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Target Halloween Clearance Update: Costumes Up to 90% Off + Barbie Possibly Only $1.19

7:37 PM MST
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As I’ve mentioned a few times now, Target is offering up some rockin’ Halloween clearance bargains! And with that being said, check out the email I received from reader, Kim, tonight…

I was able to pick up two cute outfits for my girls next year for $5 total.  All the Halloween costumes and decorations were marked to 90% off.  I was also able to pick up Wilton cupcake wrappers for $0.19 a set.  Put them away for next year and have the opportunity to make some fun cupcakes for kids classes.  Hope others are able to get in on these deals as well.

I also received this email from reader, Annie…

I noticed at two of my Targets that the Halloween Barbie was still in the Barbie section (not placed with the Halloween clearance). When I scanned it today, it was $1.19! I bought them at my store and am donating them to my church for Christmas.

If you are also able to find this Halloween Barbie at your local Target store, be sure to scan it as it may not be marked on the shelf. And don’t forget to check out my posts here and here for even more Target Halloween Clearance Deals that you may be able to score!

Also, please share the Halloween Clearance deals that you’ve been able to score at Target!

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  • lauraS. says:

    would love to get to target :( only not enough gas to get there. thanks sandy :(

    • Amanda M says:

      That is exactly what I just thinking, I already went this week and I am so worried that more trips will leave me waiting on a 50 car line for gas.. :( can’t wait until things return to normal! At least gas is my only worry so many have lost it all..

      • lauraS. says:

        so true.
        i did see the clearance post about kmart. see that i can do i live around the block from kmart. so not so sad anymore. ;)

  • ANONYMOUS says:

    i have to skip looking at collin’s target deals or i’ll be there every 6 hours! lol

  • Barb says:

    target is on my list of places to go to tomorrow.

  • Joy says:

    It was only 70% off at ours tonight and there were very few costumes and I didn’t see any dolls.

    • kim says:

      Mine was 70% two days ago and tonight when I stopped in they changed it to 90%. Lots of boys costumes but I was able to find a couple for my girls.

  • krisoftwo says:

    Someone was waiting at my target for the doors to open and went straight to the clearance. There was hardly any girl stuff left around 840 am when I got there :-( I did find a pretty adult dress that I simply cut at a seam and tied a knot at the neck and now it fits my four year old :-)

  • Jessica @ Saving With A Smile says:

    Also check the $1 bins by the front… My store had them marked at 50% off on Saturday, but when some items rang up, they rang up 70% off… I picked up little girl chunky bead necklaces & LED chunky rings for $.30 each, great stocking stuffers for all my little nieces!

  • melissa says:

    i got 4 boxes of pillsbury cake mixes for free, a $1.50 white tutu for my daughter, a $1.80 halloween t-shirt and a .90 witch’s hat. nothing else is left at either target near me. (this was even last friday) was bummed to not even see almost any of the items posted. :/ ah well!

  • Nicole says:

    Des Moines target was 70 percent off tonight

  • kendall says:

    My Target had some really cute dog toys for 90% off – they were shaped like champagne bottles (probably part of a costume) – they ended up being under $1. Oh, and they have baby bibs for 30 cents! Look out for pink newborn bibs with a black cat face on them – super cute stocking stuffer!

  • jennine says:

    haha i find it funny that this lady is donating Witch barbies to her CHURCH toy drive ;)

    • Annie says:

      Lol. The ones at Target for $1.19 that I am donating to my church are CATS (which is the pic I sent in.) The witch Barbie is not what I bought for $1.19. Just thought I would clarify. :)

    • jennifer876 says:

      I think we all should be as generous as this lady. At least these children will have toys to play with. I would like to know what you have chosen to donate, if anything at all. This is a site to get helpful hints , not to critize good deads.

  • Callie says:

    Ours was 70% off today. I still think I scored with paper napkins and Solo plates and cups!

  • Destinee says:

    Does anyone have the dpci number for the barbie?? TIA

  • Jenna says:

    In Lexington, KY, I got Frankenberry cereal for $.26 a box! There were not many costumes left, but they were all 90% off!

  • Joy says:

    I happened upon the 90% off costumes. Was looking for my 4 year old grandsons birthday this weekend and SCORE! 4 costumes for him and a clearance bin for a (super hero dress up trunk) for $13! This Grammy will score points, now we can afford the gas to go see him. Woohoo! Also found a kids Angry Birds costume, it’s hilarious… I’m figuring out something funny to do with it to give to my brother-in-law… He likes to play the game. Any ideas? I had a blast, I’m pretty sure I was the first one who hit the selection.

  • Denise says:

    Two of our stores were 90% today, the super Targetwill probably be there tomorrow. No surprise deals in other departments, but I was happy to get a few things. My favorite find was feather wings … fun!

  • Aimee says:

    The Krave 20 pk pouches were marked down from $4.94 to $1.35 at my Target. Be sure to scan because they were not actually marked.

  • Vergin says:

    This is off topic. Does anyone have the coupon code for staples $25 off $75 or $30 off $100.
    Looking to buy a phone.

  • Eileen says:

    My target said they were going to 70% and then getting rid of whatever was left :(

    • Jen says:

      What state?

    • Wendy says:

      My nephew works at Target and I asked him yesterday if he thought it would be at 90% yet, and he said he didn’t think it would be. :( Might stop today anyway just to see.

      • Taraneh says:

        I went to two different targets today. One in Buffalo Grove/Arlington Heights area. Some woman basically cleared the shelves of everything that was left, she could barely move her cart there was so much stuff in it which I found incredibly obnoxious.
        But the Target on Willow which is between Glenview and Northbrook had candy for 70% off and everything else 90% off and there was a good amount of candy, decorations and costumes left when I stopped by this morning!

  • Shayla says:

    Walmart had everything Halloween for $.10 today…about 7 cart fulls if you had time to go through them. I was just there to price match the Big Lots Minnie set and score. I rarely shop there but so glad others suggested, as my Big Lots never got them in. Thanks for all that you Collin!!!

    • Beth says:

      My walmart had about seven or eight carts full of stuff. Most was 75% off. Not too bad. I scored a costume for my 3 y/o for next year for just $5. : )

  • Chris says:

    I got the cupcake wrappers as well, they had really cute mini-cupcake ones, 100 ct for 19 cents, really can’t beat that. I will use them at random times of the year too, cause nobody cares what the wrapper looks like if the cupcake is delicious ;-)

  • Tammi says:

    Found an 18 pack of Clif bars that rang up for only $.80! Angry birds boxers $.89, Angry birds lounge pants $1.69, women’s halloween shirts $.60 – all of those items were in the men’s department by the boxers/socks area. Kids were most excited about the small Lego monster fighters set that rang up for only .39!

  • Eileen says:

    I jealous that everyone commenting on here has so much left in their stores because I live in IL and things go fast as soon as it hits 50%

    • vikky says:

      Where do u live? i know couple of stores that still have plenty of things. Chicago stores hit 90%off today and lots of stuff were this morning.

      • Taraneh says:

        I think it varies from store to store. I’m in the north suburbs and one nearby store had hardly anything left last friday. But my closest store has SO much candy and tons of stuff left but its only at 50% off for candy and 70% off for other things when I checked at 9:30 tonight. I’m going to call before heading over and wasting gas tomorrow because I don’t want to buy anything before it becomes cheaper.
        I did find some cute flasks that had a skull & crossbones on them that said “poison” and I picked two up for $3 each….can’t beat $3 for a cute flask!

    • MommySpendsLess says:

      Me too! I went to my Target Friday evening and even at 50% off (30% for candy) there were NO costumes for my 3yo daughter. I grabbed some Cliff bars ($4/18pk) and Krave packages and a package of Squinkies. When I went back Monday evening, it was at 70% off and the Halloween area was a mess. The Cliff bars were totally gone, as were most of the other snacks. I found one more pack of Squinkies, down to $1.19 that were hiding under a stack of pillows. I’m hoping I’ll have more luck at another Target and with the items not in the clearance section.

  • Amy says:

    I just got back from target and got some costumes. I was so excited because I always walk by the toy section end caps and I saw this Minnie mouse bow-tique doll is was marked down from $17.99 to $2.74!! Holla!

  • pukimimimommy says:

    My target was 70 tonight in watauga, Texas. Hoping they have stuff tomorrow…

  • C says:

    Going to head to target this morning. Hopefully there will be some costumes left. I need two for next yr. My store is 70% off two days ago so I’m hoping it is at 90% now.

  • Betty says:

    I went to a Target in Brooklyn yesterday to use up my glade candle printed coupons and was so dissapointed to know that they no longer taking computer printed coupons, that is what I was told by the cashier she said thats the policy now.

    • MommySpendsLess says:

      I would try to confirm (politely of course) with a manager. It sounds like she may be confused as printed coupons are gaining in popularity and Target even offers printable store coupons. You can also download their corporate coupon policy from their website – but I believe store managers have the authority to add rules to it.

  • Mal says:

    Yay! My Targets clearance was decent! One back wall section full of stuff. Most items were for halloween decorating which looked super fun and at a great price. Too bad for me we live in a small apt with no more storage space to save the goodies til next year :( … Did pick up a couple cupcake wrappers (who cares if they are halloween! $.19ea!), a fairy toddler costume (only toddler costume left! $2), toddler halloween skeleton shirt ($1), an owl halloween shirt (im using it for pjs, $.99), and some mens boxers (black with skull and crossbones, thought they looked pretty casual for him to wear day to day lol $.59ea), 4 bags M & Ms pretzel ($.86ea)

  • A.R says:

    anyone happen to check the Target store in newark, DE?.. any halloween stuff left?.. pls let me know.. thanks a ton!!

  • C says:

    i just got back from my local target and i scored big. i bought 4 cute costumes for my kiddos for next yr for only $4.50 total. i also got 10 halloween shirts for 60 cents- 90 cents each, marshmellow bags for 11 cents, hot chocolate bags for 39 cents, and sippy cups for only 29 cents. i walked out of the store with 3 huge bags filled to the top and i only paid around $20.00…:) what a great deal. i’m so happy.

    just a heads up..the signs at my target said 70% off but it was really 90% off. be sure to price check the halloween stuff. ..even if it says 50-70% off.

  • Amie says:

    I went to Target this morning, got some great deals, yeah. They had some kids craft kits for painting a skeleton and trees marked down to $1.29. There is a Target printable coupon for $2.00 off 3 holiday kids craft items. With the coupon, the crafts were only .40 each!
    There’s also a Target printable coupon for 20% off kids apparel which I used for one of the .69 clearance shirts.

  • Destinee says:

    Went to 2 Targets this morning and no barbies :( darn!! I really wanted one!

  • Jackie7777 says:

    The Target in Peachtree City, GA had everything 90% off! Costumes were picked clean, but managed to get some great accessories!! Some good decorations as well.

  • says:

    went to two targets just now and not much left… mostly candies….

  • Angela says:

    I just happened to walk into Target to return something and decided to check the Halloween clearance. The candy was 70% off and everything else was 90% off. They had lots of costumes left for boys, but I managed to find a few girl costumes mixed in. I got a bumblebee fairy costume for $1.20, a gogo girl costume for $2.00, and two of the jumbo bags of mixed candy(snickers, almond joy, etc.) for $2.39. I decided to venture over to the toy section to see if there happened to be any costumes that were put in one of those aisles, and I was super excited to find a purple Rapunzel costume for $2.00 and a wedding Rapunzel dress for 90 cents! My daughter is going to be so excited!

  • Ponnie says:

    Went to Target today and got 9 costumes, 5 halloween Barbies, 1 skull bracelet, 2 skull piggy banks, and 1 singing jack o lantern! All for $30! I love Target in Las Vegas, everything always in stock. :)

  • amanda k says:

    the danvers ma one has nothing but the scream costumes and a small amout of candy

  • Lupita says:

    Yay! I went to Target this afternoon and found 7 of the Halloween Barbies. Going to another Target tomorrow cause I need 4 more to give as Christmas gifts to the girls in my class.

  • Ayssa says:

    We bought five “dress up” costumes for dd for $2-$3 each…and two for ds, one was a ninja and one was a star war character, also each either $2.50 or $3. 2x ninja play set with sword, star, mask and two other weapons for .60 each! And m&m small boxes for ten cents, a black spatula for .39, some socks for dd for .40 each, and cupcake liners for .40 a pack. Everything was 90% off. We don’t even celebrate Halloween but these are great for at home play and for playdates
    Went back and found they put out tons of caramel fudge brownie mixes, cake pop mixes,cupcake mixes, hot cocoa mixes…all for $.49-$.79 a pack. I’ll steal someone idea of putting. Hot cocoa with a $1 store mug and a brownie mix for a Christmas present :)

  • Danielle says:

    Went to Target in Rochester NY last night and all Halloween costumes were 90% off. They had two entire aisles left of them. I have no children to buy for but i paid .90 cents for my dogs Halloween costume for next year!!

  • nica says:

    I just went to the target in las vegas, and in the baby section the halloween clothes r not marked clearance but did scan 90%. I got a 2 pack sleep n play gerber 89 cents, 2 pack onesies 79 cents, halloween bibs 39 cents, and 2 pack beanies for 59 cents, and alot of other halloween clothes. I ended up savings $392.40 and only spent 48.44. Thank you so much for all u do Collin:)

  • charisse says:

    I went to Target and scored some great deals. I got the Halloween Barbie dolls everyone posted about, candy, and some accessories of costumes. My Target did not have any girl costumes. I did get some Mission Tortilla chips on clearance because they are orange and black and found some Halloween Bounty towels marked down. I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt.

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