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Toys R Us: *HOT* 6 Crayola Products Only $20.66 (a $52.94 Value!)

11:46 AM MST
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As I mentioned yesterday, Toys R Us is offering up an awesome deal on Crayola Arts & Crafts product! First, through November 17th, score a FREE Crayola Twistables Pencil Sketch set ($11.99 value!) with ANY Crayola Arts & Crafts purchase of $19.99 or more (advertised in the weekly ad). Plus, you can double dip this deal with another Crayola deal advertised in the Big Toy Book

Through November 21st, as advertised in the Big Toy Book, with ANY Crayola Arts & Crafts purchase of $19.99 or more, you can score a FREE Crayola Pip-Squeaks Set ($10.99!).

Even better, today and tomorrow only (11/16-11/17), all Crayola Arts & Crafts are on sale for Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off. Combine this B1G1 50% Off Sale with the 2 free offers mentioned above and you’ll have yourself a very sweet deal!

Here’s the scenario I cooked up (by combining all of the above):

Buy 2 Crayola Easy Finger Paint $8.99 each (note that these were marked on sale B1G1 50% Off AND B1G1 40% Off)
Buy 2 Glow Sand Refills $5.99 each (on sale B1G1 50% Off)
Total = $20.66
Plus, buy Crayola Twistables Pencil Sketch ‘N Shade Set (includes 27 Twistables PLUS 40-page Sketchbook) – FREE with $19.99+ purchase above ($11.99 value!)
Plus, buy Crayola Pip-Squeaks Markers and Stickers Set (includes 25 markers PLUS 40-page color and sketchbook) – also FREE with $19.99+ purchase above ($10.99 value!)

Pay just $20.66 (+ tax) for all 6 products (valued at $52.94!) What an awesome deal! :D

* Also, remember that there are various Crayola product rebates that are available for purchases made through 12/30! Head here to print the form and view the qualifying Crayola products.

(Thanks, Tiffany and Heather!)

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  • Kim says:

    I have a rebate question.

    The rebate requires you to send in with reciept and the original UPC code. I want to give this gift to someone, how can I get the rebate without making it obvious to the recipient that I have just submitted it for a rebate when clearly, the UPC is cut out of the box?

  • Stacy says:

    Also there are crayola coupons in specially marked packs of energizer batteries. I think it is only AA or AAA packs.

  • Laura says:

    Do you need coupons for the free items or do they automatically come off?

  • debra says:

    Just came back from Toys R Us. I did the deal Collin mentioned earlier with 2 sets and it didn’t work out. I had to get a refund and then repurchase them separately. The BOGO 50% off messed it up.

    On a different note, I am considering another double dip deal on the Barbie Cruiser Ship. It is 89.99, I have a $10 off coupon bringing it down to $79.99. There is a gift card promo where you spend $75 and get a $10 gift card. Then there is a special spend $50 on any Barbie items and get a Barbie organizer valued at 27.99 free. Seems like a pretty good deal. Total of $70 for the Cruise ship and the organizer after gift card.

    • Sara says:

      I saw online at Target the cruise ship is $63. I wonder if TRU would pricesmatch the online price?

      • debra says:

        That would be awesome! going back to TRU later to get this crayola deal as well. I will find out then unless anyone knows if they do that. Thanks for posting!

    • Danielle says:

      So it wouldn’t let you have the two free items? Because the cashier at my TRU said there was no way…you’d have to have two separate purchases of 19.99 for it to work. I don’t get it! How are the stores so different? And how did you get it to work when you got back and got the refund?

  • Summer says:

    I went to my Okemos, MI store this morning. A lot of the marker sets, none of the colored pencil sets. Not even an empty spot where they would have been. I even had a sales person check and his system said 3 in stock, but he couldn’t find them either.

  • Erin says:

    I would not recommend the Glow Sand. It doesn’t glow for long, so you pretty much have to use it all in one craft session. Plus, it’s sand, so it’s a mess to begin with.

  • Debbie Auen says:


  • Sharon says:

    Which crayola products are BOGO 50% AND BOGO 40% – are they all marked at that price or just certain products?

  • Stac says:

    I did the deal yesterday with the airbrush set and it took the 2 free items off no problem. I went back today cause I had seen that the crayon maker was on sale for 15.74 so I added 2 packs of construction paper to make it to the 19.99 but the system was all messed up and it didn’t take off the free items, or give me the paper b1g1 1/2 off. I showed the manager my receipt from yesterday and after a while he ended up taking off the 2 free items. Just beware the system is messed up if you are gonna head over there!

    • Stac says:

      Also…they sell these packs of glow sand at the 99 cent store : )

    • michelle says:

      Toys R Us’ system seems like it’s messed up quite a bit. I frequently have to fight to get the sales price and for the items to ring up correctly, especially on the blu ray promos with deposits. Very frustrating to shop there to say the least!

    • Susan says:

      I couldn’t even get the sale price on the crayon maker or the BOGO 1/2 sale with it either. It did give me the two free items. I ended up having to pay the $21.99 for it yesterday.

  • suz says:

    I didn’t combine with the BOGO but just bought the Color Explosion Neon Case and got the 2 items free.
    I don’t think the “free” items are available on-line (probably sold-out).

  • Tilla Ham says:

    last week i got 3 sets of the pip squeaks and 2 sets of the twistable pencils for 25…so 5$ each item, not quite as good as this but i was happy with it

  • shannon says:

    I just left toys r us and I got 2 items for $19.99 with b1g1 50% sale and used the 20% off on the glow book. I got the sketch & project for &19.99 and the glow board came to $8.79 after 20% coupon and b1g1 50% sale. I also got the markers and twistables free. I paid $28.78 for glow board, sketch projector and 2 twistable pencil sets and 2 marker sets (pencil and markers were free). Awesome deal with $6 coming back in rebates.

    • Dreylawn says:

      How do they take off the 20% first and then the bogo1/2 off?

      • Shannon says:

        I used the coupon out of the toys r us x-mas catalog for 20% off a crayola item which included the glow board. After she hit total I handed her the coupons and it took the 20% off the glowboard that was already marked down 50%. So I don’t know how they do that but it worked for me. So the 50% came off first and then the 20% off. I also got the star wars lego set Palpatine’s Arrest (9526) normally $109.99 on sale for $89.99. And in the same book there was a coupon for $20 off. So I got that for $69.99. Not a bad deal either on a high buck lego set. And I got a $10 g.c. back for spending $75.

        • Dreylawn says:

          thank you for the reply, shannon. my question was supposed to be do they take off the 20% or the bogo1/2. lol. I don’t know how the HOW got there. hehe..

    • priscilla says:

      How did you get 2 free sets of the markers and pencils? Is that because you had 2 purchases for $19.99 before the 50% off? So it would let you get both the markers and pencils free for every $19.99 in Crayola in your purchase?

      • Shannon says:

        You are correct. I bought 2 at $19.99 which in turn makes the 2 sets of markers and pencils free. But actually the glow board rang up $21.99 and that’s the one they took 50% off of. And then I used the 20% off coupon on it to make it $8.79.

    • Ana says:

      I wish I was as lucky as you at my store, they wouldn’t take off the Twistables for free or let me use the 20% off coupon or the $10 off $50 purchase (I had more items). They said if I buy an “unbeatable price item” I can’t use the $10/$50 and that I could stack the 20%…I feel like I got trapped into not getting a good deal because I got the glow board for $21.99 and then I bought the twistables for $5.99, i got the markers free, but I was definately bummed that they would let me use all the qs.

      Any one know what the “unbeatable price items” are? I hate that they use this vague terminology and then don’t let me use the q.

      The only good thing was that they price matched the Imaginext Knights Castle Playset from Target for $44.99. Could that be the reason they wouldn’t let me use the $10 off $50?

      Haha sorry for all the question but I just get so frustrated with my Toys R Us!

  • Heidi says:

    I went to a Toys R Us where the employee told me there was no way you could “double dip” on the crayola deal. Just happened they were out of the Twisters set anyway. I drove over to another Toys R Us and did the deal with no problems. Thanks so much for posting this awesome deal.

  • julie says:

    Wouldn’t let me double dip either, but I got the easel for $40, free marker set, and glow book for $8, plus I’ll get a $3 rebate.

  • vee says:

    how do u do this online? i cant get the free stuff to come up as free

  • Chione G says:

    My Toys R Us had no trouble with the “double dip.” I bought 2 boxes of Crayola sidewalk chalk ($3.99 each, B1G1 50% deal) and two of the Crayola ColorWonder sets with 18 pictures and 5 markers each ($9.99 each, B1G1 50% deal too), plus the two “freebies.” My total was $20.96 + tax. They had no problem with me doing the deal twice either, so I’ve got Christmas taken care of and a stash for next year’s birthday parties. Thanks Collin!

  • Stacy J says:

    Love this deal! I got it prior to this post, but I got the digital light designer (used the $15 coupon in the big toys catalog) and then snagged the markers and pencils. Also plan to cash in on the $5 rebate – makes the digital light designer $24.99 instead of $44.99. Thanks for posting!!!!

  • katie f. says:

    Argh. I messed it up and got the small pack of pip squeaks markers (4.99) the cashier was nice and gave it to me for free anyway because I noticed before we completed the transaction. Do you think they’d let me fix it? Or should I cut my losses?

  • Corinna says:

    I did the deal scenario from yesterday. Bought the airbush set, got the 2 freebies and a color wonder set for half off. Used a $3 off birthday coupon and am going to send in for rebate. Total with tax comes to only $21.64. Quite the deal on Crayons if you ask me!

  • Calimom says:

    Deal not working in Modesto, Ca. :(

  • sonya says:

    I was told I could only get one free item per $20. Kind of a bummer but still a pretty good deal!

  • Bre says:

    I bought the crayon maker for $19.99 and got the pip squeaks marker set and the twistables sketch kit for free! Thanks for posting this deal, my son LOVES to color!

  • Jana says:

    can you use toys’r’us coupons and manufacturer coupont together?

    • Shannon says:

      Yes you can.

      • Jana says:

        thank you shannon. my toys’r’us doesnt have the lego set palpintine’s Arrest on sale.but its on sale online.was yours on sale when you scaned it or did they price match the online price?

        • Shannon says:

          I’m sorry just seeing this now. My store had a sign that it was on sale for $89.99. BUT it rang up $109.99 and I said that it had a tag in front of it that said it was on sale for $89.99. So they changed the price to $89.99 and had no problem taking the $20 off.

  • Karen says:

    Our Toy R Us in Huntsville, Alabama had a large selection of Crayola items. I bought 2 items-one for $19.99 and the other for $16.99. The $16.99 item rang up at 50% off then I got the pipsqueaks and twistables FREE! 4 items for <$30.00. Also…plenty of Toys R US employees-eager to assist! Love thee deals. Thank you Collin and Toys R US!

  • Angela says:

    Hayward, Ca. location is having issues. Didn’t ring up as bogo 50%off. Also didn’t would let me get both half off and free item. Luckily the store manager was laid back and manually put the deal through.

  • Jenny says:

    At my store in MN they comp’d a different pencil set for me (the cheaper one without the book), and I was able to get the pip squeaks with my purchase too. They were very happy to help and I heard them talking before they decided to comp it for me that they thought I was really nice. Sometimes they have the authority to make those decisions so always remember to be nice. I think people should always be nice to holiday workers period, and also remember that it might help you get a deal! They probably wouldn’t have done it if I had an attitude or was rude. They must have been dealing with some interesting shoppers earlier! Thank you for posting this deal, Collin!

  • Mom says:

    Don’t forget about the $3/10 Crayola coupon that was on those cheese stick packages from the Target deal this summer!

  • OmaAndy says:

    I asked a manager if i could get both items for free today with a purchase of $19.99 and she said no. I decided to try it anyway at the register and i got both items for free.

  • Danielle says:

    I went back to my store today to return and get a refund on my items because they charged me 29.00 However, when I went back, somehow after all was said and done, and I felt bad because my TRU was very busy and crazy, I only spent $15.89! And I got the two items free as well..Sometimes I feel so bad for customer service workers at holiday times, but at the same time, I dislike that everyone is always new and doesn’t know what to do with returns. I literally was standing there for half an hour waiting for the customer service representative to go through every little thing on my receipt. All in all, worked out well for me, I just feel very frustrated that it seems like everyone has a different idea about how these deals should work at their store.

  • Dreylawn says:

    I went today to the Goodyear, Az one. Was able to get the 2 for free with a 19.99 purchase. They had plenty in stock. They had a sign up for the free twist pencil sketch, but no sign for the pip sqeeks, but they rang up free. Thank you for the post!

  • Mia says:

    Thank you so much for letting me know about this awesome deal :-)
    I did this twice. First time both items free. Second transaction one of the items was less than expected, so I was charged 50% for free item. I hate how you can’t see the price on the register! It wasn’t till after that I noticed my mistake!

  • Jenn says:

    I got the Sketch and Project and both freebies. The cashier had no issue with both items being free. I had a $10 off Crayola coupon from earlier in the year and used that. I got all three items for $11 and change. I was a little bummed that the Sketch and Project wasn’t working at that store for the BOGO 50% off. It was okay though because the stuff was so picked over. They only had the Color Wonder stuff left and my on wants nothing to do with that.

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