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  View changes → Backpacks and Messenger Bags Only 1¢ After MaxPerks Rewards (+ More Deals!)

8:16 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure. is offering up fantastic deals on Backpacks and Messenger Bags, Staplers, Paper, Batteries and more for MaxPerks Bonus Rewards members! Please note that many of these items are available online only and are limited to a certain amount per item per member (be sure to read the fine print for details). Plus, spend $50 or more and you’ll snag FREE shipping!

To qualify for the MaxPerks Rewards, you MUST use your MaxPerks ID during the checkout process! Bonus Rewards for these offers, along with any other rewards that you may have earned during the same period, will be issued in the next statement cycle in the form of a Reward Card redeemable toward future purchases at OfficeMax. Please note that MaxPerks Rewards cannot be used to purchase gift cards.

Here are some of the MaxPerks Rewards Items (valid through August 4th):

All Backpacks and Messenger Bags $11.99-$142.99
Get $11.98-$142.98 back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost 1¢! WooHoo! :D

Duracell® CopperTop AA or AAA Batteries 10-Pack $9.99
(item#s 22226538, 22258664)
Get $9.98 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost 1¢!

Avery 5160® White Address Labels 3,000-Pack $26.99
(item# 07001497)
Get $26.98 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost 1¢!

Swingline Antimicrobial Durable Desktop Stapler $12.99
(item# 09015371)
Get $12.99 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost FREE!

OfficeMax® 8.5×11 Multipurpose Paper 500-Sheet Ream $6.99
(item# 20157465)
Get $5.99 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost $1!

Glee II Mid-Back Manager Chair $79.99
(item# 22250403)
Get $70 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final Cost $9.99!

* And much more!

** Go through for 6% Cash Back!

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  • Nicholle says:

    Do OfficeMax rewards “roll”? That is, can I use my rewards certificate on future rewards-eligible items and still get the reward for those future items?

  • amy says:

    Thanks for these deal alerts Collin! Quick question….can MaxPerks be rolled after they’re received? tia!

  • Makayla says:

    Thanks for the reminder Collin. I did mine around 3 am O_O and already some were backordered. Still a great deal as I will be giving the second one away and using my earned rewards for ink.

  • Melissa says:

    Does Office Max accept manufacturer coupons?

  • Christina says:

    Does anyone else not have the labels coming up as free after max rewards?

    • cdawnt says:

      No, so I don’t either so how do I know that I’m buying the correct item to get the reward?

      • cdawnt says:

        Ok, so I can go through Collin’s link and see all the Max Perks stuff, but I had already logged in through Shop at Home so how do I know if I’m still going to get my SAH cash back since it opens a different screen?

  • akismet-ce4a9e106f19f923639f6d5c6c510bf2 says:

    Looks like most of the student backpacks are out of stock online, best bet is to head to the store.

    • sandra says:

      For those who can’t go in to a store, OfficeMax also has some very basic backpacks under the 1cent deal that could be used for school under NFL backpacks if u can match it up to a favorite team.

  • Tammi says:

    So I got a paper bag in my newspaper that said anything in the bag you get 20% off – didn’t read anything in the fine print excluding backpacks so couldn’t you get 20% off?

  • Nicole says:

    Just got back from OfficeMax – had to take advantage of the Penny Backspacks – and found out today is Teacher Appreciation Day! They gave me 25% off my total, a free tote, and a bottle of water and cookie while I shopped!!! Class Act, OfficeMax ;)

  • misschristi says:

    When I click on the batteries to order the 10 pack that offers the reward, it does not say it is a 10 pack, but a 20 pack of batteries with a different set of numbers than what it says here and on Office Max front page. So, should I get the numbers listed, or should I get what is advertised? confused.

  • Meli says:

    Went to my Office Max this morning, and I am so happy to finally purchase a back pack after so many years! I have never paid a $0.01 for a quality back pack. I love Swiss Gear! Ready to head back to college with an ease to my back and no holes in my pocket! :D I hope my purchases from the beginning of the month kick in by August 4th to purchase the calculator I need for math class! I will pay $0.00 out of pocket…

  • Aleta Lynch says:

    THANK YOU COLLIN! I logged on this morning at 6am west coast time and most of the backpacks were gone, but I snagged 2 good looking bags that are now on backorder for me! I don’t care if it takes awhile for them to get to me… they are free! I am a foster mom and I can always use school supplies. Awesome deal!

  • Sarah O. says:

    I went to my store and got myself an adorable messenger bag and got a cute tote bag with a peace sign on it for my daughter to use for sleepovers. Both are great! I didn’t realize that you could get anything other than backpacks so I was thrilled!

  • denise says:

    I have a Maxperks reward card but never used it online. I don’t see where to put the Maxperks card number during the checkout. Is it automatic as soon as you log in? Thanks!

  • squarejellybean says:

    I went to my office max today and got my son a backpack but I had a $5 off $25.00 coupon from the survey I did from my last receipt so made my deal better then I got a coupon for $10 off a $25.00 purchase at pay less shoe source . yay I have never gotten money back from purchasing a backpack and my son wanted Jansport but they dont sell that brand so I told him to get Swiss Gear hopefully its just as good. thanks

  • jenny says:

    do you pay the full price up front for the backpack? and then get the reward in you account later?

  • Rita says:

    do you have to use the reward all at once when you get it or can it be split up betwee transactions? Thank you,

    • milliy says:

      You may choose to slip it up in several transactions on different days, just make sure you use them all up before they expire.

  • Rae says:

    I was wanting to get the $10 office chair for my self but I couldn’t decide. Well tonight we went out to eat and there was a Payless Shoes in the same parking lot I had to get my son some shoes anyway. We got a pair on clearance for $7 and the receipt printed a $10 off $40 for Office Max!! Woohoo free office chair in my future! I just wish I could use the coupon online then it would be a $2 money maker with the 7% cash back from shopathome but hey free is still free!!
    I have heard that some people are getting Payless coupons from their purchases at Office Max too… so this may turn out to be a really good deal!

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