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Papa John’s: FREE Large Pizza Only 18 points (Regularly 25) + Enter to Win FREE Pizza

11:14 AM MST
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Who wants pizza tonight?! :D

If you’re a Papa John’s Rewards member, you may have just received an email with a special announcement regarding  a FREE large Pizza for only 18 points (regularly 25!) – today only! Just use coupon code 18PAPA at checkout. WooHoo!

(Thanks, Ella, Krista and all you other readers who emailed!)

Also, I just want to remind you to be sure to sign up for Papa Rewards as I’ve received several emails from readers who have won FREE pizza! :D

If you are a Papa John’s Rewards Member, you’ll have a chance to snag one of 2 million FREE pizzas! Every week through January 3rd (during the NFL Season), Papa John’s will be choosing 120,000 new and existing Papa John’s rewards members to receive a FREE large one topping pizza! Yum!

Here’s what you need to do…

(1) If you’re not already a Papa John’s Reward Member, head over here to sign up for an online account.
(2) Once you have an account and have signed in, click “My Account” by the cart in the upper right side of any page – this will take you to your account management page.
(3) Click the Papa Points section on the “Manage Account” page, and click “Enroll”.
(4) Beginning Thursday, September 13th, through January 3rd, 2013, 120,000 Papa John’s Rewards Members will be selected to win a FREE large 1-topping pizza (in the form of a unique, one-time use code redeemable at! Winners will be notified by email on each Thursday following NFL Sundays; and the email will provide instructions on how to redeem your free pizza. You will have approximately 3 1/2 weeks from the date you receive your initial email to redeem your promo code.
(5) Click here for more information.

Fine Print: 2,040,000 GRAND PRIZES (120,000 PER ENTRY PERIOD): A large Papa John’s pizza with one (1) topping, awarded in the form of a unique, one-time use promotion code emailed directly to the email address associated with the winner’s account (approximate retail value $10); Limit one prize per Papa Rewards member and per rewards account. Limit four (4) prizes per household.

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  • mary g. says:

    checked my email and i had one from papa johns from a couple of days ago for a FREE LARGE PIZZA!! yay!! thank you, collin :)

  • Molly O. says:

    Last week they deposited 25 points after I made a $12 purchase, but the e-mail they sent me then said use 25PAPA code to get your free pizza. I wonder if I can use the new promo and only use 16 points instead of 25.

  • Janell says:

    We had our free pizza Friday night for dinner :)

  • MalibuBeachBum says:

    I won one too! Got my email on Friday.

  • Jessica says:

    I just ordered dinner for later and cashed in 25 points. Wish I would of seen this earlier. Oh well, this is the only place we order from because of the rewards points. We love free pizza :)

  • Amy says:

    If you don’t want it today you can order and have it for a future date!

  • Cynthia says:

    Papa John’s is cutting back employee hours to prevent them from getting Obama Care. My family and I no longer do business with them for this unfair business practice. He gets rich while his employees suffer.

    • mary g. says:

      PLEASE don’t turn a “free pizza” post into something political…..good grief.

      • Claudia M says:

        I completely agree–first all of the ridiculous complaints on the Chick-fil-a post, and now this. Why do people think that we need or want to hear about their political beliefs on every deal post?

    • Jennifer says:

      I disagree, Claudia. If a business I’m patronizing has business practices that are unethical, I want to know about it. Unfortunately, I already ordered my free pizza before I saw Cynthia’s post, but after researching Papa John’s practices, I’ll be ordering from somewhere else in the future, even if it’s less budget friendly. Thanks Cynthia!

    • Grace says:

      I just want to say how sad this is, Collin & her team work so hard to bring these deals to us and the political discourse is so unnecessary. It’s free pizza & if you don’t want, don’t order it.

      Unfortunately this ‘Anti-Papa John’s’ stance is only hurting the employees even more. My husband works a professional job all day 5 days a week & delivers pizza several nights a week to provide for our family and this is a great company who treats (& pays) there employees very well.

      There is more to the story than just the headline so unless you have an experience of working for this company & how they treat employees or what it takes financially to run any company (large or small) to speak from maybe you should practice the old saying “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Papa John’s is great company and hires hardworking individuals who are just trying to make a living for themselves & their families.

      And besides, there are plenty of families out there right now that would be blessed by a free pizza!

      • Kelly T says:

        He didn’t say that he was going to mandate layoffs or cut hours to pay for this. He said that because Obamacare requires every employee who works over 30 hours (considered full time) per week to be covered, that it is likely some franchise owners would cut hours to be under the 30 hour mark. New headline “Uninformed boycott of Papa John’s Pizza causes severe layoffs and reduced hours of employees.” Yeah, well done, mission accomplished.

    • Kelly T says:

      Cynthia, how do you think his employees with suffer after people start boycotting his pizza? What cutbacks will your family directly cause? Do you really think that choosing to not purchase from this company is sending the correct message? If you actually read his statements, he didn’t say that there were DEFINITELY going to be cutbacks, and in all honesty, each Papa Johns is an independently owned franchise, with each owner making their own decisions in regard to hours and cutbacks. Do you know the beliefs of the owner of your local business? Because it’s him and his employees you are hurting.

    • Ann says:

      Cynthia – Papa Johns is cutting hours because of a burdensome government regulation. That’s how business works. That is also the reason why when businesses are successful, employees prosper, and unemployment reduces. I don’t fault you for boycotting a business because of something you feel strongly about. But, I do fault you for not understanding the result of burdensome government regulation. The irony is, your boycotting just ends up hurting the folks that you deem to care about most, the employees.

  • michelle belles says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I’m loving pjs these days! Last night we had 1 med and 1 large pizza for 6.38 delivered, which included tip!

  • Anjela says:

    On the contrary, I believe that Cynthia is right. I don’t want to encourage companies that have greedy owners. To not give your employees full hours to prevent them from getting health coverage is really low.

  • jessica says:

    Thanks! I had exactly 18 pts and used them to order my dad a surprise pizza for veterans day

  • Elizabeth says:

    So I can order today using the code and get my free pizza later? Is it only good for one use? I have enough points to get two free pizzas @ 18 points but not @ 25 points. TIA!

  • Whitney says:

    I got the 25 points last week when I ordered a pizza so I used that today. Went to special offers and saw that cheese sticks were only $4 to add on. So I got a large pizza and cheese sticks for only $4.30, awesome deal. The only time we get Papa Johns is when they have these awesome deals, can’t beat free pizza!

  • Sarah says:

    My family doesn’t like this pizza. I have 39 points and I would be more than happy to give 2 fellow hipsters a free pizza!! Email me at parisandlondon at Let me know your name and papa johns location where you want to pick up your pizza and what pizza you want. Any large 3 topping pizza! Oh and delivery time.

  • Aimee says:

    Thanks for posting Cynthia. There is nothing political about pointing out the disgusting fact that Papa john’s can give away two million pizzas but cuts employees hours so they don’t have to insure them. I personally wouldn’t order a pizza from them, free or not.

    • Sarah Johnson says:

      I agree. It isn’t political to share information about a company with people, especially when your money directly supports (or doesn’t) their corporate policies. I won’t be buying from Papa John’s so long as they think it is okay to treat their employees like that.

      • Karen says:

        Don’t know why people harp on the supposedly unethical things that large corporations do. And then the good things they do are labeled marketing ploys. No one ever wins.

        People need to be more open minded and don’t make a judgement based off one posting. Do your research.

  • Jeanne says:

    I won a free pizza last Monday and we had it for dinner last night. Free is good!

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