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Upcoming Walmart Deals: U by Kotex, Biore, Tresemme + More (with Coupons in 8/12 SS)

8:42 AM MST
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Heads up! Here are a few deals you can score at Walmart with coupons that will be coming in this Sunday’s 8/12 Smart Source Coupon Insert…

Kotex U Liners 18 ct. $1.24
Use the $1/1 Kotex U Product coupon found in the 8/12 SS
Final cost $0.24!

Buy 1 Tresemme Shampoo or Conditioner 15 oz $2.48
Buy 1 Tresemme Styler $3.48
Use the $3/1 Tresemme Styling Product when you buy Tresemme Shampoo or Conditioner coupon found in the 8/12 SS
Final cost $2.96 total – $1.48 each!

Biore Pore Strips 6-8 ct or Cleanser $5.87
Use the FREE Biore Cleanser when you buy Pore Strips coupon found in the 8/12 SS
Final cost $5.87 total – $2.94 each!

Cheer 32 oz Liquid Detergent $5.97
Use the $2/1 Cheer Detergent coupon found in the 8/12 SS
Final cost $3.97!

*Remember, these coupons will not be available until this Sunday, 8/12…

(Thanks and Photo credits, The Wally World Woman!)

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  • minxiemoon says:

    I’m confused about the Tresemme deal. Is the coupon going to be $3 off 2 or $3 or 1.
    Thanks for your help! :)

  • campanita says:

    For the Kotex liners coupon reads Not good on trial size. Is the 18 liners package a trial size?

  • shannon says:

    I have $1 Tresemme coupons from Target that my Walmart will accept also, making one $2.48.

  • tracy wade says:

    walmart in indiana sucks i have had nothing but trouble the last week with couponing there and no less than 45 min in line fighting just to leave without my stuff like i was told only one coupon for item and no matching coupons like I got 4 pepsi 24 pks and tried to use the insert qs for $2.00 of 2 but they said no only one . i tell them there own policy and they still tell me no, i dont now what to do any help would be nice i have already sent corp. an email waiting for a response.

    • JohnandLamora says:

      oh yeah, that whole only one of the same coupon can be used in one transaction is garbage. This happened to me at Dollar General once I bought 4 nivea lotions and wanted to use 4 coupons that were $2/1. The coupon stated limit one per purchase and limit 4 per transaction. The cashier tried to tell me that I could only use one coupon. I told her “I am making four purchases in one transaction, I have one coupon per purchase and am only doing four at once, just like the coupon states” then she reluctantly put it through but began mumbling to the cashier next to her as I walked out “I still think those people should only be allowed to use one.” It made me so mad, but at least I got my lotions for $0.50. ha ha. But, honey, it just comes down to ignorance. I’m sorry you have to deal with it.

    • JohnandLamora says:

      i live in Terre Haute, Indiana. I never have trouble with Walmart. First, you have to make sure you read all of your coupons and make sure you are doing it right and got the correct products- that way you are confident. ANd bring a printed copy of the policy to SHOW them. What I do is pick the right cashier- someone who looks young and/or happier than the others, preferably a male. Usually everything goes right in and if one beeps they usually read it over and then manually put it in- (if you picked the right cashier). Sometimes I have made a mistake (or they think I have) and then we can calmly talk about it- be ready to listen to their argument and be patient- it may just be a simple misunderstanding. After they are finished you can either calmly take your coupons back (because you realized you made a mistake) or you can explain something they may not have understood or show them the coupon policy that states otherwise. THey are not going to listen to you if you don’t listen to them.

  • Len says:

    I bought today the local newspaper with smartsource coupons in it, and there is NO tresemme coupon inside. my husband got similar newspaper with another smartsource coupons inside, same thing, no tresemme coupon there. can anybody tell me more???

    • allieunveiled says:

      I picked up the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun and got the Tresemme coupons but no Dentek or Method coupons that I really could have used.

  • Kayla says:

    There are gift sets at my walmart on clearance for $7.00 and they are gillette for men gift sets and with the for $4.00 gillette coupon makes them $3.00 great deal for christmas gifts!!!

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