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Walgreens: Get 5,000 Additional Balance Rewards Points With a $30 Purchase (9/25-9/26)

10:18 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Tomorrow 9/25 and 9/26, Walgreens is offering up an additional 5,000 Balance Rewards Points when you spend $30 on almost anything in the store (exclusions do apply – read the fine print at the bottom of this post)! This is equal to $5 in rewards, and the $30 total is calculated before manufacture’s coupons! Yay!

If you are still confused about the new Walgreens Balance Rewards Program, make sure to head on over here to read all about it.

As an idea, you could do this…

*Buy 2 Scope Outlast Dual Blast Mouthwash 25.4 oz 2/$6
Use 2 $1.50/1 Scope Product coupons found in the 8/26 PG
Pay $3
Get back a $3 RR
Final cost – 2 FREE Scope Mouthwash products!
Plus you’ll have $6 toward the $30 Balance Rewards Deal

*Buy Oral-B 75 pk Glide Floss Picks $3.49 – look for packs that include coupons & samples!
Use the $0.50/1 Oral-B Glide Floss or Glide Picks coupons found in the 8/26 PG
Pay $2.99
Get back a $2.50 RR
Final cost only $0.49!
Plus, you’ll have $3.49 toward the Balance Rewards Deal (Total is now $9.49)

*Buy Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor System $9.99
Use the $4/1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor coupon found in the 8/12 RP
Pay $5.99
Get back a $4 RR
Final cost only $1.99!
Plus, you’ll have $9.99 toward the Balance Rewards Deal (Total is now $19.48)

*Buy FRS Energy Shots 2-pack, 2 oz each $3.99 = $3.99 RR
Final cost FREE!
Plus, you’ll have $3.99 toward the Balance Rewards Deal (Total is now $23.47)

*Buy 2 bags of Kettle brand Chips 8.5 oz $1.99 each
Total = $3.98
Use the $1/2 coupon found here
Final cost only $1.49 per bag!
Plus, you’ll have $3.98 toward the Balance Rewards Deal (Total is now $27.45)

*Buy 2 bags of Popcorn, Indiana 7.5 to 10.5 oz $1.99 (reg. $4.29!)
Total = $3.98
Use the $1.50/2 Popcorn, Indiana Popcorn or Chipins coupon found in the 8/5 SS
Or use the $0.55/1 Popcorn, Indiana coupon found here
Final cost as low as $1.24 per bag!
Plus, you’ll have $3.98 toward the Balance Rewards Deal (Total is now $31.43)

Grand Total = $31.43
After coupons, you will pay $21.43 for everything
Plus, you’ll get back $13.49 in Register Rewards
And get 5,000 Balance Rewards Points for spending $30, which = a $5 reward
Like snagging all 9 items for $2.94 – which makes each item only $0.33! :)

Considering you are getting Mouthwashes, a razor, bags of chips and popcorn (+ more!) this seems like one HOT deal! Be sure to come back to let us know what other scenarios you cook up!

* Balance Rewards point offer good 09/25/2012 thru 09/26/2012 except when otherwise noted. Points will not be earned in a transaction where Redemption Dollars or Store Credit is used. Point Promotions will not apply to and Points cannot be earned on purchases of: alcohol; dairy; tobacco; stamps; phone/prepaid cards; money orders/transfers; transportation passes; lottery tickets; charitable donations; pseudoephedrine or ephedrine product; prescriptions, health tests, contact lenses, or certain items that are excluded in particular Point Promotions, and any other items specified as exclusions by the Company from time to time or where prohibited by law. See Balance Rewards terms and conditions for full details.

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  • j says:

    Can you get mpre then one of these deals like do 2 seprrate transaction s pf same thing

  • Jane says:

    This will have to be done all in one transaction?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

      No, you don’t have to do this all in one transaction… to lower your out of pocket expense, you could buy just a couple of the RR items, then Roll those Register Rewards onto your next purchase so that you aren’t paying so much out of pocket when all is said and done.

  • Blinky says:

    Will the nasal air filter one work for this?

  • Suzy says:

    Very creative! :D This is worth the long trip to Walgreens for me. Thanks for mapping it out, Collin.

  • Barb says:

    I hope all the items are there. My Walgreens is popular.

  • robin roberts says:

    you can roll your RR to pay for the next transaction— per the policy you can use RR to pay for an item that has balance rewards and still get the points.. you just cant use points and still recieve points.. same basically as the RR program… would lower your oop alot

    • Stephanie says:

      I think by redemption dollars they mean RR and by store credit they mean Balance rewards…..I wouldn’t risk it…

      • mel says:

        Robin is right. I used RR to pay for balance reward items and received the rewards. I just haven’t cashed out points towards any RR items. Store credit is when you return something w/out a receipt. Redemption Dollars are the Balance Rewards.

  • Denise says:

    Hi Collin, I bought the Kettle chips yesterday and didn’t get any balance rewards for the purchase, so I’m not sure this would work. Actually, I’m getting no balance rewards for a lot of my purchases at Wags since most of what I buy there I get register rewards for. I’m finding it very confusing! May have to stick with CVS, my favorite!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

      Hi Denise,

      Kettle Chips are actually not part of a Balance Rewards deal this week, however, you can buy them to help reach the $30 amount in order to get the 5,000 Bonus Balance Rewards. I hope that makes sense! :)

    • andria says:

      when balance rewards first started, my points didnt show up either, i called and they said wait a week, well sure enough about 7 days later they popped up! id keep checking your account online. and if still nothing after 7 days you can call and get you “missing points” just hang on to that receipt!

      • mel says:

        I think the bonus items credit right away, its the non-bonus items that take a while to show up cause they deduct the coupon value and you only get points on your OOP. At least that what it looks like when I shopped last week and this week according to my receipt.

  • Rebeca says:

    According to the fine print, can I pay with a Walgreens card I got for a rebate or thats considered store credit?

  • AndeH says:

    Can you use Register Rewards to pay for one of these transactions? I have some expiring and need to use them. Would using them cancel out the Bonus Rewards? If someone has tried this, please let me know. Thanks!

    • Yoko says:

      robin says in above comment:

      “you can roll your RR to pay for the next transaction— per the policy you can use RR to pay for an item that has balance rewards and still get the points.. you just cant use points and still recieve points.. same basically as the RR program… would lower your oop alot”

  • Sarah says:

    I was planning to pick up some diapers, will that count toward the $30? I didn’t see that listed in the exclusions. Thanks!

  • Jamie Isaacs Bogan says:

    Can we do this more than once? If we were to spend $60, would we get 10,000 points?

  • couponmama59 says:

    Would the enfagrow buy one for $6.49 get one free work for this deal? If yes do you have a total of $6.99 spent or $12.98? This site helps so much-thanks all!!

  • Laney says:

    Hi Collin, Did you say for sure its a running total for this $30 spent over today and tomorrow ? I asked today at my Walgreens and the guy said it has to be one transaction – Now we all know sometimes the clerks don’t know the fine details, but I can’t find it anywhere in print that says whether its one transaction or a running tally…

  • Kate says:

    It looks like the Kettle Chips Q is gone. I tried 3X and couldn’t find it :(

  • Laura says:

    If you printed the $1/1 Shout coupon posted about a few days ago (I was able to get 2!!)… I bought the shout at 2/$6, used a $1/2 in store coupon from the September booklet, 2 $1/1 coupons and scored 2 bottles of Shout for $3 or $1.50 each! Counts as $6 towards the $30.

  • squarejellybean says:

    I just called 1800 walgreens and they said it has to be 1 transaction and she said coupons would lower the total. So I’m gonna just go do one transaction and still use my coupons and just go for it lol

    • Laney says:

      Let us know how it goes! Good luck, I got my list and coupons ready….

      • Tina says:

        It Worked!!!! I did ONE transaction total was 33.46 before coupons then I used $4RR, $4RR i had then all my coupons = paid 12.96 plus 1.47 CA tax and got 9RR, 2,50RR plus the 5000 points…… Heres what i bought
        Air allergy nasl filters 9.00 got $9.00 RR
        enfrow milk 6.49 bogo free minus $3 Q + $3 Q
        2 scrub bubbles cleaner 2/$6 minus .50, .50 wags q, $2/2 Q
        crest vivid radiant paste $3.49 – .50 got $2.50 RR
        hillshire farms grilled chicken breast 2.99 – .50 – 1.00Q
        2 brach mallow pumpkin candies 2/$3 – 1.50Q
        2 arizona drinks 2/$1.00 filler
        lemonhead candy 1.39 filler So I paid $14.43 got $11.50 RR + $5 in
        points (5000 pts )
        good luck everyone :)

  • Jennifer says:

    I saw a comment on by Walgreen’s on their facebook wall that said the $30 had to be spent in one transaction.

  • Sarah says:

    Went to Walgreens today – asked the manager about spending $60 to get 10,000 points. He said you will only get the 5,000 points one time. My total was over $30 anyway after coupon so wasn’t able to test whether it gives you the 5,000 points before or after coupons.

  • Perez says:

    On the Walgreens Facebook page in the comment section they state it has to be within one transaction….

  • blisters62 says:

    I just returned from 5 transactions at Walgreen’s. I spent over $57 and never got the 5,000 bonus rewards. I called their customer service line and I was told by the rep that you can’t use coupons or register rewards towards your $30. It has to be “cash” out of your pocket to get the points!!

  • blisters62 says:

    Did 5 transaction for a total of $57. Didn’t get the points. I called the customer service and she said that my RR and coupons that I used would not allow me to qualify for the points. She didn’t say anything about it having to be in 1 transaction. Wish I had seen all of the posts prior to my shopping trip about all having to be in 1 transaction…now I’ve used up my coupons:)

  • Paty says:

    The Indiana popcorn bags were not on sale at my Walgreens. Is that an unadvertised sale? I did not have time to do a price check so I was wondering.

  • Samantha says:

    What about deals that already earn Balance Rewards such as the One a Day Vitamin deal? If I purchase the One a Day vitamins as part of my $30 will I get the Bonus Balance Rewards and also the advertised rewards for the One a Days? :-)

  • Guest says:

    I thought prescriptions counted toward reward points. I bought 2 yesterday but no points?

  • shirl says:

    A little confused…,If this had to be done in 1 transaction and the raazor, floss, and mouthwash are all P&G how did you get 3 RR’s to print if not done separately?

  • Claudia says:

    the coupon for the popcorn indiana says reedemable at walmart, can you still use it at walgreens?

  • AJ says:

    My total today was over $30, then I used coupons and the total went down to $17 and I didn’t get my points. The manager said it’s the total AFTER coupons that counts. I called Walgreens customer service and they said the same thing. Thankfully the manager was really nice and let me do the whole thing over again and add a few more items to make the total more than $30 after all the coupons.

    • mel says:

      How odd!! I just came from Wags doing this promo and received the bonus ??

      $3.00/2 Brachs
      $1.99 Popcorn Indiana
      $4.00/2 Ghirardelli Bars
      $3.99 Playtex
      $6.00/2 Scope
      $12.00/3 Axe Body Sprays
      subtotal $30.89
      Used $1.50/2 Brachs IP, .55 Popcorn Indiana IP, 2 $1/1 Ghirardelli insert q’s, 2 $1.50/1 Scope insert q’s, $1/1 Playtex home mailer and $4 in RRs.
      Paid $21.16 with tax and my receipt says
      Rewards Bonus Earned 5000

      then under the balance rewards summary says I earned 6000 pts this visit.

  • jenn says:

    Does anyone know on the scope deal are you able to purchase 2 scope and toothpaste with the same rr and get 2 rr’s back? or do i have to purchase them seperately. I usually do this as a precaution but I have a friend who doesn’t want to do so many transactions is there a way around this or no?

  • shirl says:

    Here’s the deal I did today
    1 Smart Health Heart rate monitor watch $24.99 (online price- price adjusted at store) Used $20 IVS September booklet – $4.99 total

    2 scope mouth wash $6.00- used (2) $1.50/1 MQ
    1 Proglide razor – $9.99 – Used (1) $5.00/1 MQ
    1 Mach 3 Razor $11.99 – used MQ for a Free up to $11.99 when you buy any Gillette razor system)
    2 nature made vit D- b1g1 50%- $4.99 + 2.49 (3,000 BP)
    Total Before coupons – $60.45
    After coupons – $13.46
    Plus received 1 $4 RR, 1 $3RR, and 8,000 Bonus points.
    If you subtract the rewards and points total – $1.46 (Plus tax of course ;) )

    That’s around .14 cents per item!

  • Deal HUnter says:

    I went to walgreens and noticed they had on clearence the Olay Pro X cream cleanser from $18.99 to $4.74 this is the deal I did.

    3 Olay Pro-X Cream Clenser $14.22
    2 Olay Fomaing Face Wash BOGO %50 off $7.48
    1 Olay Pore Minimizing Cleanser $7.99
    2 Herseys Chocolate Bars $ 1.18
    Total $ 30.87 + 2.08 tax

    Used Coupons
    (3) Buy one olay pro x, get one olay facial cleanser free(P&G 8/26)
    (3) $1 off one olay facial moisturizer or facial cleanser (P&G 8/26)
    (2) Register Rewards $4 and $3

    $30.87 – 27.97 = $2,90 + got the 5000 reward points

    The first 3 coupons took out the full amount of $5.99 ea

  • debra says:

    The rewards program is very new please, get the right answer the first time call the customer srrvice numberon the back of the card.

  • dalia says:


  • Betty Covarrubias says:

    Like Walgreens

  • ray cox says:

    received a slip yesterday to get 5000 points for pharmacy registration. does not appear on my log in

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