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8/12 Sunday Newspaper Coupon Insert Preview

12:53 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

So, once again, it’s Saturday and time for another Sunday coupon insert preview! Below you will find a long list of coupons that reader, Carol, will be receiving in her Washington Post newspaper tomorrow, 8/12/2012. I would suggest checking the list below and also heading on over to Sunday Coupon Preview to get an idea of what coupons you may receive. Please keep in mind that NOT all areas will get the same coupons or coupon values.

There will be a total of 2 coupon inserts in the 8/12/2012 Sunday newspaper. You should receive 1 Red Plum coupon insert and 1 SmartSource coupon insert. Also, make sure to check your Parade Magazine or USA Today (depending on where you live) for coupons as well.

Need a great deal on a Sunday Newspaper subscription so that you’ll get all the hottest newspaper coupons delivered right to your doorstep?! Then be sure to head over here and browse through all the “hip” newspaper subscription deals.

(To see the long list of coupons, click the link below “Read More / Post Your Comments”.)

* I have highlighted my favorite coupons in red!

ETS = excludes trial sizes
(x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon
DND = coupon states Do Not Double
LIMIT1D = Limit of 1 coupon per day
LIMIT1 = Limit 1 per transaction
LIMIT2 = Limit of 2 like coupons in same shopping trip
LIMIT4 = Limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip
LIMIT4T = Limit of 4 coupons of any kind for the same product in the same transaction
National List = List provided by Sunday Coupon Preview

SmartSource Coupon Insert

Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Refill (excludes free item packs) LIMIT 2 Save $1/1 (9/9/12)
Air Wick Freshmatic Starter Kit (excludes free item packs) LIMIT 2 Save $2/1 (9/9/12)
Barilla microwaveable meal Save $1/1 (10/6/12)
Barilla microwaveable meal Save $1/1 (11/3/12)
Biore Cleanser ETS FREE Save up to $7 WYB Biore pore strip (9/30/12)
Buddig original 2oz packages Save $0.75/4 (11/30/12)
Cheer detergent ETS LIMIT4 Save $2/1 (9/30/12)
Clairol Nice ‘n Easy or Natural Instincts ETS LIMIT4 Save $2/1 (9/30/12)
Clairol Natural Instincts or Nice ‘n Easy non-permanent hair color products LIMIT4 Save $3/1 (9/30/12)
Claritin Children’s Syrup 4oz Save $2/1 (9/9/12)
Claritin Children’s Chewables 20ct+ Save $3/1 (9/9/12)
Claritin Children’s syrup 4oz Save $3/1 (8/19/12)
Colgate adult or kids toothbrush (excluding Colgate Plus and Colgate Extra Clean) Save $1/2 (9/1/12) – National value $0.40/1
Colgate Max Fresh, Total, Optic White or Sensitive toothpaste 4oz+ Save $1/1 (9/1/12) –National value $0.75/1
Cottonelle flushable moist wipes ETS Save $1/2 (9/23/12) – National value $0.50/2
Cottonelle toilet paper 4pks Save $1/2 or toilet paper 9pk+ Save $1/1 (9/23/12) – National value $0.50
Daisy cottage cheese Save $0.45/1 (10/6/12)
Dannon Oikos 5.3oz cups Save $13 or Oikos multipack Save $1/1 (9/30/12) – National value $0.50
Depend Guards for Men package Save $1/1 (9/22/12)
Depend product package Save $1/1 (9/22/12)
Depend Real Fit or Silhouette product package Save $1/1 (9/22/12)
Era detergent ETS LIMIT4 Save $0.50/1 (9/30/12) – National value $0.50/1
(2) Gain detergents or fabric softeners ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (9/30/12)
Huggies baby wipes packages 56ct+ Save $1/2 (9/8/12) – National value $0.50/1
Huggies diapers package Save $1.50/1 (9/8/12)
Huggies diapers package Little Movers, Little Snugglers or Overnites Save $1.50/1 (9/8/12)
Irish Spring multi-bar pack 3pk+ or Irish Spring body wash (excluding 2.5oz size) LIMIT4T
Save $1/2 (9/1/12) – National value $0.50/1
Ken’s 16oz dressings Save $1/2 (9/30/12) – National value $1/1
Kleenex boxes 50ct+ ETS Save $1/4(9/23/12) – National value $0.50
Kleenex hand towels Save $1/2 (9/30/12)
Kotex Natural Balance pads Save $1.50/2 (9/22/12)
Kotex U product ETS Save $1/1 (9/22/12)
Kotex Natural Balance liners 33ct+ Save $1/2 (9/22/12)
Kotex Natural Balance tampons Save $1/2 (9/22/12)
Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie dough Save $0.75/1 (10/31/12)
Odwalla beverage 12floz+ Save $0.55/1 (11/30/12)
Odwalla smoothies for kids 6.75floz Save $0.55/2 (11/30/12)
Odwalla bars Save $0.55/2 (11/30/12)
Old Wisconsin snack bites 4oz+ Save $1/2 (11/30/12)
Poise Hourglass pads Save $1.50/1 (9/22/12)
Poise body cooling towelettes, feminine wash or panty fresheners Save $1/1 (9/22/12)
Poise product Save $1/1 (9/22/12)
Poise personal lubricant or roll-on cooling gel ETS Save $2/1 (9/22/12)
Pull-Ups training pants jumbo pack+ Save $2/1 (9/8/12)
Reese’s or Kit Kat snack size bags 9-22oz Save $1/3 (9/16/12)
Reese’s Miniatures, Hershey’s Miniatures, Kit Kat Miniatures or Hershey’s Kisses bags 8.5oz+ Save $1/3 (9/16/12)
Schick Intuition razor or refill Save $2/1 (9/22/12)
Schick Quattro for Women disposable razor pack Save $2/1 (9/23/12)
Scotch-Brite botanical disinfecting wipes LIMIT1D Save $0.50/1 (9/30/12)
Scotch-Brite heavy duty, non-scratch, delicate care or greener clean scrub sponge and scour pad multi-packs or dishwands LIMIT1 Save $1/1 (9/30/12) – National value $0.75/1
Scott Naturals flushable wipes tubs or refills Save $1/2 (9/16/12) – National value $0.50/1
Scott towels rolls Save $1/4+ (9/16/12) – National value $0.75
Scott Extra Soft bath tissue rolls Save $1/12+ (9/16/12)
Seattle’s Best 12oz coffee bag Save $1/1 (10/13/12)
Skintimate shave gel (excludes 2.75oz) Save $0.55/1 (9/23/12)
Softsoap liquid hand soap 8oz+ LIMIT4T Save $1/2(9/1/12) – National value $0.35/1
Softsoap body washes or bar soaps 2pk+ LIMIT4T Save $1/2 (9/1/12) – National value $0.50/1
Softsoap liquid hand soap refills 28oz+ LIMIT4T Save $1/2 (9/1/12) – National value $0.50/1
Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant or Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant (excluding 2oz, 1.4oz and 0.5oz sizes) LIMIT4T Save $1/1 (9/1/12)
TRESemme styling product ETS Save $3/1 WYB TRESemme shampoo or TRESemme conditioner (9/9/12)
Trident or Stride multipacks, pouches or bottles Save $1/3 (10/5/12)
Ultra Palmolive dish liquids LIMIT4T Save $1/2 (9/1/12) – National value $0.25/1
V8 Splash 64oz+ Save $1/2 (9/23/12)
Ziploc bags Save $1/2 (9/22/12)
Ziploc containers Save $1/2 (9/22/12)
Ziploc slider bags Save $1/2 (9/22/12)

In addition to the National List SmartSource Insert, included in the Washington Post SmartSource insert are the coupons below:

Bob Evans Breakfast Sausage AND any (2) one dozen cartons of eggs DND Save $1.50/1 (10/12/12)
(2) Boston Market individual meal (restaurant or online order) Save $1/1 (9/9/12)
Boston Market purchase (restaurant or online order) Save $2/$10 (9/9/12)
Boston Market purchase (restaurant or online order) Save $4/$20 (9/9/12)
Buddig Fix Quix Cubes DND Save $1/1 (11/30/12)
Duke’s olive oil product DND Save $0.40/1 (9/9/12)
Efferdent product 48ct+ Save $0.75/1 (9/23/12)
Efferdent products 48ct+ Save $2/2 (8/19/12)
Hour Eyes Eye Exam (one coupon per patient) $39 w/coupon (9/8/12)
Ken’s Marinade $1/1 (9/30/12)
Ken’s dressings 9oz Save $1/2 (9/30/12)
LM Farms dog or cat product Save $2/1 (9/30/12)
Murphy Oil Soap products LIMIT4T Save $1/1 (9/1/12)
Physician’s Formula cosmetic product Save $1/1 (11/30/12)
V8 100% Vegetable Juice 46oz+ Save $0.40/1 (9/23/12)
V8 100% Vegetable Juice 6-pack 5.5oz or 11.5oz Save $0.50/1 (9/23/12)

The coupons below are listed in the National List SmartSource Insert, but are not included in The Washington Post SmartSource Insert:

Frigo Cheese Heads 10oz+ Save $0.55/1 (10/31/12)
Lance Cracker Home Pack 8ct+ Save $0.55/1 (9/30/12)
Lance Cracker Creations Save $0.75/1 (9/30/12)
Method Mickey or Minnie hand wash Save $0.75/1 (12/31/12)
Method cleaning spray Save $1/1 (12/31/12)
Mission Save $1.50 off 2 tortillas bags AND 2 one dozen carton of eggs (12/31/12)
Oroweat Healthfull sprouted grains or 45 calories per slice bread Save $0.55/1 (11/12/12)
Oroweat low sodium bread Save $0.55/1 (11/12/12)
Post-it Super Sticky Notes Save $1/1 on $5+ purchase (9/16/12)
Post-it label product Save $2/1 on $5+ purchase (9/16/12)
Post-it note dispenser Save $2/1 on $5+ purchase (9/16/12)
Post-it tab, flag or pocket product Save $2/1 on $5 purchase (9/16/12)
Precious Galbani cheese DND Save $1/1 (11/30/12)
Sunsweet Juicers DND Save $1/1 (10/14/12)

Red Plum Coupon Insert

Covergirl face product ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (9/30/12)
Covergirl LashBlast Mascaras ETS LIMIT4 Save $5/2 (9/30/12)
Garnier moisturizer Save $2/1 (11/12/12)
Gillette disposable razor ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (9/30/12)
Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor (excludes Fusion ProGlide Styler) ETS LIMIT4 Save $4/1 (9/30/12)
L’Oreal Vive Pro shampoo or conditioner Save $0.25/1 (10/7/12)
L’Oreal Studio Line styling product Save $0.75/1 (10/7/12)
L’Oreal Colour Riche nail product Save $1/1 (10/7/12)
L’Oreal haircolor product Save $1/1 (10/7/12)
L’Oreal Paris lip product or Colour Caresse by Colour Riche Save $1/1 (10/7/12)
L’Oreal Elnett hairspray standard size 11oz (excludes 2.2oz trial size) Save $3/1 (10/7/12)
L’Oreal haircolor products Save $4/2 (10/7/12)
Nivea hand or body lotion 1.7-13.5floz LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (9/9/12)
Nivea Q10 skin firming product 2.5-13.5floz LIMIT4 Save $2/1 (9/9/12)
Nivea for Men body lotion 13.5floz LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (9/9/12)
Senokot or Senokot-S tablets Save $2/1 (3/31/13)
Snuggle fabric softener liquid or dryer sheets Save $0.50/1 (9/23/12)
Sparkle package 6+ rolls Save $1/1 (9/22/12) – National value $0.50/1
Superpretzel soft pretzel item Save $0.50/1 (9/29/12)
Swiffer Dusters 6ct, Dry Cloths 32ct, Wet Cloths 24ct or WetJet pads 17ct+ ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (9/30/12)
Swiffer Sweeper starter kit or Dusters Extender starter kit ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (9/30/12)
Venus refillable razor ETS LIMIT4 Save $4/1 (9/30/12)
Whiskas dry cat food Save $1/1 (10/13/12) – TARGET Coupon
Whiskas wet cat food 10-24ct Save $1/1 (10/13/12) – TARGET Coupon
Wisk laundry detergent 45oz+ Save $2/1 (9/23/12)

In addition to the National List Red Plum Insert, included in the Washington Post Red Plum Insert are the coupons below:

Buca di Beppo Pastas, Baked Pastas or Entrees Dinner Dine-In Only Save $10/2 (9/30/12)
Buca di Beppo lunch items Lunch Dine-In Only Save $5/2 (9/30/12)
Buca di Beppo Small Spaghetti Marinara, Fettuccine Alfredo or Baked Ziti FREE WYB
Buca Large Pasta, Baked Pasta or Entree Dine-In Only (9/30/12)
Cesar canine cuisine tray Buy 5 Get 2 FREE Save up to $2.38 (9/29/12)
Cesar canine cuisine multipack 12ct Save $1/1 (9/29/12)
Del Monte 4-pack Fruit Cup snacks Save $1/2 (10/7/12)
Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage packages DND Save $1/2 (9/15/12)
Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat packages 8oz+ DND Save $1/2 (9/15/12)
IHOP at Home frozen breakfast item Save $1/1 (12/12/12)
Milk any brand or flavor Save $1 WYB Kellogg’s Special K Cereal Bars, Special K Pastry Crisps, Special K Granola Bars and/or Kellogg’s FIberPlus Antioxidants Bars 5ct+ (10/7/12)
Mrs. T’s Pierogies boxes Save $1/3 (10/31/12)
Scotties facial tissues boxes Save $1/5 or multipacks Save $1/2 (9/15/12)
VetGuard Plus package 3 month supply Save $2/1 (10/10/12)
Mail-In Rebate Form: Purchase (2) bottles (750ml+) of the following spirits to receive $5 by mail: Authentic Jose Cuervo Margaritas (any flavor), Authentic Jose Cuervo Margaritas Light Margaritas (any flavor), Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur (original or any flavor), Captain Morgan Orginal Spiced Rum, Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum, Captain Morgan LIME BITE, Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail, Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky, Jose Cuervo Especial Tequilla (Gold or Silver), Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita, Ketel One Vodka (Original or any flavor), Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka (Red label or any flavor), Smirnoff Cocktails (any flavor), Smirnoff Whipped Cream or Fluffed Marshmallow Flavored Vodka, Tanqueray London Dry Gin – Valid 8/12/12 – 9/10/12 (Limit one refund per household and valid in CT, DC, DE, GA, ID, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MN,MO, MT, NE, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, WV)
Joint Soother Advanced Double Strength 120 coated caplets $9.99 (11/30/12) – Vitamin World Coupon
Myo-leptin 1000mg CLA 90 Rapid Release Softgels $8.99 (11/30/12) – Vitamin World Coupon
Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000mg 250 Rapid Release Softgels (11/30/12) $7.99 – Vitamin World Coupon
Ulta Man or Ultra Woman Daily Multi 90 Coated Caplets $8.99 (11/30/12) – Vitamin World Coupon
Sunvite Vitamin D3 1000IU 250 Rapid Release Softgels $4.99 (11/30/12) – Vitamin World Coupon
Whey Protein Powder 2lbs $19.99 (11/30/12) – Vitamin World Coupon
Any item 10% off excludes Spectacular Values, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Buy 1 Get 1 50% off (Members receive discount off member price. Non-members receive discount off regular price) (11/30/12) – Vitamin World Coupon
Vitamin World or Precision Engineered brand item 40% off/1 item, Valid in-store only, excludes Spectacular Values, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Buy 1 Get 1 50% off (Members receive discount off member price. Non-members receive discount off regular price) (11/30/12) –Vitamin World Coupon

The coupons below are listed in the National List Red Plum Insert, but are not included in the
Washington Post Red Plum Insert:

Beringer Wine 750ml or 1.5l bottle DND Valid in CA or NV Save $1/1 (9/9/12)
Chateau St. Jean Wine 750ml bottle DND Valid in CA or NV Save $1/1 (9/9/12)
Good’n Natural Bar Free Save up to $1.29 (9/15/12)

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  • Kristi says:

    The good coupons seem to come far and few between these days…I hope that it will pick back up in the fall, summer has been SLOW

  • Sherry says:

    I justy started in June…it’s gets better…good to know it seems like the same coupons everyweek, need something new for the stockpile.

  • Sasha says:

    FREE Good n Natural bar Q in RP. We used our 10 Q’s @ Kroger.They’re .89 each.

  • tracy wade says:

    someone please help me my walmart is not wanting to take my print at home qs and they only letting me use 1 coupon per item and no like coupons so i was told i had 4 qs for the glade for $3.00 off and they only took one and didnt even want to take that cause they said they were copies when i know i just printed them off 2 days ago. then they said no cause the qs were more than the price of the product and i said yes but you give overage and they said not anymore and i said you coupon policy says you do and they said no not anymore AM I MISSING SOMETHING AM I WRONG CAUSE I DONT THINK I AM????????????:(

    • Lauren Worley says:

      Print off the coupon policy and take it with you. When they say things like that pull out your handy dandy coupon policy and show them the exact place it says what you are telling them. Also pick the right lane to go down. If you see a lane with someone who looks grumpy pass. Younger guys are good and so are younger girls. Try to build a relationship with the people who check you out and they will be nicer to you. When nothing else works got to the custmer service desk. Explain your problem and why you feel you are right. Most of the time they will be nice and help you out.

    • Yvette says:

      I just had the same issue this week (along with many others as well). Im still trying to figure the issue out with my walmart by talking to them but I was advised by another couponer to show them the unique pin number on the top right corner of the coupon where the other smaller bar code lookling like thing is. This shows that they are not copies. If they still give you problems go durning the day and go to the customer service desk and ask to speak with a customer service manager.

      • Kat says:

        Have your coupon policy ready. If cashier will not work with your coupons per their policy have the cashier take off the item(s) in question. Then go to service counter with those items, coupons and policy. Stick to what you know is right. Good Luck.

    • Jamie says:

      My walmart does the same thing to me every time i go! I have the policy and the coupon also states 4 like coupons but they don’t budge, they say their policy is one coupon per item. I even do the competitor coupons and it’s the same thing,”they don’t take them” even if the policy says. They have their own policy paper and it’s different than the one online and say I must have copied the old one. The CSM are just as bad. They just basically roll their eyes at me and say NO, sorry still can’t do it. Then stand there for 5 minutes talking before finishing my transaction. Getting to the point were I go late at night when there is barely anyone there or just don’t go. I emailed headquarters about this problem and just waiting on a response, cause Their policy can’t say one thing and workers say another!!!

    • Trinity says:

      My Walmarts are like that now too. They refuse to take more than 1. For instance, I had 2 of the kotex internet coupon and the young, male cashier said that he can only take 1 because I may have just copied the coupon. Although I informed him that there are unique codes, he still wouldn’t take it. Apparently, a few bad apples have ruined it for us. :(

  • Tracy says:

    I had a young girl n guy both times n was nice to start but still I hate it that they can say that n not be able to show me their rules that say that

  • Keke says:

    Since moving to our new house, I have really good luck with the Wal-mart up the street. There are two or three cashiers in particular that are great! The one young guy is super nice, patient, and we always talk about couponing because he wants to start! It sounds bad, but I kinda cashier profile! Young, and happy is usually a good bet!

  • Jess says:

    Does anyone know if this weeks or last weeks inserts had the JcPenney portrait studio offers?

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