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Starbucks Treat Receipt (+ Even Sweeter Deal at Starbucks locations inside Target stores)

6:07 PM MST
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I just want to remind all you coffee addicts (like myself :) ) that the Starbucks Treat Receipt is still currently being offered through 8/31. Just make any Starbuck’s purchase before 2PM and then enjoy any Grande cold beverage for just $2 (plus tax) after 2PM the same day at participating stores in the U.S. and Canada. Just remember to show them your receipt when you return.

AND, to sweeten this deal even further, Starbucks locations inside Target stores are allowing you to purchase ANY beverage at ANY time of day and return with your receipt for ANY drink (of any size) for just $2 for 14 days! So be sure to hang on to your receipts and you can snag a yummy treat for just $2 to help keep you energized while deal shopping! :) Sounds good to me!

(Thanks, Jessica, Dayna & Coupon Verve!)

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  • KarenK says:

    This morning, the gal at the Starbucks by my workplace told me “anything that can fit in this (holding up a grande cup) is $2 after 2:00”. I stopped at another Starbucks close to my house on my way home and she told me “absolutly NO frappucinos” with the treat receipt.
    The stores do not seem to be consistent in their rules.

  • ILuvCoffee says:

    I’ve been snagging the Target deals the ladt couple weeks! Buy a grande iced coffee(about $2.45) come back a few days later & buy a Venti Doubleshot on Ice(usually $4.50 ). Sweet!!

  • missdeally says:

    Right on the link to the Starbucks blog it has the frappacinos listed as included. How unfair!

  • Rachel says:

    On a similar topic, I have an empty Starbucks coffee bag that I want to cash in tomorrow for a free coffee. Does “free tall coffee” only apply to a regular coffee, or can it be a specialty drink, too (i.e. white chocolate mocha)? TIA :)

  • Nikki says:

    My Target Starbucks has even been stamping my receipt when I get the $2 drink so I keep getting venti sized frappucinos for $2.

  • L says:

    They once turned me away at 5:30pm because they said it’s only until 5pm and I said it didn’t say that on the receipt nor on the website. I wrote an email to customer service and they said they would let the manager of the store know right away as well as the marketing department and send me coupons for free drinks.

    So- looks like they aren’t being consistent across the board. Worth writing an email to them though- they have great customer service and are very responsive in my experience

  • Dana says:

    Straight from Starbucks website: “receipt gets you ANY cold drink”

  • KarenK says:

    I am printing out the page from the Starbucks site and taking it with my treat receipt back to the store.

  • Tammy says:

    I just picked up a free tall refreshers drink at my Target Starbucks (from a coupon Starbucks sent me when they recently opened that location) and when I got it the barista stamped my receipt with the $2 deal, even though my receipt shows I paid $0 for my drink. What a cool deal!

  • Mayra says:

    can anyone tell me what the frap. on the right is called? looks delish and would love to try it :)

  • KarenK says:

    I went back with my husband. Different girl this time, but same result. I showed her the Starbucks website with the picture of the Frap and the “any iced drink” and she gave me attitude. She said, “I guess if you really have to have one, I’ll go ahead and do it.” To which I said, “Well, it’s not like I’m going to die without one.” So she made one, we paid our $2.17 and left. I won’t be returning to that store.

    • Thuy says:

      Wow! Can you complain to corporate or something? That is just horrible service!!!

    • chrissy says:

      That is horrible. starbucks is really good about making it up to you if something is wrong. Last year they changed their formula for the frapps, and we didnt like them so we called and they sent us coupons for free drinks. Once I even called to compliment our favorite starbucks because we love their employees, and they sent us more coupons for the feedback.

    • Audra says:

      Sounds like someone just realyl hates to make Fraps!

  • Kim E. says:

    Wait!! There are Target stores with Starbucks INSIDE of them????? :) Have never seen one or heard of that…man, do I wish ours had a starbucks in it!

  • emilee says:

    Hey:) I work at Starbucks and the Treat Receipts are valid for any GRANDE drink that is ICED or FRAPPUCCINO. You can put extra drizzle, added shots, pretty much anything and it will total around $2.16, as long as it’s a grande iced or frappuccino. Oh and heads up: The Mocha Cookie Crumble and the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino is done for the season:( Pumpkin Spice is the next drink we will be offering :)

  • kathleen says:

    If you use your Target red card, you might be able to save another 5% on your Starbucks pruchase inside Target.

  • Evelynn Passino says:

    Unfortunately Target will not accept the purchase-in-the-AM-come-back-after-2pm deal that the freestanding Starbucks are offering. You must purchase at a Target, get the stamp, and come back another day to get this deal.

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