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Home Depot: Earn $5, $10, and $15 Coupons For the Lawn & Garden Department (Still Available)

8:43 AM MST
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Just a reminder that you still have a chance to snag these *HOT* Home Depot Coupons!

NOTE: Before going into details on this offer, I just want to mention that this game will take quite a bit of your time in order to snag the high value coupons (as much as an hour or so!), so keep that in mind before playing…

For a limited time, you can head on over to the Home Depot Facebook page and click on the Zombie Mulch tab to play a game in which you can earn coupons for $5 off a $5.01 purchase, $10 off a $10.01 purchase, and $15 off a $15.01 purchase from the Home Depot Lawn and Garden Department (valid thru 12/31/12)! To snag the coupons, you will need to hit zombies with the truck (use the arrows to move it up and down) and make them into mulch. If you make enough, you will receive the coupons. I personally did not have enough patience to actually snag a coupon, but I hope that some of you do! Good luck!

Also, check out a few of the helpful comments and tips that readers left when I previously posted about this offer…

I asked the service desk today while I was looking around, what is all considered lawn and garden. They said anything that was from paint back to the lawn in garden area. In my store..this included…Christmas items, cleaning supplies (laundry too), grills and such. I got a 100 ft hose that was marked down to $8 and a hose attachement for 7.97. I paid $1.04 after tax. I LOVE THIS GAME!!

I was able to get 5 Medium Sized pumpkins :) they were around 18lbs each for 5.98!! Wouldn’t have been able to afford to carve this year without those… Thank you Collin

I went to home depot today and the cleaning section in our store was considered garden. I bought toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc and used the coupons. Plus keep in mind that they take manufacturer coupons as well :-)

Things I have bought: Windex, Gain Dryer Sheets, Trash Bags, Dawn Detergent ScotchBrite Sponges, Orchids, Pumpkins, Potting Soil, Pots…

(Thanks for the reminder, Andrea!)

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  • sara says:

    Got em! Took me only about 35-40 minutes to get all three and I paused the game a couple of times. Helps if you only hit zombies head-on and def. sign up for the garden club and e-mails. Not sure what I’m going to get, but it will take care of a couple of Christmas presents I’m sure!

  • hershey says:

    My husband and I both did this on our facebook accounts, so far we got:

    15$/$15.01 : swiffer wet jet cleaner pads (~6.50$), Tide laundry detergent (12$ – 1 $ off mnf coup).
    10$/$10.01: Glade carpet odor eliminator $2.15 (-0.50$ mnf coup), two bounty paper towels extra big 3.60$ each (-1$ off two mnf coup), sponges (2.50$)

    15$/$15.01: random assortment of christmas lights + an extension cord
    10$/$10.01: Angel soft toilet paper 8.97$, two glade scented sprays (1.29 each – two 1$ off 1 mnf coup)
    5$/$5.01: two pledge multisurface cleaners 4.90 each (+BOGOFREE mnf coup)

  • Kim says:

    Went to Home Depot today and had no problem using all 3 of my coupons, separate transactions. Here is a list of what I got for $5.50 OOP!

    2 large pumpkins
    new inside broom
    push broom for garage
    Trash can for recyclables

    It was a great trip! Thanks!

  • shoua y says:

    i don’t see it any more….on their fb page :-( is it over already?

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