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FREE Car Seat Canopy ($49.95 Value!) – Just Pay $12.90 Shipping

8:59 AM MST
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WooHoo! If you’re a new mom looking to keep your baby warm & dry or are simply looking for a nice baby shower gift, here’s a great deal you’ll want to snatch up! Currently, you can score a FREE Car Seat Canopy ($49.95 value!) from when you enter the promo code HIP2SAVE at checkout (code will deduct $50!). You’ll just need to pay shipping which is $12.95 for 2-8 day delivery, so only $12.90 shipped after the code is applied.

Plus, Car Seat Canopies are made for year-round use since the fabrics are not too heavy for summer and not too thin for winter. The designs are printed on 100% cotton outers with soft, snuggly 100% polyester minky interiors (they look super soft!). Plus, each canopy fits all makes and models of infant car seats and are machine washable! Awesome!

Remember – these canopies would make nice baby shower gifts so even if you can’t use one yourself, you may want to consider snatching up one as a nice gift idea! Also, don’t forget you can still can still score a FREE Seven Brand Baby Carrier ($48 value!) or FREE Seven Brand Udder Cover Nursing Cover ($34.95 value!) when you enter the promo code HIP2SAVE at checkout (code will deduct $35-$40).

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  • Latisha says:

    As a certified car seat technician we don’t recommend these as they can interfere with the safe use of the car seat. Only use products that were bought with the seat as those are the only items that have been crash tested and certified as safe.

    • Katie says:

      Well, the entire inside part may not be recommended, but the canopy part doesn’t interfere with that. Usually you just put that part on the car seat when it is not in the car so that baby can stay asleep in sunny/rainy/other conditions.

      • mkpassey says:

        I agree with Latisha. I’m not certified yet but I’ve heard that in the event of a crash if your car seat malfunctions and your child gets hurt, if you’re using ANYTHING that wasn’t issued with the carseat, you void the warranty and they don’t have to do anything.

        • chicagirl55 says:

          I think that you misunderstand me. I’m talking about the cover that goes over the top and attached only to the handle by velcroing to itselt. It is basically just like throwing a big blanket over the carrier when you’re carrying it. This is not in place while the car seat is in the car. This, therefore, does not have the potential to harm a child in a crash because it would not be there in a car crash. This would not void any warranty.

          • comay says:

            it totally scam. I bought car seat without cover from december, however it was said to wait until end of January to delivery. Guess what i got, only cover cost 13$ without carseat. Be careful with promotion like this

    • Laura says:

      Latisha is correct. Do not buy these.

    • Sarah says:

      Parents with brains know not to use these in a car while it is moving!!! I NEVER left my child’s infant car seat handle up while driving so it would be impossible to have this cover on if the handle isn’t up!!!! This is perfectly safe and okay to use NOT in the car. If you are such an expert don’t discourage people from buying, just remind them not to use them in a moving vehicle.

    • Larysa Colley says:

      To begin with, be careful buying from this company. Needles to say that I was the one that went with the word free and beautiful pictures on their website. What I received in my mailbox, was shocking! The covers are not manufacture but hand made (which is OK if its neat), uneven stitching, strings were hanging on every corner, holes on the side of the cover between layers about 1 inch, even the cut of the blanket wasn’t straight. I tried to return the items or even exchange for the better quality and Chelsea, she is the representative from the company replied that there no returns and no exchanges. So I am stuck and since I believed nice pictures on the website and bought the whole pkg, which I can’t use unless I take it the professional to redo, I am out of money and don’t have the items for my baby that I need.

  • donna crawford says:

    great item!

  • Molly says:

    FYI Beware of this brand. They have also sold “free” nursing covers and slings before which got 90% horrible reviews and the company has really bad customer service. I almost bought the sling but afte seeing the reviews everywhere decided against it.

    • Larysa says:

      I wish I read those rewievs before I purchased mine! Quality is very poor, made with a sewing machine at home and the customer service is, in fact, awful. Spare the money, don’t throw them away on that.

  • Tarah says:

    I have heard negative things about the slings, but I have purchased the nursing cover, nursing pads, and car seat canopy in the past and have had no issues with any of them or the customer service. They have all come really quickly as well.

  • Deb says:

    Oh boy-I hope it’ll be ok. I jsut ordered the carseat cover for an upcoming baby shower.
    Collin-did you happen to ck this Co. out for reliability & quality?

  • serena says:

    I love my nursing cover

  • sarah says:

    PLEASE be aware that using ANY aftermarket items on your child’s safety seat (seat covers, strap pads, head rests/covers, etc.) VOIDS the manufacturer’s warranty and may place your child at greater risk of injury in the event of an accident!

    Here are the recommendations from NHTSA (​Safety/CPS/)

    There is plenty of evidence that aftermarket products are dangerous. If it didn’t come with the seat, it hasn’t been tested with the seat and should not be used with the seat.

    Here is one of many sites that talks about the dangers of aftermarket products http://​​tips_and_tricks/​tips_and_tricks_8.html

    The car seat *CANOPIES* look great though and don’t add anything unsafe to the seat itself! =)

    • Mrspurple says:

      That is what I was thinking, the canopies are normally not even used while in the vehicle… the only thing I can think of is lack of air circulation (air is not as fresh, re-breathing), so I probably would steer away for preemies and not do it for an extended period, but aside from that it sounds ok. Now the other products they have one there for the seat etc I wouldn’t do, even if they are cute.

      I had one of their nursing covers, the plastic thin rods that make it so one can look down at the baby started coming out and scratching me (they are prickly). I liked it until that happened. And yes, it definitely seems like a tricky marketing thing to get people to buy it.

      • Suzanne says:

        I agree with you, you don’t use this when your child is in the car! You wouldn’t be able to see them! I used a thin receiving blanket when my LO was small. He would often sleep while I was shopping and I found it was a good way to keep people from thinking they could touch all over him. I appreciated that they thought he was sweet/cute/whatever but you don’t want strangers handling your newborn. I also covered him up on several ocassions when we would go out to eat and he was sleeping or if the weather was bad (use it from house to car ONLY).

  • Karis says:

    I love this concept because I constantly put a blanket over the car seat to protect my previous babies from sun or rain etc… I’m sure this would work much better as the blanket would often fall off. My question is- How long will this promotion last? I’m due with my 4th in a couple of weeks and we left the gender to be a surprise. I dont want to buy a unisex one…

    • Kristen says:

      If you go to Carseat Canopy’s page on Facebook, it looks like they do these free promotions often, so I wouldn’t worry. =)

  • Destinee says:

    In for one ;) due with a baby girl in Feb! Probably won’t use it in the car, but it will come to use for trips at the zoo, grocery store, etc. Thanks!!

  • Renee says:

    I just throw a blanket over mine during the winter time when transporting from the car to indoors, ect. These are cute, but it’s something that a blanket I already have will do.

  • Sarah says:

    I made one fore my friend and she is obessed with it!! It was so easy to make. I found it on pinterest!

  • couponcolvin says:

    Thanks for the great promo code!! I have the perfect, affordable gift for my cousin and her new baby.

  • Yumiry says:

    Ok I’m thinking about all the Comments and I have to said that all have ok in all,because all the mom’s always try to keep save our kids,but I think that every mom can found way to use may be not exactly in the hold of the car seat,but maybe just like an regular blanket that you can carry any way. I have a 3 years old girl and she always carry her blanket,last year I try so hard to make hand blankets for the little ones but I have to said that cost me more money that I think,so may be I get disappointed when received the canopy I don’t have idea I have to wait for received and see what happened later.

  • mommytoe&n says:

    I sew carrier covers and in no way do I see how they are dangerous. There is plenty of air that gets in. You can even lift up one of the sides for more venting. These keep the sun, rain, cold air off the baby. As to use in the car, well I used mine with our daughter and it was great. With our previous child we used an Eddie Baurer(sp?) Cover which was snug fitting over the whole carrier and only had a flap that opened over the face. I hated that thing. Our baby would be so hot and wet from sweating. Secondly, I really think the comments about “failing car seats” is extrem. The cover does not interfere the latching device so I do not know what the fuss is about.

  • Bethany says:

    I bought one and I love it, I went to and used the promo code colt1 and I only had to pay for shipping which was $12.95.

  • Kerri says:

    Please don’t buy from this company. They have the worst customer service in the world. I understood fully that they do not take returns but was hoping because the minky slip cover didn’t even fit my carseat that they would at least send me an extra swatch of fabric. They told me, verbatim, “go to the store and buy some fabric” Don’t waste your money, go to etsy or amazon, where they have way better deals, customer service and returns!

  • Yumiry says:

    Hi to every one,I know that every paret try to keep safe our kids but in this point I think that is not safe if you put in the car seat if is inside the Car,this blanket is if you are out side in the park or in the forest,or any place that you child is expose to the wind,or the rain etc,I do with any blanket any way so if this company do this is because they know that in any way the moms use one when the babys are out side and stay in the baby car seat when are small,I buy one may boy Have One and Hafl and he carry for all the house and to every part and I think is cute and have beatifull colors.

  • Rean says:

    just wanted to let you know the codes still work. if I place separate orders or diff emails do you think I can do all 3 deals again?? I have some friends that are expecting and thought these would make great gifts. I also found more codes in one of my parent/baby magazines for the same items.

  • abby says:

    i dont know how you women would have survived when my children were little. 1980s. no car seats. do you really think people are stupid enough to leave these on while drivin and if the baby is buckled in the seat it is safe. if not dont blame it on the blankets look at your car seat company.

  • jaimi says:

    I ordered both the nursing cover and the carseat cover. I adore my nursing cover but I still haven’t recieved my carseat cover???? Its been like two weeks since I recieved the other and they were ordered at the same time…. can you help with this?

  • Edee says:

    I bought the carseat cover for my daughter and we love it. People stop us in stores and ask where we bought it.

  • sjd says:

    do not order from this company!!!! placed my order back in february and it has been backordered three times. 3 months to get your order is crazy!! their solution was to pick a different pattern…I picked the pattern I liked for a reason and to make it worse they only have 2 pattern available for a baby girl that are not on “backorder” as well. That isn’t a solution! called their customer service number and told them my issue and she said we will ship it to you today because they do save a few patterns for situations like this (situations like this? does this happen alot?) then I received an email the next day saying sorry your order could not be fulfilled. called customer service again and she said oops sorry, I did tell you that you were getting it but we ran out of the pattern by the time we got to yours….seriously!!! you should NOT TELL YOUR CUSTOMER they are getting their product and then take it back the next day! wish I had a good experience with this company but unfortunately I did not and hope this does not happen to other moms-to-be!

  • anabel says:

    ~I wanted

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