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Apply to Host a Keurig Vue Brewer House Party in September (New Opportunity!)

6:15 AM MST
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Yay! House Party is once again offering up an opportunity to host a Keurig Vue House Party …perfect for those of you who LOVE coffee (that’s me! :D ). Currently, you can head on over here to apply to host a Keurig Vue House Party featuring the new Keurig Vue Brewer. Check out all the free goodies you’ll receive if you get selected for this party…

* Keurig® Vue® packs
* Keurig® Vue® apron
* Keurig® Vue® napkins, cups and lids
* Brew Over Ice tumblers
* Cookies to accompany your beverages
* After Coffee Signature Peppermints
* Exclusive savings
* And a special surprise!

As I’ve mentioned before, lots and lots of Hip2Savers have gotten to host various House Parties… so it is possible to get selected. Just have patience and keep applying for the various parties that pop up and eventually you may get selected! :)

If you’re wondering what a House Party is..
Well, a House Party is thousands of parties across the country, hosted by people like us. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand (such as Sargento) and focuses on something cool that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends. Basically a House party let you share the products you like with all your friends, free of charge! Companies love to promote these type of events because it spreads the word about their products.

What free stuff will you receive?
That all depends on the specific brand your throwing the party for. Each brand has their own unique Party Pack filled with all kinds of free stuff to make your party a success!

If your interested, follow these steps to start applying:
First go on over here to sign up to be on the mailing list. They will email you all the new, free and exclusive House Parties you can host as they become available. Next click over here to look at all the upcoming House Party events. When applying you will be asked a series of questions to make sure you’re a good fit for the House Party. That’s it! Now you just wait to see if you’re one of the lucky chosen that gets to host one of these FUN & FREE events!

(Thanks, Mission to Save!)

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  • J says:

    I got to host this party last time they had this, the party pack was AMAZING!!! The ‘surprise’ is the new Vue brewer and it is so nice, sells for $250 at most stores!!! Love House Party!! Hope lots of you get selected!!!

  • Kristina says:

    Got a page that said they moved their page :(

  • Stephanie says:

    I also got selected last time and was thrilled when I got the new Vue. I didn’t have a Keurig beforehand. If you post on the message boards on House Party, you will be more likely to be chosen. Especially if you post something that catches their interest/they like. Good luck!

  • mom2five says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Danielle says:

    crossing my fingers! I am addicted to the brew over ice! (ok, I really just take the regular K-cups and put them over ice, but who cares ;) ) so this would be a nice addition!

  • Kathryn Scott says:

    I don’t have a Keurig or Vue, so I’m hesitant on signing up. But if they send you a machine than I’m all in!

  • Yvonne says:

    What if not everybody shows up? That’s what concerns me!

    • J says:

      Just do it the best you can with those that show up. They send you a survey afterwards and just fill it out honestly! Plus I look at these parties as a way for the company to get the word out….so if next time you have friends or family over, brew them up a cup…..word of mouth is the best marketing they can have and these companies realize that which is why Keurig is hosting another 2000 parties across the USA!

  • sarakershaw says:

    I applied, tweeted, and “started a conversation”. I hope that helps my chances because man would I love to get a Vue! My mom has a Keurig and I love visiting… :)

  • Destiny says:

    They have some lots of parties I want to win. Can you win more than once or should I apply only for the one I want the most?!?

    • michelle says:

      yes. i have hosted two already this year. good luck!

    • woodmore says:

      Apply for as many as you want. I just hosted the Hope Springs and now I will be hosting the Smirnoff on 9/1. This will be my 4th party that I’ve hosted, but I must say that I’ve applied for way more. Hosted: Courvoiser Rose, Chef Boyardee, Hope Springs, Smirnoff and hopefully coming soon, Keurig Vue. Good Luck to ya!

  • Rachael says:

    I have done 2 parties for Houseparty so far. I did the expo washable dry erase markers and Duncan Hines. You get a ton of stuff and then you just throw the party with who shows up. At the Duncan Hines party I pretty much just had my family but we did it anyway and took lots of pictures to post during the follow up survey.

  • Grace says:

    What do I have to do when I host a party? Do I have to have a certain amount of people come over? Do they need to fill out paperwork? ???

  • Grace says:

    What do I have to do when I host a party? Do I have to have a certain amount of people come over? Do they need to fill out paperwork? ???

  • Barbara says:

    Hi I have a question about this host a house party web site. I have been a member for about six months but don’t participate in face book. Is there anyone out there that has been chosen to host a party but does not do face book? Let me know. If not I don’t want to keep filling out applications for no reason.
    Thanks barbara

    • angela says:

      I have hosted 2 parties. I have a facebook account, but rarely use it and don’t post house party stuff on there. I do think it increases your chances because companies use House Party as a marketing tool to get their products out there, but I think you can be chosen if you don’t do tons of facebook stuff and I don’t twitter at all.

  • Amanda says:

    I am getting ready to host my second party, so you really can win!

  • Mallory Davis says:

    I just got notified today that I’ve been selected as a host for the Vue party!!!

  • Lori says:

    COLLEEN!!!! I Just got picked to host this!!!! And that means I won a brand new VUE!!!! THANKS for letting me know about it!!

    Whooo hooo!!!

    • Kara says:

      Hi, I got picked as well, and was wondering how you know that you won a brand new Vue? It doesn’t list that as a host packet item, but does list a “special surprise.” Do you think the surprise is the VUE? That would be so cool if it was!!

      • Lori says:

        It says it in the main tab, then FAQ section of your hostest party page! Here is the copy and paste –

        What will be in my Party Pack?
        You’ll receive two Party Packs for your Keurig® Vue® House Party – one pack will be sent from House Party, and the second pack will come from Keurig®.

        Your House Party Party Pack will contain:
        • 1 Keurig® Vue® branded apron
        • 6 boxes of Keurig® Vue® Packs
        • 2 Brew Over Ice Tumblers
        • 13 Keurig® Vue® napkins, cups and lids
        • Keurig® offer for 50% off Keurig® brewers at
        • Keurig® Vue® brochures
        • Keurig® napkins
        • Cookies to accompany beverages
        • 13 After Coffee Signature Peppermint packs

        Your Keurig Party Pack will contain…(drum roll, please)…the brand new Keurig® Vue® brewer!

  • christi says:

    I got PICKED!!!!!!! YAY! I can’t wait!

  • Amanda says:

    I got notified today, that I also was chosen to host the party. This will be my fourth party with House Party. I haven’t actually hosted one in over a year. I been super busy and havent applied, but thought this one would be perfect, and sure enough I was chosen. I think my husband is more excited them me lol :)

  • Beth says:

    I was chosen, too, but was searching for the party pack contents since I don’t have a Keurig currently. A new Vue would be totally awesome! Keep your fingers crossed that the September parties will have a Vue in them, too! Wish me luck!

    I know they are usually the same.

    • Christine b says:

      I was chosen too, super excited!! If you login to your account click on Main (upper left) and then scroll to faq’s the pack is listed. And yes, there is a Vue!!! Thanks so much for posting this Collin. I hesitated because I figure there was not a chance but after doing most of the “extras” that they requested I am in. Woo hoo!!

      • tammy pryor says:

        yea!!! i was chosen toooo!!! but i am confused it say my pack will be sent april 18 2012 do you think they made a mistake. or is this a secon kerig party and they didnt update their dates. i would like to know when to expect it. whooo hooo!!

        • Lori says:

          Where did it say that??? On the Website in the FAQ they say that it will be delivered by Sept 19th, 2012

          • Kara says:

            copy and paste from the House Party Keurig Vue House Party FAQ
            Party Pack

            What will be in my Party Pack?
            When can I expect my Party Pack?
            You should receive your two Party Packs by the end of the day Wednesday, April 18, 2012

            • Kara says:

              Ahhh!! I see where it says it.–>Main–>FAQ. The April date is posted on a link that takes you to the main page through a different link. I’d say we are getting our first ever VUES!!! WAHOO!!!

              When can I expect my Party Pack?
              You should receive your two Party Packs by the end of the day Wednesday, September 19, 2012. Please note that they may not arrive on the same day. They’ll be shipped via FedEx. You’ll receive two emails from FedEx with your tracking numbers once each ships.
              Please check your junk mail or spam folder for thistracking email, and add and to your email safe senders list.

  • Cyndi says:

    So excited. I got chosen also!! Thanks Collin!!!

  • Amy says:

    Congrats to all who got chosen… sadly, I didn’t :( But, as a thank you for trying, I was given a coupon code for 50% off a Vue!!! I’m gonna get one anyway (it just won’t be free!).

  • Nancy says:

    I got chosen also so excited!!!!

  • Nancy says:

    ? Has anyone ever got chosen for 2 parties in a row?

  • Olivia says:

    I was just choosen for the Keurig House Party! Im excited! The Party pack comes with the new Vue for each person choosen. I did not get an email i went to the website and it said i had 30min to make my invite and email them out. I scrambled with 15min to spare. After i submitted i got a confirmation that i got it!

  • J says:

    If anyone has a 50% code they’re not planning to use, I have been on a crazy search for one as I really wanna buy/try a keurig! Please let me know! :-)

  • Patrice J. says:

    Do you have any more codes? I’ve been wanting to purchase.

  • Patrice J. says:


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