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Kmart: New Holiday Coupon Booklet With $165 in Savings = Great Deals on Finesse, Pantene, Oral-B Vitality Power Toothbrush + Much More

10:12 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Wow! Kmart has a new $165 Holiday Coupon Booklet available! Just head on over here where you can download a PDF version of this holiday coupon booklet. Keep in mind that I did check my local Kmart to see if this Holiday Coupon Booklet was available to pick up in-store and did not find these displayed anywhere. So for now it seems that you will have to download the PDF coupon booklet and choose the pages you want to print.

Also, most of the coupon (not all) are Kmart store coupons with the following wording:

Limit 1 per transaction. Valid on in store purchase only. Cannot combine with any other coupon for the same item(s) and cannot double

So I’m assuming this means that you can’t stack a manufacturer’s coupon with one of their store coupons. If you find out differently, let us know.

Here are some of the best deals I spotted last night at Kmart:

Nabisco Crackers (Triscuit, Wheat Thins, Ritz) 2/$4
Use the $1/2 Ritz Crackers 9.5-16 oz., Triscuit 8-9.5 oz., or Wheat Thins 9.5 -10 oz. or Chicken Biskit 7.5-8oz. coupon found in the Holiday PDF Coupon Booklet
Final cost $1.50 each!

Finesse 24 oz bottles 2/$7, or $3.50 each – sale through 11/5
Use the $2/1 Finesse Hair Care coupon found in the Holiday PDF Coupon Booklet
Final cost $1.50!
* Keep in mind that these are the large 24 oz bottles, so this is an awesome price!

Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner 12.6 oz., Hair Mousse 6.6 oz. or Hair Gel 6.8 oz. $4.99
Use the $2/1 Pantene Hair Care Item coupon found Holiday PDF Coupon Booklet
Final cost $2.99!
– Note that Kmart also sells travel size Pantene hair care products for $0.99 AND the Holiday PDF Coupon Booklet actually states ANY Pantene hair care product with no size exclusions, so you could try and use it on these smaller bottles. However, you may have issues depending on the cashier.

Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes $5.99
Use the $3/1 Simple Skincare coupon found in the Holiday PDF Coupon Booklet
Final cost $2.99!

Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Cream 3 oz. $4.49
Use the $3/1 Gold Bond Healing Cream coupon found in the Holiday PDF Coupon Booklet
Final cost $1.49!

Jergens Natural Glow $6.49 (reg. $9+) – sale through 11/12
Use the $2/1 Jergens Natural Glow Skincare item coupon found in the Holiday PDF Coupon Booklet
Final cost $4.49!

Schick Hydro 5 or Hydro Silk Razor $7.99 (reg. $10.99!) – sale through 11/5
Use the $3/1 Hydro 5 or Hydro Silk Razor coupon found in the Holiday PDF Coupon Booklet
Final cost $4.99!

Oral-B Vitality Power Toothbrush $21.99 (reg. $32.99!)
Use the $5/1 Oral-B Vitality Power Toothbrush coupon found in the Holiday PDF Coupon Booklet
Plus, submit for the $10 rebate found in the 10/14 PG or here
Final cost $6.99 (after rebate)!
– What a HOT price and a great gift idea!

Also, watch for Halloween costumes and other items on clearance for 50% off! There were some cute books at my store that would make great stocking stuffers!

Happy shopping! :D

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  • Stacy says:

    I did not get the paper for the $10 rebate but did an online search…here is a link to print one for the Vitality toothbrush!

  • jess says:

    Prior to following hip2save, I never thought of shopping at places like Target or K-Mart. They tended to be too expensive! Now (with coupons, of course ;)) I often get things cheaper than I would at wal-mart!
    Thank you Collin (and all the support that goes on behind the scenes) for all that do! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! I can’t think y’all enough! :D

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

      Jess – thanks so much!! I sure appreciate your comment! :)

    • k says:

      In general, Walmart is cheaper than Target and Kmart. Target is only cheaper when you stack with their web coupon and manufacturer coupon for some specific items. For example, I bought great value (walmart brand) sandwich bread yesterday from walmart. The price is the same as market pantry (target brand) but walmart bread is a lot better quality than Target. More, Lipton recipe soup pack after $1 off coupon, walmart is still cheaper than target. Also, brown eggs at walmart is only $1.48 for a dozen. Well, a lot more to list…

      • Jess says:

        Then don’t buy such items at Target!? lol, I was meaning, that in general – I wouldn’t even think about going to Target. (and that is saying something – I use to work Target! After I worked at Wal-Mart.) because I felt that it was far more expensive. And I don’t mean only food items. Anything! Toys, household items, and electronics. I began following Collin, because I didn’t know how to coupon ;) hince why I said NOW I can get things cheaper than I could at wal-mart. Not everything, but some items. Any items I can get cheaper at the commissary or wal-mart, I get at the commissary or wal-mart. Isn’t that why we are all here? To go where the deals are? Thank you for informing me on the quality of the market pantry bread – I was unaware of how it rated compared to great value bread.

    • ali says:

      you are right, kmart is actually a great place to coupon and i consistently get better prices there than at walmart. kmart’s double coupons and stackable store coupons put walmart to shame on many items! :)

  • Sandra says:

    Can you use the Kmart coupon with a Manufacturer Coupon on one item?

    • ali says:

      i’ve never had an issue stacking a kmart store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for one item. i’m not sure why this would be any different :)

  • Lisa says:

    I made a quick trip to Kmart this morning and found the coupon books up by the registers. The cashier put one in my bag as I was checking out.

  • ali says:

    the oral-b toothbrush works nicely with the “spend $30 on p&g products, receive a $10 catalina” promo going on right now, but since this is a $5 kmart coupon and not a manf. q, then your total will have to be $35 (before any manf. q’s) to receive the catalina, but still a great deal!

  • vicki says:

    ***Kmart is having a CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY on NOV 4 10% off EVERYTHING!***
    advertising on the radio around here in WI

  • momto2 says:

    I actually got one of the coupon booklets at Kmart yesterday. It was handed to me by an associate. I asked at customer service about combining it with MQ and they told me they could not do that because the coupons say not to combine with any other offer. I don’t know if other stores would allow it ir not.

    • Stephanie says:

      momto2, I would still try it when you go in. It should scan right, regardless of whether the associate knows how to do it or not. I did the Pantene one a few days ago with a MQ and it worked just fine!

  • heather k says:

    ummmm….I just went to kmart and tried to use the coupons and I was told that you CAN NOT use a coupon on a sale item at Kmart. Anybody else have this issue?? I tried calling Kmart Customer Service and she said she worked for Sears and there really isn’t a number I can call. I have to contact my individual store. Maybe policies change from store to store??

  • rocio says:

    How many coupons i can print and use? Because i don`t see any restriction but i want to be sure. Also there is a big deal with softsoap body wash they are 2×7 and the coupon booklet have one for 3.5 and says limt 2 per transation so are free

  • madason says:

    the pantine trial size is free

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