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JCPenney Salon: *HOT* FREE Kids’ Hair Cuts Every Sunday (Permanent Offer!)

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Yay! JCPenney has made their FREE Haircuts on Sunday offer permanent for kids in grades K-6th! Keep in mind that you do need an appointment, so I would recommend that you call your local JCPenney Salon or stop by to reserve your spot now! How cool is that?!

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59 Hip Readers Commented

  • Dc says:

    Wow that is awesome

    • Permanent doesn’t mean permanent according to JCPenny…. that promotion has expired…. only in America.

      • bernadette Quinn says:

        i agree i just got off the phone with a jcpenney salon rep..NO LONGER OFFERING IT.. whats the definition of PERMANENT again?????

      • censability says:

        Only in America would people complain so bitterly about a freebie that has expired. Did it occur to anyone that the word “permanent” might be the word chosen by this site and not by JcPenney. Sheesh. You didn’t really expect them to do this forever did you? Sad for them, the stylist that did my daughter’s hair when we did take advantage wasn’t very good or particularly nice, so I wouldn’t go back there if it wasn’t free. But still, I’m grateful we got one free cut. Good while it lasted.

  • lauraS. says:

    wow i wonder how that is. doesnt help me though because my oldest is 9th grade and youngest isnt in K yet.
    has anyone had their childrens hair cut at jcp

    • karen says:

      yes and it was horrible. the “stylist” took a weed wacker through my 7 yr old at the time and she cried she even knew it looked bad was un even the stylist kept having to go shorter and shorter. They offered it for their newer stylist to get experience with children’s haircuts.

  • Jen says:

    We did it over the summer. They did not do a good job and made a huge deal about fixing my daughter’s haircut (it was visibly uneven). NEVER AGAIN! I’ll stick with Great Clips.

  • kate says:

    We had a great experience during their free cuts this August! My daughter is in 1st grade and when I took her to get her free haircut, they offered to cut my three year old’s hair for free, too! They were great with my kids, but I guess it always depends on the hairstylist you get. My kids’ cuts were fine, like what you would get at Supercuts or Great Clips or whatever.

  • Lynsey says:

    Laura, I got my sons haircut this last Sunday. He is 8yrs. The gal did a good job and she gave us her card for future visits. She was really nice too. It wasn’t crowded at all like we thought it would be. I made an appointment though and tipped too. My son got a faux hawk and shaved sides. When we gave the tip the gal was surprised and said it wasn’t necessary. Will be going back. I think it all depends on the salon/hairstylist. HTH.

  • Brooke Freitas says:

    I had my son’s hair cut there in August before school started and when they were running the promo (we live in San Diego). The person did a fine job, his hair is naturally curly and wavy and grows really fast so I tire of cutting it myself with the mess and the cost of paying $15.00 for a haircut every few weeks sticks. We’re regular JC Penney shoppers so this is great for us, every few months on our trip to the mall we’ll just make an appointment. Love it.

    • Susan says:

      I’m in San Diego too. With your positive experience amid these negative, mind sharing which one you went to and who you had? Thanks!

  • Leslie says:

    So glad they offer this. They did a great job on both my son and daughter. I will definitely go back.

  • michellini says:

    Yeah we went on Sunday and after they said let’s make on in 6 weeks, she said its permanent …

  • Carissa R. says:

    Tried this out last Sunday for my daughter. I do believe this has everything to do with the particular hairstylist you get, but our girl did not know what she was doing. Ended up fixing her hair, cutting it myself once we got home. Won’t be back, I can do a way better job, and I never even went to beauty school! Glad others are having positive experiences!

  • Mimi says:

    Our experience was bad, really bad. I end up bring my daughter to a real salon to fix the bad hair cut she got from JCP

  • Karleen says:

    Went last Sunday!

  • Danielle says:

    We had a great experience in August and have already booked our appointment with the same stylist for the end of the month!

  • wanda says:

    This is great news. I had positive expairance so far. My question do you leave a tip? I did both times when I used them.

    • Keri says:

      its really up to you if you want to…you dont HAVE to…but I mean if they do a good job i think they deserve it :)

    • Gabrielle says:

      Of course you tip!!!!!! You are supposed to tip regardless if it is free or not, so especially if it is free! Maybe thats why these stylist are doing such a crapy one likes to work for free! I am surprised that people even have to ask that question regarding tips!

  • Mary says:

    I took my four kids for haircuts during the August promotion and had a great experience. They were given great cuts . I will be bringing them again for haircuts there.

  • SR says:

    I took my 8 yo daughter this past Sunday and we had a bad experience. A total waste of time and tip!

  • Melissa says:

    I was happy with my kids’ cuts in August. When they called to confirm the appointment they made a point of saying that they could not accept credit card for tips. I was planning on tipping but was surprised they mentioned it.

  • marisa says:

    I have a four year old…think I should try for a free appointment?

  • Steph says:

    Jeepers–I would never do that again. Seriously. And I’m cheap.

  • JoAnn says:

    Took my 8 y/o last week and the stylist was great. Got seven inches cut off and it looks fabulous! She’s gotten a ton of compliments on it. We will def. be going back.

  • dolly says:

    Took my son in aug & again last sunday. They did a pretty decent job..

  • amie says:

    Dont forget JCP has free Family Portraits for the month of November! It comes with a digital copy and an 8 by 10 print of it! We are booked the 24th for a family picture with my sister and my parents (and our family) since my mother keeps bugging me about it!

  • Smile! says:

    The digital copy of photo is not “print friendly” though…that was a bit misleading…but still a great deal none-the-less.

  • Nicole says:

    I’ve never commented negatively on any of Collin’s posts but today I felt I should. We went twice to JCPenney for the free hair cut.. the first time was horrible but I thought it was just the stylist and figured I should give them a second chance. Well I did last Sunday. We got a different stylist and even showed the stylist a picture of what we wanted my son’s hair cut to look like. Afterwards he looked at me and shook his head and asked if we could just have grandma fix it. I asked the stylist if she could fix a part of it and she said “Maybe after her next client she would have time.” Needless to say Grandma fixed it and we won’t be going back. Awesome though that some of you are having good luck!!

  • kalia says:

    I took my daughter 11 my son 9 and my nephew 8 to get their haircuts in the summer.
    My son and daughter had the same stylist and my nephew had somebody else. I told her that my daughter just wanted the dead ends cut and she wanted bangs.
    The hair cut was horrible!! I had to fix the bangs my self and her hair was so uneven.
    One side was like 3 inches shorter than the other! What is weird though is my nephews hair was messed up too! Two different stylist! They have to know what they are doing to work in a salon don’t they!? It is a really nice gesture to give kids free haircuts but they should really hire people that know what they are doing! If it would have been a good haircut I would have totally been back! I really hope everybody has a better experience than me in the future!

  • meghann says:

    I’m so glad to hear some of you are having good experiences. I hate that not all of you are. I encourage all of you, though, to go to and fill out a survey letting them know how you feel, good or bad.

  • Kathi Chapman says:

    This is great news in this economy! Thank you

  • Delia says:

    This has nothing to do with this post but I was looking for the JCP clothes lost for 25 cents. I can’t seem to find it.

  • GLEN says:

    Wow took my son here what a mistake.I told the lady to fade his hair and she took clippers and went over his whole head ontop of that leaving chunks of long hair all over.Surely by 2012 everyone who cuts hair for a liveing should know what a fade is! When they say things are to good to be true like free haircuts they usually are.What a waste of time.

  • nicole says:

    I took all 3 of my girls there and they did great. It depends on the stylist. My kids are 1,5, and 7. All were free. I didn’t think my youngest would be but when I got there they told me they do the young ones for free to. So, I will definitely be going back for free cuts. :)

  • Sally says:

    I heard this is ending? Any news?

  • Danielle says:

    This program has ended – bummer. Permanet was pretty short term.

  • Pauline says:

    Believe they are keeping free kids haircuts, grade 6 and under…permanently…good training tool for the stylists! We had a wonderful stylist named Jenny…quality work and wonderful cuts….I got one too, as JCPenney also did a breast cancer survivor day! Thanks, JCPenney!

  • Brooke says:

    I tried to make an appointment for my kids today and was told the program has ended…

  • Nichole says:

    It’s not permanent… just called 2 different salons & they both said no longer doing?!

  • mom of 3 says:

    The one attached to the mall in Michigan City told me they are no longer honoring this offer. They told me it would be 14 $ for each kid on 2-17-2013. I took them across the street and paid 10$ each. Was really hoping to use this new program :'(.

  • mom_of_2 says:

    I went there two weeks ago and they told me that the free kids haircuts on Sunday program is no longer on. That is a bugger :-(

  • Nicole says:

    Just went today and after the cuts they told me I owed $28! They adjusted the price since I made my appointment back in January and no one let us know the program ended until after the cuts were done. So much for permanently!

    • Melody says:

      I just called the salon today and also found out it was over so much for free hair cuts permanently!!

    • Jenny says:

      We had a similar experience. We were there the first week in Feb and were told it was still going on. We went yesterday and they told us after we got the haircut that it was $14. Argh.

  • ERi says:

    Same experience here, when I made the appointment on 03/14/13 I said i wanted it on Sunday 03/17/13 for the free cut offer (they tried to get me to comin in sooner, during the week) and after they cut my child’s hair on Sunday they told me the price of $14 and said the offer had ended…in August. Uh not quite… SO many other places to get your kids hair cut for a quality job @ less than $14. We wont be back.

  • Jennifer Webb says:

    Just called my local JCP and they told me that the haircuts are no longer free but $14.

  • Kimberly says:

    Their not doing it anymore

  • I called and gave them this website info and demanded the free haircut based on the words PERMANANT OFFER. I told them they should mail me a 10 dollar gift card so I can get this PERMANANT OFFER. They hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak to a manager. They told me that they will put in a request to have a 10 dollar certificate mailed out to me. Jcpenney has very POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  • AJ says:

    FREE PERMANENTLY SHOULD BE JUST THAT!!!! Too bad it is not free because I could fix a bad haircut. I had four kids for the free cuts all all four were bad. Now they want $10 for a bad haircut.
    No, I am not an ungrateful customer but I do agree you should be putting your best show out there if you want positive reviews!

  • Alisa says:

    Definition of a chop shop… Would rather spend $12 at Fantastic Sams to do it right than waste any time at this “salon.” Thank god my stylist was willing to fix the mess that JCP did!!

  • linda says:

    Def need this.

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