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FREE Amazon Prime for College Students

7:14 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Yay! I’m so excited that Amazon is still offering up this HOT deal for all you college students! All college students can score a FREE 6 month Amazon Prime membership ($39 value)! To qualify, you must have a valid .edu email address and you’ll need to specify your college, year, and major. Just go here to check out all the details and sign up!

Keep in mind that after your FREE 6 months are over, you will automatically continue receiving Amazon Prime benefits at a cost of $39 a year for up to four years with automatic renewal unless you cancel.

 Also, don’t forget about the FREE $5 MP3 credit that you can snag with a $25 Amazon Text Book Purchase that I posted about here!

(Thanks, Stuff 4 Yall!)

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  • Shannon says:

    Keep the college deals coming!!! LOL Thanks

  • Judy says:

    What about students who signed up previously 2 years ago, but trial ended? Is this only for new members or old members too?

    • Sara says:

      Click on the get started link and I think it will tell you (when you’re signed into your Amazon account) if you’re eligible for the free 6 months. Even if you’re not, you’ll be eligible for the half off a year of prime.

    • Selena says:

      Judy you should be able to get it. I got this over a year ago and then a couple of weeks ago I was able to sign up for it again.

      • Sue says:

        My one year trial ended yesterday! I am thinking about trying to get this six months deal but I am leery about the automatic renewal thing. Are you sure it is an auto renewal thing? My year trial was not an auto renewal deal.

      • Anna says:

        I had a free account a few years ago and I was not eligible.

  • rochelle says:

    thank you so much for posting

  • Sara says:

    yaaay! I love this deal! and yes keep the college posts coming and any ideas for saving money on buying stuff for college!

  • Amber says:

    Darn not available for me (my one year trial just ended a couple weeks ago)!

  • Nicole says:

    Is there a way to opt out of the auto renewal after 6 months?

  • Nicole says:

    My one year trial ended this month also, I miss it so much!!

  • Jessie says:

    My one year trial is about to end and I think I’m going to just have to pay to renew it. I’m pretty sure we keep our UPS driver employed with all of our Amazon packages! :)

  • Amy says:

    I just paid 79 for the year!! And I am a student! Does anyone know if they would adjust and refund me and let me buy the student one at 39 /year?

    • Jenni D says:

      They’ve always been super-helpful if I ever contacted customer service. It’s worth a try to ask!

    • Alyssa L. says:

      We had just paid full price for a year when they first offered Amazon Student. We promptly signed up for the Amazon Student deal and Amazon refunded us most our full purchase price by refunding it pro rata (that is, refunding the amount for all the days we had not used, which ended up being something on the order of 350 days, or most of the purchase price). :) It certainly is worth a try! When in doubt, I would definitely contact them. Amazon has great customer service.

  • freezergal says:

    I love this deal and it has saved us SO much money! Since family can use the account I (the mom) use it more than my son. He actually got it free for a year (last year) and I pay the $39 a year to keep it going now. It’s been great for getting his books fast (2 days) and we usually get prices for books new that other sights have used. Since we have prime free fast shipping I’m always looking at Amazon. Some days it’s just not even worth driving to the store for the prices I can get on there.

  • Jenni D says:

    I used Student Prime for two years while in school…so so nice to be able to save on textbooks, but I ended up buying TONS of stuff from amazon since I had free two-day shipping, so it was a sort of win-win/lose-lose for my pocketbook, LOL! Seriously, though, if you’re in college and able to snag this deal, it’s so totally worth it. The only thing is that you cannot access the Amazon Prime videos, but it’s free, so it’s not like you’re losing out on anything.

  • Jamie says:

    Does anyone know how long this offer will last? I just stocked up on diapers (signed up for Amazon Mom after signing up for Amazon Student) and won’t need more for a few months. I don’t want to waste any of the free 6 months.

  • veronica says:

    i have been trying to buy my books but it keeps charging me for shipping what am i doing wrong?

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