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  View changes → *HOT* Lots of New High Value & Rare Kraft Product Coupons + More

5:54 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Wowie! There are quite a few *HOT* new coupons for Kraft products, Capri Sun (& more!) currently available on! I am not sure how long these coupons will last, so I would get to printin’! Here are the highlights (each link below should directly take you to the coupon)…

* $1/1 Any Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner Cup or Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner Cup 4 packs

* $1/1 Any Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing (30 oz. or larger)

* $1/2 Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner
(Note that the Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinners are part of the Mega Event this week at Kroger; they are on sale for $1.49 each when you buy 10 participating products so just $0.99 each after the coupon!)

* $1/1 Velveeta 32 oz. or larger

* $1/2 Capri-Sun Product or Kool-Aid Jammers (10-pack)
(The Kool-Aid Jammers are priced around $1.88 at Walmart so just $1.38 each after the coupon!)

* $1/2 Lunchables Lunch Combinations

* $1/2 Oscar Mayer Pork Bacon 12 oz. or larger

* $1/2 Kraft Natural Cheese Chunks 8 oz. or larger

* $1/2 Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese

* $1/1 Any Maxwell House Coffee (28 – 30.6 oz.)

* $1/2 MiO Liquid Water Enhancers

* $1/2 Kraft Cool Whip Whipped Toppings 8 oz. or larger

* $0.50/2 Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows

* $0.50/1 Baker’s Chocolate

* $1/2 Jell-O Pudding or Gelatin Snacks 4pk

* $1/2 Kraft Dressings 16 oz

* $1/2 Kraft Stove Top Stuffing Mix

+ More!

These are super high value and pretty rare coupons, so I would hurry to print!!

(Thanks, Raking in the Savings, I Heart the Mart, and My Litter!)

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  • Amanda M says:

    If anybody is willing to print some of these for me I would greatly appreciate it, I am without power and lost 200 plus in groceries I may have some coupons to trade. Email is

  • Emily says:

    What zip????

  • Lolita says:

    Ohh the Baker’s Chocolate.. perfect timing for anyone who wants to make those Butterfinger-like bars!

  • christina says:

    Can someone tell me if the Wal-mart logo prints on these coupons? My grocery store won’t accept them with the logo, even though they do say ‘manufacturer’s coupon’ :(

  • Willa says:

    Thank you so much for these coupon links! Many of these coupons are for things that are refrigerated. I was just hit by Hurricane Sandy (in New Jersey) and lost everything in fridge. I need to stock up once again and these coupons will definitely help. Coupons like these are truly appreciated. Thank you again!

  • Casey says:

    Thanks! Very handy with Thanksgiving coming up!

  • Karen says:

    For those of you that lost all of your refrigerated goods from Sandy check with your insurance and loss of use coverage. We lost all of our food when Hurricane Katrina hit and our insurance gave us a check (I believe for $200) for our refrigerated items. With some of you that had minimal home damage this might be something you would not think of. I know we didn’t and If it weren’t for a neighbor that told us about it we would have never thought to call. I hope this information helps! God Bless!

    • Willa says:

      Wow… thank you so much for that information! I had no idea that I could be even allowed to ask my insurance for that sort of thing. I just thought since I was one of the lucky ones that does not have severe home damage that I don’t get any other sort of assistance. Right now we are surviving on dry goods from our pantry as the local supermarket is running on generator. Also, the gas lines are too long/most gas stations are closed, so I am choosing not to drive so I can conserve gas in my car as long as possible.

      I apologize for sharing my sob story as I know others were impacted much more then myself. Heather, you mentioned sending me more coupons. That would be EXTREMELY APPRECIATED! My email is and we can talk from there. Thank you all for your support during this time. It is truly appreciated.

      • Amanda M says:

        Could not agree with you more Willa I feel lucky that all I lost were my groceries, my girls got colds from not having heat but we were able to go to my inlaws since they have a generator, it is crazy how much damage sandy caused and most supermarkets are totally wiped out around me as we’ll. good luck to you!

  • Christa says:

    I’m not seeing the Capri Sun Q? Anyone having luck with a certain zip code?

  • robyn says:

    Just an FYI. Kroger’s has the Jet Puff marshmallows as part of their buy 10 deals–makes them .19 each. Sorry if this has already been posted!

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