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  • Amy says:

    Okay I hope someone can answer this. I have noticed that when a manufacture coupon is posted that says redeem only at Shaw’s, Walmart etc… it is said by the poster “Redeemable only at Shaw’s but it is a manufacture coupon.” Does that mean I can use it anywhere? I thought that if you use it somewhere else that other store wont be reimbursed. I thought that the manufacture made a deal with that specific store to send out those coupons and only they can redeem them for re-embursement. Someone please help me clear this up.

  • ali says:

    Yay, the Carmex coupon reset, so that means 2 more free lotions at Walgreens next week!

  • Karen S says:

    Saw the Jamba Smoothies for 2.39 each and b3g1 free at Target tonight. I was going to get them but couldn’t find my Jamba coupons, left them on my desk:( They would be only $1.04 each wyb4 w/3 1.00 coupons.

  • jenny says:

    What if it just say “redeem at _____”??

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