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Kmart: Purex Laundry Soap and Sparkle Paper Towel 8pk As Low As $1 Each (Through 9/29)

10:41 PM MST
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Wow! If you’re a Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards Member, here’s a sweet deal you can score through tomorrow, 9/29. You can get $5 back when you spend $20 on select brands, or get a $10 coupon when you spend $30 on select brands (as shown above). Even better, there are smaller sizes included in the sale and coupons to match. Check out the sweet deal you can score on Purex Detergent and Sparkle Paper Towels…

Buy 7 Purex 72-oz. Liquid Detergent Bottles $3 each
Buy 2 Sparkle Paper Towels 8-roll Packs $5 each
Total = $31
Use 4 $1.50/1 Purex Coupons found here -use zip 83702 (you will need 2 computers to print 4)
Plus, use the $1/1 Purex coupon found in the October Issue of All You Magazine
Plus, use 2 $1/1 Sparkle Paper Towels Coupons found here 
Pay $22
Get back a $10 Catalina Coupon to use on your next order
Final cost only $12 total – just $1.33 per item!

*If you are a Shop Your Way Rewards Member and spend more than $25 on grocery, health, and beauty items you can double up to 5 coupons valued at $1 or less. In this case, 3 of the $1 off coupons would double, making your final total just $9 for all 9 items – just $1 each!

Also, if you are a Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards Member, be sure to check your email for a coupon valid for 30% off your entire toy purchase, valid tomorrow 9/29 and 9/30 only. Keep in mind that the fine print states you cannot combine it with any other coupon for the same item, but it will still make for some good deals, especially on toys that hardly ever go on sale! AND the coupon is valid on clearance items as well. Love that! :)

(Thanks, Mindy!)

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  • Makayla says:

    I just bought the Leappad2 last week. I wonder if electronic counts, because usually they are excluded. Last week it wouldnt give me the 5 off on it. :( If it is definitely exchanging.

    • Makayla says:

      I didnt get the coupon and I am a member and shop there every week.. :( Was this emailed today? I did receive a mailed document that included three money off coupons for items but when you put them on layaway.

  • Rae says:

    How do you change the zip code on

  • Tina says:

    I didnt see this in my ad, ( the $5 or $10 coupon) I wonder if its good here in central CA No coupons printed for me after I purchased the glade products last sale, but I emailed kmart and and they are giving me a 10giftcard and $2 cats………….

    • mindy says:

      it’s in the monthly ad (not the weekly ad)

      • squarejellybean says:

        It worked yay I bought 7 purex ( i was running low) and 2 sparkle, 2 glade expression refills = 34.49 minus (4) x 1.50 purex Q’s, (2) x 1.00 sparkle Q’s doubled, (1) 1.00 glade refill Q doubled = 22.49 minus $3 rewards + $5GC from last glade deal= paid $14.49 plus CA tax got back $10 off next purchase of $10kmart Q ……. So it was like paying 4.49 for 11 items …. awesome thanks :)

  • Delia says:

    I received an email a few days ago from Kmart that I have $5 in points to use until 9-30 along with what Ive earned which is only .66. But it’s $5.66 and that aint pocket change. Ive been thinking how I wanted to maximize my savings for my Saturday shopping trip. Thanks for the idea.

    • Tina says:

      I keep getting these $5 and $3 with restrictions but the cashier told me I could use them on anything and it worked so I bought the laundry detergent + paper towels

    • Leslie says:

      The $5 in points can only be used on Home merchandise…At least, that’s what mine were this time and the last time they sent it.

  • mindy says:

    you can also get $1 purex coupon from Instead of getting the sample send to you, you can opt for printing $1 coupon of the liquid detergent. You can use 3 $1 purex coupons and 4 $1.5 purex at and 2 $1 sparkles and pay $15 + tax and get $10 off coupon on $10 purchase. So you only pay $5 in the end.

    I did this transaction twice at different stores and they printed the coupon. Don’t select e-receipt (it will send you the coupon via email but i couldn’t print the $10 coupon with the bar code).

  • Laura says:

    Does anyone know if the $10 coupon will roll?

  • Rose says:

    I did this deal twice this week (Tues& Fri) but I did 4 Sparkle, 3 Purex, & 1Soft scrub =31.50
    -10 (doubled 5 q’s sparkle & 1 SS q) -4.50 (purex) = 17.00 I got$10 off health, beauty, & grocery plus 5000 bonus reward on my card!! Don’t forget to grab your free dog treats coupon located by front door in the monthly reward ad.

  • LJ says:

    There was a printable coupon on with the Kmart logo for $1.50 off and sinc they were already on sale for $3 I got a few for $1.50 and did not have to worry about the catalina offer for later.

  • tiffany says:

    My kmart told me they do not double 1 coupons. That it had to be 99 cents or less?????

  • Makayla says:

    Is this coupon specific to member number or not? I would really appreciate if someone is not shopping this weekend to pass it onto me. Thanks.

  • Paulina says:

    If we’re buying 7 purex detergents, why are we only printing 4 coupons? I have 2 computers plus the ipad, can’t I print from there and use them all 6?

    • Tammy says:

      “limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip”, the fine print on coupon that’s why you can only use 4 instead of 7. Hope this help

    • Jen says:

      I was wondering the same thing, why only 4 coupons if buying 7? I’m not a regular Kmart shopper but saw this deal and need detergent and paper towels. I plan to do this deal in a couple of hours and was curious how did everyone do it. Do you give coupons before your shop rewards card or vice versa or does it matter?

  • mindy says:

    max 4 like coupons. So you can use 4 $1 purex coupons or 4 $1.5 purex coupons or any combination to give the cheapest out of pocket cost. They only double the first 5 $1 coupon for reward member if your total before tax is at least $25.

  • Heather says:

    I need to tell what happened to me today to someone who can relate! I did receive the 30% off toys coupon, and spent a LONG time looking to see if there was anything that would actually get used in our house. I found 2 and took them to check out. My 30% coupon wouldn’t scan, and so the cashier called customer service over. They hadn’t seen the coupon, and didn’t know how to handle it. She voided my two toy items and told me she would have to price adjust each one, which was fine with me . . . UNTIL she said she’d do 15% off each one since the coupon was for 30% off you total toy purchase. I kindly explained that her way would only be 15% off of my total purchase, but she insisted that because there were 2 toys, 15% off each one would make a total of 30% off. I left with no toys. Sigh. My 3 year old would have really loved the Cookie Monster Play-Doh set that I had found for Christmas.

    • Heather says:

      Ahhh, patience pays off. I went back today and talked to someone different at customer service, and he promised to find a way to make the discount work. Today, however, all of the clearance toys were an additional 50% off. The 30% was taken off of the half off clearance prices. What a wonderful deal, and I was able to get it all because my attempt yesterday didn’t work out. Persevere, fellow couponers, and smile through it!

  • Heather says:

    I was able to use this toy coupon on top of 50% off toy clearance that started today at my store. Amazing deals!

    • Ashlee says:

      Me too! I usually don’t shop on Sunday but 80% off was too good to pass on! Coupon scanned with no problems and my Kmart had a Ton of toys on Clearance.

  • Amber says:

    I bought 4 Sparkle paper towels at $5 each, 4 Renuzit fresh accents at $2.19 each, and 1 Dial hand soap for $1.59. Total before coupons: $30.35. After Coupons: $14.35 and I received the $10 Catalina so actually I paid on $4.35+tax! I had 8 $1 coupons that all doubled! There’s a coupon on Facebook for $1/1 Renuzit fresh accents if that helps anyone get the deal I got. I got the Sparkle coupons from a SmartSource Coupon Machine® at another store.

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