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Walgreens: Possibly FREE L’Oreal Paris Hair Care Item (with a Golden Ticket)

9:35 PM MST
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While you’re shopping at Walgreens this week, snagging the great weekly deals I posted about here, check out this freebie you may be able to score. Each Walgreen’s store is giving away a Golden Ticket to the first customer to ask for it, which is valid for a new L’Oreal Paris hair care item ($6.99 value!), valid from 12/15 – 1/15/13.

Keep in mind that this offer began on 11/4, but if nobody at your local Walgreen’s has asked for it yet, they may still have it! If they’re not sure about it, you may want to mention that the ticket would have been addressed to the Senior Cosmetic associate. Also, check out the following email I received from reader, Aimee, regarding this promo:

I was looking through the Walgreens Holiday magazine today (has a picture of Taylor Swift on the front) and toward the back (page 25) there was a little ad stating that on November 4th, Walgreens would be giving away a Golden Ticket to the first Walgreens customer that asked for it. The ticket is a coupon for a new L’Oreal Paris haircare item worth $6.99 and valid from December 15th-January 15th 2013. I decided to try after work today, and sure enough, my Walgreens still had the ticket! This was obviously not promoted very much by Walgreens. I then told a friend about it and she went to her local Walgreens in a different town and she also got the ticket! Also, be sure to mention to the Cosmetic person or manager that the ticket would have been addressed to the Senior Cosmetic associate.

(Thanks, Aimee!)

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  • Tracy says:

    I got one after waiting for a call back whoooo oh thanks very much for informing us.

  • Jason says:

    Just went to my local Walgrens and was told that they have one but just got the kit and the promotion doesnt start till 12-15-12. Lame!

    • Audra says:

      They are mistaken Jason. The coupons inside the kit have a start date of 12/15/12 and the actual product you redeem the golden ticket for will not be in the store until 12/15/12. That is when the whole promotion starts, but the Saturdate that included the golden ticket was a few weeks ago. It was with the Loreal Lumi foundation, primer, BB cream, and voluminous mascara trials and coupons. That Saturdate was to generate a buzz about the new promotion starting in December. They golden ticket is to be given away to the first person to ask for it. Then when their product arrives in the store in December, they come pick it back up. Ask to speak to the Senior Beauty Advisor.

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