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New Chick-Fil-A 2013 Coupon Calendar (= 12 FREE Product Coupons + New Card System)

12:26 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

WooHoo! The new 2013 Chick-Fil-A Royal T-Bones calendar is now available at participating Chick-Fil-A restaurants! The calendars cost $6… but will pay for itself in NO time, as there are 12 FREE food or beverage coupons inside! You will also be able to purchase the calendars in-store or online by clicking here. Remember, these calendars make great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers!

Please note that the 2013 calendars are a bit different this year. Instead of tearing coupons out of the calendar each month of the year, you’ll be given a Calendar Card that you’ll need to activate online. After activating your card, each month’s coupons will be loaded to your card to use during that month. If you lose your 2013 Calendar Card they can replace it as long as it was registered online. Be sure to go here to read all of the FAQ’s about this new Calendar Card.

The 2013 calendar includes the following coupons…

To make this deal even sweeter, my sidekick Mary paid $6 for a Cow Calendar this morning at her local store in Austin, TX and afterwards received a survey on her receipt to complete for a FREE Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich. Awesome!

* I encourage you to contact your local Chick-Fil-A restaurant before you make a special trip to confirm that these calendars are indeed available in your area.

(Thanks, Fran!)

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  • Heather says:

    Thanks Colin, I appreciate you! My kids love Chick fil A!

  • Chickenhead says:

    I work for Chick fil A and I heard that one of the reasons of going digital was because of coupon abuse. At the Chick fil A I work a customer could come in with an expired coupon, I’m talking about from 1989 and we still have to accept it, if it was from last year we have to accept it. My store honors every coupon,but I read that the digital and paper can’t be combined. I go to work tomorrow and will see how this pans out….

    • pdxsongwriter says:

      I figured that was the reason. One thing I liked about the paper coupons was that chick-fil-a would allow me to use a february coupon in january etc. It was nice to be able to order what I felt like off the coupon calendar without being bound to a month

  • Pepper says:

    I’m one of those “coupon abusers” as one of the above posters called it. I’ve been very grateful that they would accept an out of date coupon and I loved the flexibility of being able to use a different calendar coupon than the current month. It’s hot here in Dallas and I saved up my drink coupons to use for the summer.
    Also, the stores here allow you to use up to 3 coupons at a time so you could get a drink, a food item and a desert if you had the coupons.
    I estimate I bought over 50 of the calendars to use and to give away.
    I am disabled with only the tiniest income and couldn’t afford to eat at Chick Fil A or any other restaurant for that matter, without coupons.
    I’ve been able to share my coupons with families when one of the parents has lost their job, I’ve given them to people standing in line counting their change to pay and I’ve used that as thank yous for service providers.
    I’ve told so many people about the calendars too.
    I read the new site about the calendars. I HATE that you can only register one calendar per email address or phone number. That pretty much means no gift giving because I would have probably given them to people who would actually use them and they would also be the same people who probably purchased a calendar on their own.
    I think it’s a shame to try to limit how many a person can have, but then again, in this economy a company can’t afford to give away tons of free food either.
    The calendars did get me in the store and usually with a friend or two so we did spend additional money. Now I probably won’t even suggest going there since I won’t be able to afford a meal.
    I think Chick Fil A is an awesome company and they have THE BEST customer service of any fast food place ever so I’m very sad to see this change.

  • Janette Seagroves says:

    We have always supported Chick-fil-a. However, we are very disappointed in the new calendar. Last year we bought 6 and if there was something you couldn’t eat you could pay difference on something else or exchange for same priced item. Apparently whoever had this new idea does not have the public or the clerks interest at heart. Celiac patients cannot eat bread and the Jan. item could not be exchanged, neither can the Aug. and Dec. items. We will lose money this year and it is very doubtful we will purchase any
    calendars next year . We travel a lot and are hearing complaints from every clerk we have talked to. We have been eating at least 2 or 3 times a week at chick-fl-a but guess we will have to look for another place to eat. Thank you.

  • Amparo cartagena says:

    I love chick-fil-a

  • WandaJ says:

    I purchased one of these calendars from someone selling them for a fundraiser. I have purchased the calendars for years and have not used more than I used. However, in the past, if I found one that has expired (same year), I could use it. Imagine my surprise at learning that I NEED the card to even redeem the current month coupon item! Since I didn’t register the card (that I didn’t know I needed) online, there doesn’t seem to be any remedy to my having spent the money on the calendar. I have many calendars so I don’t purchase their calendar for the use of a calendar. I will NOT be purchasing another calendar if they choose to do this again next year.

  • christena says:

    my brother just got 2014 calendar for his birthday & i got one last year and next year my sister probeley gets one next year

  • john says:

    i just did death on my sister is in that is awesom & my sister just whent out side bear
    foot when ther is ice & snow on the grond & raening out side & she coldint even feel
    her feet hahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Li Jo says:

    Its all about the mighty dollar but at chick fil a, I liked the illusion of a customer comes first. Although, with this new credit card calander coupon system its no longer an illusion, Its plain and simple, forget what the customer wants, whats more important is making a buck. The founder must have retired and the children have taken over. Its the way of the world.

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