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Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor $2.97 Shipped

2:12 PM MST
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Update: Darn! It looks like this is only available as an add-on item with orders of $25, even if you are a Prime member :(.

Wow! Here’s a great razor deal that you can score from the comfort of your own home! Just hop on over to Amazon where you can snag this Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual razor for only $2.97 after you scroll down and clip the $4/1 coupon! Plus, FREE shipping on $25 or more with Super Saver Shipping or FREE shipping (no minimum!) with Amazon Prime. Not too shabby for not having to leave your house.

This probably won’t last long… so hurry!

(Thanks, Khloe!)

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  • Emily says:

    You have to buy it along with something else…I don’t need anything right now. :(

  • Sarah says:

    Add-on Items ship with orders that contain $25 of items shipped by Amazon. Your Cart currently contains $6.97 of items shipped by Amazon

  • anastacia says:

    this is an add on item? you have to spend $25 total?

  • Mallory says:

    Yea you can’t purchase by itself… boo. Wish I had something else to buy currently.

  • Mary says:

    Shoot, it’s an “add-on” item, where you have to have $25 before they’ll ship it. I have Amazon Prime, and that doesn’t make a difference either.

  • Nikki says:

    Free with Prime but I wouldn’t even grab it for that price.
    We just got a bunch of these absolutely free @ Target-plus $5. gc’s to boot! :)

    • DrLadybug says:

      Sorry, but it sounds like you mis-used coupons at Target, Nikki. The Target coupons says the $5 is for ProGlide STYLER _or_ TWO of any other Gillette. Not good.

      For Em, sounds like a Target cashier problem. For months, P&G coupons have listed (in bright red) limit of 4 like coupons per person per day per transaction, etc. If a lady was buying a cartfull, she better have had multiple folks shopping with her in order to use those P&G coupons.

      • Gil says:

        Dr.Ladybug-you perhaps weren’t aware some regions recv’d Q’s that didn’t specify what type razor product. This has been common knowledge on other Q-blogs.

    • Em says:

      Man, I tried to grab those. Got there the morning it started at 8:10 AM, with my 4 coupons (I only wanted 4!!!!!!!). This coupon wielding maniac had the entire shelf full scooped into her cart. I asked her if I could have 2, I was VERY polite, and she said no. :( I said ok and went about my way, thinking positively that maybe, just maybe she needed them more than I did. We went garage sale-ing this morning. Guess what I found piled on tables at a house…yup, it was that lady selling the razors, along with a whole bunch of other coupon stuff. Stupid *****.

      • Crzycpnldy says:

        Last time I was at target my cashier told me it was STORE policy to only accept 5 coupons per transaction, and I was not allowed to ring my orders up separately either. I’m not a shelf clearer at all, and I am totally ok with following policies, but I wish cashiers would be consistent so things like that wouldn’t happen!

  • Amber C says:

    Unfortunately, even with Prime, which I have, it is still an “Add On Item.” Very disappointed with my Prime purchase with these changes and the subscribe and save changes.

  • Kate says:

    *GARAGE SALE QUESTION*—–Hello, sorry I don’t know where/who else to ask this question. Is is LEGAL to sell diabetic meters (suchs as one touch delica, bayer EZ meters) on a garage sale? Thank You :). I love your site!

  • Cathy says:

    I always keep a running “save for later” cart…with the books and CDs that my family wants as gifts. Then, when one of these deals pops up, I’m able to get something that I planned for but wasn’t ready to purchase just then. Also–I scrolled down to the “other items people purchased” and found Lysol cleaner for $1.98 with a $1 coupon, so I was able to crank out some Christmas shopping with items that never go on sale, and pick up the razor and cleaner as a bonus!

    • Em says:

      Thanks for the tip about Lysol! I only use Vinegar and water, but we’re about to sell and one of the tips to selling I found was to clean your house with stuff like this so it “smells clean” or something ridiculous like that. Apparently it works though, because realtors spray Windex on the light switches so people smell it in each room and it tricks them into thinking the house is SUPER clean. Even though it can totally be clean without those scents…funny how that works.

  • Ashley says:

    added that to a box of diapers and used a $15 gift card i got from the wikits ap, so i spent $7 for a box of diapers and a razor for the bf! i wonder if they’ll just slap a shipping label on the diapers like they did before lol

  • I Love Shoes says:

    This is what I did. Ebates gave me the option of receiving a paper check or an Amazon egift card. With the egiftcard they added an additional dollar. I chose the gift card. My total gift card balance was $15.19. I purchased the razor ($6.97) and a hello kitty scarf set ($29.99) a colleague asked me to purchase for her daughter. I paid $17.77 and will receive 3% cash back from Ebates.

  • InstoreDeals says:

    amazon has gillette coupons deals a deal without $25 should come up soon

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