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Hip2Save This Holiday: Creative & Frugal Homemade Magnet Gifts

6:03 PM MST
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Hip2Save This Holiday Guest Post Submitted By Reader Kristen

This set of refrigerator magnets was made from a well-loved edition of Guess How Much I Love You. It is the perfect gift for a grandma or an elementary school teacher. It’s easy to do!

Here’s what you need:

*Sturdy paper.  You may use a child’s book with illustrations, old Christmas cards, coordinating scrapbook papers, or even photos.
*1 (or more) packages of bubble magnets (available at Staples for less than $2 each)
*Modge Podge (you can buy it at the craft store or make your own using equal parts Elmer’s and water)
*Craft glue or a hot glue gun

Here’s what you do:

The process is very simple.  I picked up a couple packages of bubble magnets at Staples for $1.99 each. I have also seen them at Walmart and craft stores, but they are more expensive.

Remove the magnet from the back and carefully peel off the graphic from the plastic bubble. They come off very easily.

Brush Modge Podge on the underside of the acrylic bubble, being careful not to get it on your fingers or on the top of the bubble.  Carefully place your circle cutout face-down onto the Modge Podge. Then, flip it back over onto some aluminum foil or parchment paper. You should be looking at your image under the plastic bubble! Press out any air pockets and continue with the rest of the circles until you are finished.

Now your bubbles are ready to dry!

Double check to make sure you didn’t get any Modge Podge on the tops of the bubbles. If you did, wipe it off with a damp sponge.  Double check for air bubbles as well.  It helps to weigh the tops of the magnets with a heavy book while they dry. This may take several hours.

Once dry, glue the magnets to the back of the bubbles using a hot glue gun or heavy-duty craft glue. Allow to dry completely.

That’s it. You’re done! Aren’t they adorable? Gift the magnets in a tin or recycled jewelry gift box. I’ve even used empty candy boxes for a sweet presentation.

For more information on my new Hip2Save This Holiday series and to learn how you can participate in the fun, click here!

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  • Bev says:

    How cute!!!

  • Colleen says:

    Super cute gift idea!

  • Sandra says:

    Other ways of presenting your gift: attach to juice can lids and place in small cellophane bag or place in the metal gift card containers they have decorated with Christmas scenes. Dollar Tree has glass marbles in their floral area that work well, too.

  • Barb says:

    wow, that’s pretty creative. i love that.

  • Veronica says:

    I have been making these for years!!! I use the large glass vase fillers, I get mine at Dollar Tree for a DOLLAR or Michaels and use the 40% or 50% off coupons. A bag comes with about 25 pieces. I buy the magnets at Michaels as well, and i always use the 40% or 50% coupons to make the deal even sweeter!

    • angeline says:

      yup i have done a gizillion of these with the glass vase beads they sell in a bag at dollar tree and i do it in two sizes one with the big ones and one with the small ones i have found that jewelery glue works best and i recycle i use old magazines and stuff like that and then glue the little round magnets in the back after they dry…also a awsome kids proyect.

      • Katie says:

        Me too!! I did these with all the grandkid pics one year for mother’s day! Precious! I actually also used the big glass vase “stones” (from Michael’s) and use the heavy duty round magnets for mine. Love!

        • Michelle says:

          How would you shrink down pics on a MAC to use them for the magnets?

          • Michelle says:

            Oops, sorry… I mean a PC, not MAC!

            • MommySpendsLess says:

              Windows Picture Manager has great options for adjusting contrast/brightness, resizing and cropping photos as well and I believe it come free/preinstalled with Windows.

          • Christina says:

            open it in a different program called Paint.. right click the picture/ click open with/click paint.
            To shrink the picture down, go to the “Image” menu, and pick “Stretch/Skew…”. The Stretch and Skew dialog appears:Replace both “100”s with “25” to shrink down the picture to 25% of its old height and width — this is about the right amount of resizing necessary to shrink a 3-megabyte photo down to the standard size that will fit comfortably on a screen — and click OKNow go to the “File” menu and pick “Save As” to save a copy of the picture in its reduced form.. rename to keep your original
            n photoshop you can re size the image as well.
            Most of the time you can change the size when you click print.. print settings or advanced print settings. You should be able to view it before you print, if it looks fine just print the size… but if its all messed up you will have to shrink the photo first. hope that helps. On a Mac I dont have to shrink it first.. but on my pc i did and my husbands pc i didnt so just check first :)

  • Laura C says:

    Very nice!

  • fiveintow says:

    Thanks for featuring my craft, Collin! I appreciate all you do.

  • Carly says:

    Anyway to do this with pictures? Maybe if you printed them on cardstock? I think my Mom would love something like this for her office with the grandkids picutres!

    • Katie says:

      Yes, that’s what I do! (See above comment from “Katie”). I DO have to go into my photo program (we use iphoto as we are MAC people) and crop the photos I want to use and then also customize the size to print on my own computer. I use 1.25″ square photos and just round the edges to conform to each stone or round plastic piece. It sounds complicated but it’s really not once you’ve done it once! And well worth the effort. Also, son’t worry about the mod podge making your photo “run”. It won’t. HTH!

      • Carly says:

        Oh good! Thank you Katie! Yes, I was worried the Modge podge would ruin the photos! Awesome!! One more Christmas gift in the bag!! :)

  • rose says:

    Too Cute!

  • Heather J. says:

    Dollar Tree has flat glass marbles.. Then I bought the magnets at Hobby Lobby. Think you may get more for your money buying that way. I made and sold a bunch of these at a craft fair this summer. They were a hit! Can be made with photos as well!

  • Rachel says:

    Love it!

  • Carol_R says:

    Very cute but unfortunately magnets don’t stick to stainless steel and that’s the type of refrigerator I have.

  • Kristen says:

    I am a teacher and once I got homemade magnets that were made from small painted wooden buttons (shaped like flowers, bees, glittery fish, etc.) with a circular magnet hot glued on the back. I can’t imagine that they were too labor-intensive to make, but they were so cute (and unique!) and useful.

  • Kristina Von Tolmacsy Miller says:

    I have done these for years also…very fun gift idea!

  • Kate says:

    That’s what we did this year! Except a little different. Already wrapped and going in mail next week to our family!!

  • Heather C says:

    As a board for your magnets, use a shiny and inexpensive cookie sheet attach pretty ribbon tied into a bow at the top from the back with hot glue to hang from the wall and you have a memo board! (and a place to put magnets for people who have stainless appliances :o) )

  • Denise says:

    You ladies are so awesome, such wonderful gift ideas. Thank you for sharing!! I’m going out today to get some of these supplies. I think these would be so great with photos. I’m slightly craft-challenged, but I may be able to do these! Thanks again!

  • Anonymous says:

    Perfect! We are forgoing buying gifts for everyone outside the kids this year, but was thinking about doing something small. This is perfect!!!!

  • Karen R says:

    My daughter and I are going to make these for Christmas gifts. I LOVE this idea! Thanks Kristen and Collin!

  • Pamela says:

    Is anyone else having difficulty getting the adhesive off after removing the label? Any tips that have worked for you would be appreciated. Thank you

  • Jennifer says:

    I bought the magnets at Staples and got the label off the magnet part, but the glass part has this funky plastic-like stuff on it. I tried scratching it off, but it won’t come off. I tried nail polish remover, soaking it overnight; the stuff still won’t come off. I tried rubbing alcohol; no dice. I know it comes off because it has chipped off in a couple of places. Some of the color from the stickers remains on this stuff so I can’t tell if it’s adhesive or something else. If I could get it all the way off, I could finish the process of making custom magnets, but I can’t get this gunk off. I don’t know what it is or I would have Googled it already! Thanks!

  • Jennifer R says:

    I can’t get the decal off the back of the bubble.
    Any tips?

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