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  View changes → *HOT* 10 FREE Holiday Cards + FREE Shipping (Ends Tonight!)

3:22 PM MST
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Just a reminder that this *HOT* offer ends tonight at 11:59PM PST!

Through tonight at 11:59PM PST, is offering up 10 FREE Holiday Cards + FREE shipping! Choose from cards for Thanksgiving, Hannukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years.

All you need to do is select and personalize your cards, then enter coupon code CCN2433 during the final stage of checkout (after entering your shipping info).

Be sure to snag this offer quick, as it’s only available until 11:59 PM PT tonight!

Fine Print: Coupon code is valid for one-time use per Cardstore account and only while supplies last. Code must be entered during online checkout. No minimum purchase necessary. Code CCN2433 can only be redeemed once per household. Cannot be combined with other offers. Coupon is not valid on previous purchases. Offer intended for use in the United States, US territories, and Canada. Offer expires at 11:59 pm (PT) on 11/8/12.

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  • brdavis55 says:

    woot woot, I do so love, can’t believe they are giving us 10 free cards. Just got mine! Thank u Collin for posting this. :)

  • joy says:

    wow. this is great. thanks so much for the heads up!!

  • Kelly W. says:

    I ordered mine earlier. $20 worth of cards for free! And best of all they didn’t require a credit card at checkout!

  • Karin says:

    Got From the desk of Santa cards, North Pole Elves cards for kiddos & cards for kiddo’s teachers for free! I even made a Christmas card for my Thanks so much!! Love Cardstore!! :)

  • Tarri says:

    got my order in, thank you, passed this on to my daughter so she can get them to

  • Kathy says:

    Thank you Collin! Awesome find :)

  • heathermck says:

    Thanks! Just ordered my 10 free cards!

  • TD says:

    wow! wasnt sure if i could do all different cards, but it worked $30 value! SO amazing…thanks for this great deal!!

  • Ashley57 says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I am loving this. Sending out Thanksgiving and New Years cards to people. Already got all my cards mailed out for .21 cents each b/c of your other great deal!!!

  • Kristin says:

    Yay!!! I did the card from Santa and his elves for my kids and my closest friends kids. I can’t wait to hear all the kids talk about the letter they got from Santa. Oh, I did the same for my kids last year and put glitter(Santa’s magic dust) inside the envelope and that was a hit!! :) thx Collin!!!

  • tracy says:

    thanks this is so great,we had already gotten family members almost free or cheap christmas stuff from home depot with those lawn and garden game from facebook with the zombies,i had gotten like over $120 free from that from our multiple accounts and now i get free holiday cards to go with it! woo hoo!!!

    • LisaaR says:

      I was soooo loving the Zombie game!! I have done so much shrub planting in the last 2 wks and still have $55 left!! I love the Card store site!! This is the best deal yet I have seen in 2yrs since I have been getting cards from there!!
      Thanks Collin for all the great deals you post!!!!

    • Joanna says:

      That’s a great deal. Free stuff from a free Facebook game?! Can you let me know what is the name of that game so I can hop on this offer as well? TIA.

  • guest2 says:

    It would have taken me forever to select and personalize 10 different cards so I just chose 10 of the same card! Ha! I am a sucker for free shipping too!

  • amy says:

    I just ordered cards yesterday from another site! sigh… well, maybe I’ll get some Thanksgiving cards to sent. We’ve never done that but it seems pretty cute.

  • Marisa Clapp Nitz says:

    Thanks! Ordered my 10 cards!

  • Andrea M says:


  • Jennifer C says:

    Yay! I needed some Hanukkah cards! Thank you! Great company!

  • Tonia says:

    So if we have them sent to ourselves to ship later, then we don’t get the free stamp? The free stamp is only included if we ship directly to the recipient, right?

    • Laura says:

      I think you get free stamps if you choose the second option… Mail to you, but addressed to the recipient. You have to enter each address, and when you checkout it will say they are addressed and stamped. I’ve done this with all of the free card offers in the past. Good luck!

    • kasey says:

      you are correct. you wont get the free stamps unless you have the company send the cards directly to your recipient

  • Emily McEntire says:

    Is anyone else having trouble logging in? I have been trying all day. Everytime I enter my name and email it sends me back to the home page and says, “welcome guest”. So frustrated!!

  • Savesomemore says:

    Thank you so much for passing this deal along! So excited to save money on cards!

  • Heidi says:

    LOVE the free cards! Thanks for posting this!!! I’ve been able to get all my Christmas card list done for next to nothing!!!

  • kari says:

    hey you girls, I became a couponer last year thanks to hip2save plus being a military wife :) and I will never stop, my husband is in the army and he just went deploy 2 weeks ago, so i came with my lil girl home live with my mother Im very emotional and couponing and working with my parents keeps me busy thank god, around were I was raise its a upscale area, So i went to my walgreens were i was raise and my second job when I was 16 today with my deaf sister and her friend and we went with my parents work shirt that says Catalina cleaning services, we went inside and my sister took 2 candy I didn’t notice it when I’m about to get my deals of the week when I’m done paying the cashier hispanic just like me ask me about the 2 candy my sister took when we walk in, i ask my sister in sign language and she said she didn’t had it, again the cashier demands for the candy and i told her we didn’t had it that my sister didn’t have any candy and with attitude she said i saw them 2 getting those then she sees my face like are u serious she said forget about thank u.

    im here with all this pain inside my heart because she just accused me of shoplifting my sister is deaf so she cannot understand what are we talking about (later on she tells me she left the candy SINCE LAST WEEK WAS HALLOWEEN AND SHE HAS CANDY AT HOME). luckily the same lady that has seen me grow was there we worked together and she knows my family.

    i called the lady i know plus the rude cashier i told her you are so naive just because I’m couponing and i have this shirt on, doesn’t mean anything i used to worked here im from this neighborhood i know what you did i know my right i started crying because its 2012 we have a black president but yet people like you are messing up this world my parents business is worth a lot of money $____ we do not need $1.00 worth of candy.

    i called the manager plus corporate I don’t want her to get fired thats the first thing but I’m just tired, and I dont want to feel like that ever again not at that walgreen or anybody.

    Im sorry for the long story

  • Tricia says:

    Yay! SO glad I check Hip when I get off work each day – it took a little while since Cardstore would only let me upload 1 pic at a time, but I was able to design a great Christmas card, order 10 of them, and score $30 worth of impressing-the-fam-and-friends for free.
    Thanks for the heads-up, Colin!

  • CeeCee says:

    I just finished creating my 10 cards! What an awesome deal! Thanks for sharing!

  • Judi says:

    I just created my New Years cards, but when I try to check out it won’t allow the promotion code! ?? Help!

  • Tracy says:

    This is awesome Collin, I thank you so much. I did retro themed cards for my Aunt’s and Uncles. All pictures of when they were little. i’m so excited for Christmas!

  • Judi says:

    It looks like I am gonna miss out again. Can’t get the promotion code accepted. :-(

  • Hope says:

    This was an awesome promotion! Saved $30!

  • Janelle says:

    Got my card in the mail yesterday. They only shipped me a qty of 1 – not 10 :( Anyone else???

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