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Disney Movie Rewards: 50 Point Bonus Code Offer

8:35 PM MST
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Yay! Another bonus code offer!

If you have a Disney Movie on hand or are planning to purchase one soon, then you’ll want to make sure to enter the following code M1D172CKD85S in your Disney Movie Rewards account NOW (before entering the code found on the Disney movie). By entering this code first, you’ll score 50 bonus points on top of what you’ll earn from the movie purchase! Keep in mind that you can enter a code from any eligible Disney DVD, Blu-Ray, or CD.

*Offer expires on 9/15.

(Thanks, Ashley!)

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  • Brooke Morningstar says:

    does anyone have a code they would like to share ;) email me at thanks have an awesome day all!!

  • Nicole says:

    AWESOME! I just checked the fridge for a reward code (we keep the inserts there until extra deals like this come up). Best part: I had a code from Lady & The Tramp Diamond Edition that we scored cheap last Valentine’s Day. That DVD is eligible for a FREE movie pass to see Finding Nemo 3D in theaters!!! Got 125 points for movie + 50 extra points bonus + a free ticket!!! YAY!!!

  • MOMO says:

    There is an email from Disneyregarding members only update with 10 points . Try this code to see 31C3J1TT28R if it adds 10 points to your account.

  • Jessica says:

    I received a Disney movie program letter. My husband and I have been thinking about it. (first five movies for .99 a piece and then you have to buy four more in two years) However, I wonder if you join the program, do the dvd’s still have the codes? The same as they would if you bought them in the store? That if anyone is part of the program – is it worth it?

    • Michelle says:

      Yes, the movies still have the codes. It’s a great way to earn some reward points, plus score some great movies at an awesome price!!! =)

  • Richard says:

    I recently joined the Disney Movie club and received 5 blue ray’s for 1 dollar — and purchased a few others at a deep discount. Turns out that 6 of the movies carried the free Nemo movie pass – so…6 free tickets!

  • kelly says:

    I have a extra Tangled code if anyone wants to trade. I found it in my nightstand and when I entered the code it said I already had valided the movie but I don’t see that I have used the code before. Email me at if you want to try it but I would like to get a code too.

  • amy says:

    does anyone have the link for Septembers bonus code? it comes in an email but for some reason I was not sent one…

  • elizabeth says:

    ya kitty will get u 5 points and dont be afraid it got me 300 points

  • Tayner says:

    I have multiple extra codes for trade! Email me and we might be able to work out a deal!

  • Ashley says:

    @kelly I have the ratatouille code -lets just post here. 49K77MWX7KW9
    now yours….

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