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Staples: FREE HammerMill Copy Paper (After Rebate)

5:32 AM MST
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WooHoo! Once again, the Staples HammerMill Copy Paper deal I posted in the Staples Back to School Deals post is now even sweeter! You see, Staples just released a new $2/1 HammerMill Copy Plus Copy Paper store coupon, which will make for FREE copy paper! Check it out…

Hammermill 8.5″ x 11″ Copy Plus Copy Paper, 500 sheets $6.99
Use the new $2/1 Staples store coupon found here
Pay $4.99
Submit for the $4.99 easy rebate (limit 2 per customer)
Final cost FREE!

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  • Karen says:

    We can always use free paper, thanks!

  • Anne says:

    If you did this deal last week when it was available, can you do it again? Is the rebate different because it’s a new week? Or is it the same one and the limit of two would have already been met? Thanks!!!

  • Tina says:

    Anne- difft rebate! :)

  • Jen says:

    So can I print out 2 of the coupons and use them in the same transaction? And then submit for 2 of the rebates?

    • Kate Rose says:

      Make sure you hand them two coupons. The girl told me I only needed one but when I got home it only took off $2 off 1. I guess she doesn’t understand the importance of coupons ans saving money. When u go online and submit easy rebate it will do for both. Buy them in same transaction unless coupon says 1 per transaction which I didn’t notice.

    • Kirsten Klein says:

      You only need to have one coupon and they will scan it twice.

  • Nicole says:

    How do easy rebates work?

  • Liz says:

    What if i already bought the paper yest without using the coupon…and i already submitted the rebate…is there anyway i can undo this??:(

    • Michelle says:

      I’m not sure if it would work, but I know returning the paper would cancel the rebate. Then maybe you could check out again with the coupon. I would ask someone at Staples first though.

      • britney says:

        I had an issue similar to those above where I purchased two reams of paper and gave then one coupon, but it only took $2 off one ream. I went back the next day and they gave me $2 cash back since the coupon didn’t work on the one ream. I’m assuming that you could go in with your receipt and the coupon and see if they can give you cash back for the amount of the coupon. Many stores will take a coupon a few days after you purchase an item and give you cash back, as long as you have your receipt. I am thankful for this, as I often forget my coupons or didnt realize I had one until after I purchase something. Good luck!

  • Jen P says:

    How long till you get the rebate money back for these Staples deals?

    • Michelle says:

      They mail the check 1 month after your purchase date. That way sneaky people couldn’t get the rebate AND return the product.

  • erikam01 says:

    I get rebates from the toner I turn in at the store, but have never done an easy rebate. Do we need any kind of forms for this, or do we just use our receipt? Want to have all the info before I print the coupons. Thanks.

    • fran says:

      You just need your receipt.

    • dd says:

      The toners you turned in you get back as store coupon. Easy rebates you will get a check type to take to your bank. you do it online for free, they do give you a rebate form to fill out but thay way you have to spend money on stamp. All the info are on the receipt. this week they have something for really cheap when you spend $5, so I’m planning to buy 2 reams but separate transactions that way I’ll get more of the cheap stuff and still get free papers.

    • marlene says:

      It is very easy i submitted my rebate online and 1 month later i recieved a check in the mail ive never done office max but i think they load theres on there rewards card but i rather get my money back in a check.

  • Vanessa says:

    Hi Everyone! I am new to easy rebates. The coupon says limit 2 per customer. So if my husband buys 2 and I buy 2 can we submit for 4 easy rebates? I know the last deal was limit 2 per household. Looking forward to hearing from you guys:) Thanks!

  • Deb says:

    I purchased the deal last week and was going to do it again on Sunday but the cashier told me that this is considered the same deal and I wouldn’t get a easy rebate back. she said the promotion had to end completely and then if they started it a month later that is considered a new promotion not each week. Is this true?

  • redhairedchick says:

    Just keep in mind fellow couponers to only use copy paper with a copy machine. If you’re in need of paper for an inkjet printer, get inkjet paper. It’ll cost more, but because it’s thicker paper it will use less ink. (And as we all know ink is the expensive stuff!)

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