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FREE 30 Day Supply of Dailies and Air Optix Contacts

1:18 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

If you’re are a contact lens user (or if you wear glasses and have debated about trying contacts!), you can currently snag a FREE 30 day supply of contact lenses by simply clicking on one (or both!) banners above and below. Then just look for the free 30 day trial offer advertised in the sidebar or at the bottom of the site, and complete the form which will give you a FREE membership to the EyeFile System. You’ll then be able to print your certificate for a FREE 30 supply of contacts. Please note that an eye exam may be required in order to use the certificate.

If you’re wondering whether it is worth your time to request a certificate, check out this Facebook post left by reader, Kimberly…

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  • mat says:

    fyi: Do take note of the fact that the ad banner for the Dailies just says “a free trial” which doesn’t imply the 1 month free trial that the air optix contacts ad says. You will be given more like a 5 day supply at most offices(I called around in my area) as a trial so 10 lenses (same as they do when they try out new contacts for you after an exam) the air optix are a monthly lens so 2 lenses last one month.
    ….just so you know what to expect.

  • Kasey says:

    When I printed the certificates, neither say it is for a 30 day supply and both have the Certificate # and Expires fields blank, is this right or did mine print wrong?

  • darcy says:

    there wasn’t a drop down on the arrow to select which kind you currently use and you can’t complete the offer without it :(

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