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Happy Friday: Coupon Proposal

Sent from reader, Meghan:
This past Friday I got home from work and was talking to my boyfriend as I was going through our mail. I was really excited because I got 3 months of the Whole Living Magazine I just signed up for using my Recyclebank points (I am in LOVE with getting all my magazines through Recyclebank!) Sticking out of the top was an advertisement with a special offer. The print and color was really cute so I pulled it out to see what type of product it was for. As I was looking at it I was like, “HEY, that’s me…a picture of me” and then thought “these photo companies are getting really high-tech” (assuming they sent me an ad to entice me to order by using an image on file from one of my previous coupon deals).

However, it wasn’t for a free photo deal, it was for a Free Husband! My super special guy figured out the perfect way to propose to this couponer! He even included coupon terms and a UPC code (the 08132006 portion is our anniversary). He works at a printing company, so a coworker helped him make this for me, which makes it super thoughtful, sweet, special and FREE!!! I feel like the internet and all these YouTube proposals put a lot of pressure on guys to do something grandiose and expensive, so I just wanted to show that something thoughtful and FREE could stack up just as well :)

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