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  View changes → 70% Off Holiday Cards = Personalized Cards As Low As 33¢ Each

9:12 AM MST
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If you are looking for a great deal on holiday cards, be sure to check out this special offer over at Once again, through November 15th, you can snag 70% off all holiday cards and invites when you enter the coupon code CCN2170 at checkout. Plus, you can customize each card by adding your own photos and text.

With individual holiday cards priced as low as $1.09, you’ll pay as low as only $0.33 each after the 70% off code CCN2170 is applied. Plus, choose the “Ship to Me” option and the shipping will be free. What a sweet deal! :D

Check out these comments from readers when a similar promo code was available:

Got my cards today and they are all stamped and addressed! So excited. I paid about $33 for over 100 cards. Thanks so much! I paid less $ than just stamps alone. And now I don’t have to merge labels and stuff envelopes myself. This is da bomb! :)

OM Gosh! Thanks so much for this. Got 15 fabulous personalized Thanksgiving cards for just $11.65!

(Thanks, Karla!)

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  • blyane says:

    Does anyone remember the price cards were last year on Cyber Monday? I was thinking they were less than this, just wondering if I should hold out until then?

  • silver says:

    They usually do a 80% off day so wait if you can!!!!!!

  • Corinne Char says:

    which size was only 1.09? Most of the ones I see are over $2

    • MJ says:

      If you go under holiday then last one under featured is Value cards. Click on that and there are the $1.09 cards. A bulk discount brought them down to .69 cents and then the 70% off.

  • Cristal says:

    Just got my Christmas cards from their last 70% off sale and love them! I got 50 photo cards addressed and stamped for $11 and change. Shopathome has 10% cash back so my cards were 22¢ each which is like getting half price stamps with a free card!! Never had my cards done so early and don’t have to stress about them last minute thanks to Collin and cardstore!

  • mel says:

    After making 10 personalized cards for free the other day, I don’t want to even look at cards! but thanks for the code, will be passing it on to some friends who missed out the other day!

  • Kr Brum says:

    I haven’t seen any for 1.09, but they start at $1.29 and the more you buy the lower the price goes.

  • Kr Brum says:

    When you search for cards, have it sort by price. There are only about a dozen in holiday greetings that start at that price.

  • Chris says:

    Thanks Collin, I got 35 folder cards with 12 pics for $20. Was waiting for this deal.

  • merrykingcole says:

    Is it possible to have them stamped, but shipped to me, rather than shipped to the recipeients. I don’t want to add in all my addresses, but i would love to have them pre-stamped. Thanks.

    • MJ says:

      You have to enter the addresses to have them pre-stamped. You can have them shipped to you then. They will come stuffed with the addresses and free stamp.

  • Hope says:

    Something I saw someone mention doing is replace the wording of the cards and make it for another occasion. Some of the illustrations looked like they would be good for winter birthdays so I made them birthday cards!

    • Gil says:

      I’ve done this several times during past free promos.
      This past week we used both our accounts-got holiday party invites, thank-you cards and more Chirstmas cards.
      I’ve been getting the free Chirstmas cards thru-out the year & now we’re set for the holiday.

  • SoxGirl1029 says: has a pretty good deal too. They gave me $25 for signing up through someone’s referral link and I got another $25 plus free shipping with the code HOL25SHIP. I don’t know why, but when I got to the checkout they somehow took off another $10 and I ended up getting $64 worth of cards for $4… I’m really confused as to why the extra $10 came off, but I’m not complaining :) It might be worth a try. This is the referral link they gave me: I hope I’m allowed to put it here…I don’t want to break any rules.

  • kendall says:

    Thanks Collin! Just got 20 cards shipped for $14! Yay for holiday goodies!

  • Fawn says:

    The holiday postcards are only 1.39 each…..cheaper to send if you’re mailing them yourself and still can put a picture of the front and back even, plus I was able to write plenty on the back online.

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