trigger the $1 since I’m 1 away)

  • irene says:

    Hmmm.,. didn’t get that one, but got a $3 off CVS body wash instead. Also got a $2 off Fruitopia shampoo/conditioner and they are clearanced for $.87. The cashier had to adjust down — should have gotten more bottles!

  • katie says:

    Thank you! I got a $2 off body wash, $1/2 Mars Candy bars, $.40 off dove bar, and a $.50 off Purelife water.

  • amanda says:

    I got a got five dollars off crest whitening strips any one know how much they are

  • Cora says:

    Thanks to this site for helping me find great deals at my local CVS. I got the $2 off soap coupon. I had to get something else–as I couldn’t get change back. So I walked away with 2 bars of yardley soap and 4 Mars single candy bars for only 53 cents. Since Sunday, I have been getting the $1/2 off Mars single candy bars at the magic coupon center.Talk about savings. Yippee!!

  • emily says:

    I have a 25.00 gift certificate for Growing Tree Toys- anyone want to trade? I will trade for equal or lesser value gift cards!

  • lisa says:

    It’s also spitting out a coupon for $1/2 Mars single candy bars. These are priced for $1/2 this week. Who doesn’t love free candy??

  • Nicole C says:

    Where are the coupons when you log into your CVS account, is it where it says my savings and rewards. I had a $5 ECB but I didn’t have any coupons, am I looking in the wrong spot?

  • JTweedt says:

    Thanks for the post! I went ahead and bought 3 bars of soap and the coupon did NOT adjust down, so I paid $.07 for 3 bars!

    • Lauren says:

      Hi, I’m new to this site and was wandering what a green bag tag is? I would like to get one so i can get the $1 ECB back. Thanks!

      • darlene says:

        You buy it for $1 at register. You bring in your own bags and have the cashier scan your green tag after every fourth scan you get a$1 ecb back so a money maker after your 8th visit,

  • Steve says:

    All I’ve received from the magic machine is candy coupons….Do I have to click my heels together three times and wish I were at CVS Emerald city to see the coupon wizard.

  • Anette says:

    There is also Camay for women and Grisi bar soap for $0.99 each. The Grisi was in the baby cosmetics section and the Camay is with the Mexican made cosmetics.

  • Sue says:

    I went to cvs yesterday….it did not give me the $2 coupon…scanned the card 3 times…what should i do ?

    • mel says:

      Sorry, but there isnt anything you can do… the coupons are random and not everyone gets the same ones. I didn’t get the free kids vitamin coupon, but my sis did.

  • short_b says:

    Mine says “$2 any Bodywash or Bar Soap purchase $8 or more…bummer

  • edy says:

    I got 6 candy bars .50 each and 3 yardley soaps with 2 of 2 soaps and a hair pins $1.99 all cvs cpns used 2 of hair accesories(hairpins), .69 yardley soaps with 2/2 soaps, and 6 candy bars with mars cpn cvs. And 1 gummies vitamins cvs cpn free! Had to get a extra candy I was negative so paid .09 cents thank u everyone my cvs card tooked a extra 1.06 for heathcare items. So, scan ur cvs cards candy cpn printing everyday!!

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