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New Video: Mailbox Freebies Make My Day (Plus, Share Your Latest Freebies in the Comments!)

3:26 PM MST
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Today’s video gives you a peek at the great samples, freebies and coupons that have arrived in my mailbox over the last 2 weeks or so. Besides just bragging about my goodies (no, that is really not my intention although samples sure to do make me happy!), I wanted to share with you some tips and suggestions….

* If you can’t see the video, go here to watch it.

Tips for Requesting Samples and Freebies

* For all the current samples and freebies, check out regularly (even as much as every hour as popular samples expire quickly!). If you’re worried about missing out on freebies that are extremely limited, consider signing up for Hip2Save’s HOT Text Offers. If you want to quickly access only posts about freebies, click on the freebies category. Also, consider following Hip2Save on Facebook and Twitter.

* Only request samples that you can use, donate or gift. If you don’t have a dog, you don’t have friends with dogs and you have no intention of making a donation to an animal shelter, then DON’T request a free dog food sample. All it will do is sit on your counter, take up space and collect dust.

* Sign up for company newsletters as you’ll often be the first to learn about special freebies, coupons etc. Consider creating a separate email account especially for these newsletters… that way your personal email address doesn’t get clogged. As an example, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Live Better America all reward their members with member-only samples monthly (like free soup, cereal, granola bars and more!).

* Follow your favorite companies on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. for access to great offers. If your worried about privacy issues with Facebook, check out these articles for some great tips: 5 Must-Know Critical Facebook Privacy Tips and Top 5 Facebook Privacy Tips.

* Sign up for free rewards programs like Coke Rewards, Recyclebank, Huggies Rewards, and Disney Rewards to earn free product coupons and more.

* Trust your instinct! If you start to fill out a free sample form and something just doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

Now it’s YOUR turn to do some freebie bragging! I’d love to hear what freebies you’ve received in the mail recently! Please tell so that we can share in the excitement with ya! :D

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  • Mel says:

    I got a LOT of good stuff recently! Target samples: 3 pack of starbucks k-cups, 4oz biotrue contact solution, and woolite. Tom’s of ME deodorant, babyspa 2 pack lotions, U by kotex kit, clear 2in1 for men, garnier sleek & shine, taylor swift fragrance, and free herbal essences coupon. All of the samples came with coupons! (Except taylor swift fragrance) thank you so much for your time collin!

  • nl says:

    got a lot of great freebies lately. starbucks, woolite. wonder if we’ll get the purina wins from that pureloveofpets contest. i swear i don’t remember ever giving my address and i got no emails even though i won a few times. thanks for all you do collin!

  • Julie's Stlavonlady says:

    Good tips on signing up for freebies. I think my favorite freebie in the past couple weeks has been the Hopper. lol My daughter loved him so much.

    Thanks Collin!!

  • Catalina Guerra says:

    I recieved a Keurig brew over ice tumbler today :)

  • says:

    We got Dish “Hopper” way bigger than i thought. Evologie E system Blemish serum and Stay clear cream $15 value, works great. Taylor Swift sample, Garnier sample and Rachael Ray dog food. I get stuff just about everyday.

  • Nikki Kett says:

    We got Dish “Hopper” way bigger than i thought. Evologie E system Blemish serum and Stay clear cream $15 value, works great. Taylor Swift sample, Garnier sample and Rachael Ray dog food. I get stuff just about everyday.

  • Crystal says:

    Collin, My daughter who is 5 years old watches your videos with me. She goes into our closet and pulls out my husbands clothes and starts talking. She talks about how she got clothes with her coupons and a for “free.” It is just too cute not to share with you. We love your videos in this house.

  • 1ferfun says:

    Thanks for all the tips, I have never gotten as many freebies before! Recent mailbox freebies include 2 diapers, drinks related to a survey, target beauty bag, adult and child pair of scissors for the classroom, detergent cleaner for my dishwasher, detergent for the washing machine, and the most amazing was the full size bottle of Philosophy Living Grace, it is a divine scent! Thanks Colin!!!

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