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*HOT* Half Off Depot: Fandango Movie Tickets Only $5 Each ($10 Value!) – Limited Time Only

9:31 AM MST
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Yay! Half Off Depot is once again offering up a sweet deal for all you movie lovers out there! For a limited time (or while supplies last), you can head on over here to score a Fandango Movie Ticket for ONLY $5 ($10 value!). Plus, it appears that there’s no limit to how many tickets you can score at this price! Awesome!

Hurry – I’m guessing these will sell out quickly!

* Also, note that the 50% off everything code HOLIDAY50 doesn’t work on these movie tickets.

Fine Print:
Fandango Promotional Code is good for 1 ticket, for up to a maximum value of $10. Code expires on 11/26/12 and is good for one-time use only. Only valid for purchases made at or via a Fandango app for Fandango partner theaters in the U.S. and cannot be redeemed directly at any Fandango partner theater box office or via the 1-800-Fandango voice telephone service. Code has no cash value, may not be combined with any other offers or promotions, will not be replaced if lost or stolen, and is not for resale. If movie ticket with Fandango’s convenience fee included is more than maximum value of the Fandango Promo Code, customer must pay the difference with a valid credit or debit card or via Paypal. Any price difference between movie ticket purchased and maximum value of the Fandango Promo Code will not be refunded. Fandango is not a sponsor or co-sponsor of this promotion.

(Thanks, Clip & Follow!)

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  • Sallie says:

    I absolutely would not buy another voucher from this company. I have spent over a month trying to get the $30 worth of vouchers I purchased in September and, thusfar, have only been able to use $10 worth of them. You can’t contact them directly and have to file a complaint on their site. They do not respond to complaints for 4 days and then you get a form letter from their “customer service representatives.” If you go to the BBB or any company review sites and you will see that it’s a recurring problem- people do not receive the emails with the Fandango code and, once they’ve attempted to get it, it becomes invalid or “redeemed.” Once that happens, the voucher disappears and they claim you used it. They also refuse to give refunds. The WORST company I’ve ever dealt with. :(

    • Jenn says:

      I’d also like to add my experience with this company & why I’ll never use them again. Last month I purchased some items using a 50% off promo code. Throughout my entire checkout process my total was correct, but once I submitted my order my invoice showed the original price again! With any other company this would have been a simple phone call to get a partial refund. I immediately submitted an online customer service ticket to get a partial refund or cancel my order. It takes several days to get a response and now over a month has passed with me going back and forth with them. To sum up there response- my purchase was not made during a promotional period b/c it can end at any time, but can not be cancelled because it was purchased during a promotional period. WOW, really?! They sent the goods to me anyway and still no partial refund. What a mess it’s been!

    • Stacey says:

      Thank you for the feedback! Not worth the potential headache to save a measly $5.

    • carly gillock says:

      Did you get another email with your confirmation codes to use at fandango. Once you redeemed on the website that you are supposed they send you another email with thin 72 hours with the codes to use on fandango. It took me a few to figure that out. I thought the codes where the ones our their website but it’s not. Hope maybe that help a little.

      • Sallie says:

        No, I never received the email with the codes. A representative redeemed the only two vouchers I could get to work and, even after they had to do that, I never got the emails with the codes for the other ones. I searched my emails and looked in my junk box. I didn’t get the Fandango codes. I’ve read reviews and BBB complaints and this is a common problem. The only thing I can say in their defense is that they seem to have no problem reactivating the vouchers after they say they’ve been redeemed. That hasn’t helped in my case though because I still didn’t get the code email. We’ve been going through this routine for over a month and I’ve given up. I filed a complaint with the BBB and won’t ever buy from them again.

        • Jason says:

          Hi Sallie, My name is Jason and I am the Director of Operations for Half Off Depot. I was alerted to your issue and wanted to reach out and make certain that this issue was resolved for you. All redeemed Fandango vouchers are sent codes to use on via a mass email. Unfortunately, some email service providers may block this mass email or your personal filter setting could block this email as well. Please send me an email to I will need the name and email address that was used to make your purchase. I will look up your order and make certain that you receive your Fandango codes. I apologize for any frustration this may have caused.

    • Renee says:

      Yes, thanks for the warning.

    • Laura H- says:

      I received the codes and when I attempted to redeem them the site claimed that they didn’t exist. I also have tried to contact them and no reply. I will no longer buy from them and I will be telling my military community not to purchase from them. Times are hard right now and i wanted to treat us to a movie before his next deployment. UGHHH!

  • michellini says:

    I had a 10 credit I didn’t know I had! 2 free ticket SCORE THX

  • Debra says:

    Ugh, hope this comes, just bought 10 tickets. At least the credit card can deal with them if they dont follow through.

  • Kristi says:

    Just bought 2 tickets. Thanks!

  • carly gillock says:

    Still haven’t use my tickets from the last time this one going on (using them on Breaking Dawn 2 LOL) This is a great deal, and the company is really good once you figure out how to do all the steps.. THanks

    • Brandi says:

      Agreed. Once you learn all the steps the company is pretty easy to work with. I did not realize I had to redeem my voucher codes on halfdepot and then they would sent me separate codes to use on fandango. After emailing the company I was sent a response very quickly and got it all figured out.

    • Debra says:

      Have a question. I bought 10 tickets. I didn’t realize there was an expiration of the end of November (jumped fast on the deal). Can you input the codes into your Fandango account so you have the credit or do I have to use them all by the end of the month (see 10 movies)?

  • Guggie L Daly says:

    Thanks! We used our codes from the last time w/o issue. But the expiration comes quickly so pay attention. Debra I think I read 2 months once you redeem w/ Fandango?

    • michelle says:

      I tried to find a place to put the codes in on the Fandango website in my account, without redeeming them, and I could not. Unless I am missing something. :(

      • Diana says:

        Click on Account info on the right side there is a box where you can check your code balances, Maybe you will be able to enter them there.

        • michelle says:

          That’s where I tried putting them, said the codes were not valid. I’m thinking you can only use them when you’re ready to purchase. Oh well!

  • Kim says:

    I just thought I would share this site with everyone. I signed up last month and have seen 2 movie screenings for free. All you do is sign up and when there are screening passes available (you have to move quick!) you print them out and go. It’s good to get there an hour before the movie starts b/c they fill the theater up. Then the day after the screening you get an email to take a survey about the movie. That’s it. Pretty good deal!

    • barbie says:

      Awesome Kim, thanks! I signed up- do they notify you by email of free screenings or is there a spot on the site you check often?

  • Meg says:

    Woot!! Breaking Dawn!!

  • michelle says:

    7% cashback through shop at home!

  • Kathy says:

    Go through ShopatHome for 7%

  • Linda says:

    Sold out now :(

  • Brooke says:

    It says that they are sold out. Darn!

  • Rebecca says:

    I have gotten this deal EVERY time it comes up and NEVER had a problem. Once your voucher comes you go to the link provided in the email to input your voucher code and the fanfango codes come via email in about a day.

    It sounds like the first commentor missed that step completely…so its no wonder they had issues. Read the email carefully when it comes in a day or so!

    • Jennifer says:

      Where do you input the voucher code on the half off depot site? The only place I see to enter anything says “check voucher balance”. I appreciate your help!!

    • Sallie says:

      You sound like the first customer service representative I contacted. I did everything right. I went through ALL the steps and redeemed the voucher on their site. I received the message that said my Fandango code would be emailed within 72 hours. I did not receive the Fandango code email.

  • tamara says:

    Fandango charges $1.50 per ticket to use their site. I would strongly urge people NOT to use this!!! You have to jump through more hoops to get this deal! After everything I would have spent less going to the theater and would not have had to jump through a million hoops! I do NOT recommend doing these deals!!!

  • Laura says:

    This isn’t a great deal because the tickets are only up to $10. Tickets cost more than that here at night and I live in a low cost of living area.

  • CiCi says:

    Ok so I ordered a few tickets this am and got my confirmation number from halfoffdepot. I tried to enter those vouchers numbers into fandango with no luck! I read the voucher over and over and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone help please?!

  • nomomjeans says:

    i got 5. i printed off the vouches from the first email and according to the voucher, the fandango movie ticket will be emailed in 24 hours. once you get that email you can get your tickets at fandango.

  • Molly says:

    Last month they had the $10 Papa Johns GC, I purchased one and redeemed my voucher and entered my info and mailing address, and haven’t received anything from them. My daughter ordered one too, and she got a GC in her e-mail. I’ve never had any issues before. I tried doing a “ticket” but website is not available for that. Any help would be appreciated. TIA

    • Meg says:

      I purchased a fandango one it shows pending on my credit card but I never got an email and nothing shows under my account for vouchers!

      • Molly says:

        Their charge did post on my CC, and the voucher was on my account, I redeemed it but just haven’t received the GC in the mail or my e-mail, and can’t contact them.

  • Heather says:

    Actually the instructions are DIFFERENT this time. Last time it said now redeem code at some halfoff depot website, then they sent the vouchers with the actual code in 72 hrs. This time it say that they will email you the fandango code within 24 hours. Does that mean that they are now running it like other coupon sites? They may have bypassed the middle step?

    • Jennifer says:

      I have been soooo busy this month I went to finally redeem my codes and they show they are still active but down below show they expired 2 days ago. :( I emailed them. I had bought 4.

  • Gil says:

    So excited!
    Didn’t pay a penny for 6 FREE movie tickets-just entered the codes on special marked cereal boxes & PRESTO! 6 free trips-hoping for some great family holiday fun!

    • barbie says:

      I did this too – went to see Hotel Transyvania with my grandson – it was soo cute, plus were diggin the Golden Grahams! I hadn’t ever tried them til now!

  • Patti says:

    This is the worst company to deal with. I am still out $60 from doing this deal in October. Never again. They email you incorrect codes that Fandango doesn’t recognize, Fandango CS gave me halfoffdepot’s phone number which they never answer – leave a message. No answer after 3 weeks! Emailed and only eventually got one of the 12 ticket codes so far!

  • Julie says:

    I’m not sure I would do this…. I went to redeem the last one of these on 11/1/12 (note: the Half Off Depot voucher with HOD code says it expires 11/1… the print of the voucher however says the deal –the Fandango code, once you get it, I guess– expires 12/1). I’d bought 4 so I could take my mom to a movie and then myself and my boyfriend. Tried every one of the 4 codes I received on the HOD redemption site. All said they were invalid or redeemed. I’ve sent a message to HOD customer service; waiting on a reply. I realize I was trying to redeem on the DAY of expiration, but that should still include that day, as with any coupon or voucher I’ve ever gotten.

    I just really do NOT like this 3rd party “Go here to redeem THIS code and we’ll hand you off to this other company who’ll send you ANOTHER code.” No, it’s not rocket science, but every step you add gives more room for error.

  • Laura says:

    I’ve never had issues with this company and used them many times. Their redemption process is confusing if you’ve never used it before, but once you figure it out, it does work. They aren’t a scam.

    • cindi says:

      I wouldn’t generalize the issues people are experiencing as not being able to figure out the process. I’ve used them a bunch and always do everything right. Sometimes I get the deal sometimes I don’t and in my personal experience they are not quick to support email concerns. Its probably not a scam but I do thinks its terrible customer service and people should be aware of the potential issues.

  • Ubun says:

    I don’t think there is any way to redeem the voucher codes on HOD website. I did try to login to HOD and poke around but didn’t see any option/field to input the voucher codes to get Fandango codes. The Fandango codes are supposed to be sent to your email box by HOD. I just got the email with valid Fandando codes this morning.

  • barbie says:

    So, we do have to use all these codes before the expiration date (12-2-2012) fandango gives them?

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