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Walgreens: Earn 5,000 Bonus Balance Rewards with Every $30 In-store Purchase (Thru 11/17)

7:58 AM MST
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Calling all you Walgreens shoppers! Through tomorrow, 11/17 only, score 5,000 Balance Rewards points every single time you spend $30 on almost anything in-store and online using your Balance Rewards Card! And as you likely know, 5,000 Balance Rewards points equals a $5 reward, so you are basically getting back $5 in rewards money to use on future purchases at Walgreens every time you spend $30 through tomorrow! Sounds good to me! :D

Plus, you can maximize the amount of points you earn by checking out all of the Walgreens weekly deals since there are lots of products that you can buy to earn additional points (in addition to the 5,000 points you’ll score for spending $30)! A good example of double dipping is on the Nature Made deal. You’ll score 5,000 Balance Rewards points for spending $30 on select Nature Made product AND another 5,000 bonus Balance Rewards points because you spent $30, so you’ll earn a $10 reward! Throw coupons in the mix to sweeten this even further.

* New to the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program? Head here to read all about it.

If you cook up a great point-earning scenario, come back to let us know!

(Thanks, Hot Coupons Crazy Savings!)

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  • Carol says:

    Does this only apply to one single purchase or can it be accumulated over the next few days, like CVS does?

  • WynetteC says:

    I was wondering the same thing Carol, great question. I also wonder if the 5,000 points are counted before or after coupons have been applied to the total.

  • ozi says:

    Single transaction. Crap. I shouldnt have bought those meters. O well.

  • Kelly says:

    Is the $30 before or after coupons?

  • Judy says:

    Can you buy $30 worth of gift cards and get the 5,000 points? The fine print says phone/prepaid cards, so I wasn’t sure if that means just phone cards or all “prepaid” cards (as in gift cards.)

    And can you use your reward points to buy gift cards?

  • Jane says:

    Have you all heard about the EZ Monitor deal this week? There is a Diabetes Coupon booklet in some of the stores with a $10 Coupon on the EZ Monitor which is already $9.99 – get 5000 pts…

    I also heard that the 5000 points posts AFTER all Walgreens coupons and discounts and AFTER all MC.

    So….could we do the following transaction I wonder???
    buy 3 Contour EZ monitors @ 9.99 = $29.97
    buy 1 caramel @ .39c

    Total before all Walgreens coupons = $30.36

    Total after MC’s .43c

    Get 5000 pts for spending $30 – get 15,000 pts for buying 3 Contours (I read you could get more than one in the same transaction-but I have not tested this theory)

    $19.57 MM

    Could this possibly be right????

    • ozzi says:

      yes thats right. although u may not need to buy the caramel if they adjust the price to 10.00 since the coupon is 10.00 not 9.99 it wouldnt work unless the price is adjusted. i did mine already since i was worried that they might sell out. if only i had waited. oh well its only an extra 5,000 points. lol

  • Cynthia says:

    Coupons are now showing up as “cash payment” at checkout…so your Rewards total is AFTER all coupons are scanned. This just happened a week or so ago. Even my Wags store manager was confused when this happened the first time. Yeah…Wags is really changing things up.

    • ozzi says:

      if that is the case, walgreens is def being like rite aid and screwing everything up. if rite aid had their way, then they would only take internet coupons that are loaded to card not any internet coupon. cvs rules.

  • Marissa says:

    Worked perfectly for me.
    (3) 9.99$
    (1) Carmel .39$ (they said they had to just the coupon down not the product up)
    (2) 10.00$ coupons
    (1) 9.97$ coupon
    .39 subtotal
    2.17 after tax
    Earned 20,000 points!!

  • Sarah says:

    I bought 4 of the meters today to get over $30 and they adjusted the coupons. So I earned 25000 points and only paid tax.

  • annie says:

    i been looking for those booklets in IL could not find them anywhere, anyone finding them in IL? if so where?

  • paula says:

    Good luck finding the books,lol,I spent over an hour calling stores and even talked to customer care but no luck,one store had them but they were the old ones that expired over three months ago and nobody seemed to know what I was talking about,very frustrating,figured since the one store had the old ones they would at least be familiar with the book but NO!

  • paula says:

    OK,I am very stubborn and did not give up on the Diabetes book so after calling around for an hour or more getting nowhere I jumped in my car and went back to the store I had found the old expired diabetes book at and thank goodness my favorite cashier was there and after searching for awhile she found the NEW book,she is awesome!They were out of the meters but went to another store and they had 6,of course had only grabbed 4 books but the manager of that store knew about the book and got me 2 more and even rang me up personally because they had to be adjusted,so DO NOT give up because in the end it payed off because I got 35,000 points for my determination,you can get a picture of what the book looks like on,scroll down the home page to the diabetes awareness link with picture of guy running and there is a picture of the new diabetes book to show,that helped me!hope this helped and good luck!BIG money maker!

  • griselda says:

    i didn’t get my bonus points :c
    my total before coupons was $33 & after coupons $6.
    were the bonus points awarded before or after coupon total?

  • griselda says:

    i didn’t get my bonus points :c
    my total before coupons was $33 & after coupons $6.
    were the bonus points awarded before our after coupon total?

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