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  View changes → LeapFrog Explorer Learning Experience Game System Only $26.99

1:02 PM MST
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LeapFrog Explorer Learning Experience (pink)
Wow! Here’s another LeapFrog deal for ya! Hurry on over to where you can currently score this LeapFrog ® Explorer™ Learning Experience Game System (in pink) OR this LeapFrog Game System (in green) for Only $29.99 (reg. $59.99!). As a price comparison, these are selling for $45.69 to $47.38 on Even sweeter, you can use coupon code KMART10PSAVINGS to score an additional 10% off bringing the cost down to just $26.99!

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Experience
Choose in-store pickup to bypass all shipping charges if this is in-stock at your local Kmart (or score free shipping with your Shop Your Way MAX free trial)!!Or, get free shipping on orders over $50.  Hurry to order before these sell out!

* Note that if you plan to purchase more toys or other products, then keep in mind that the code KBMSM2DAY is stackable with the 10% off code AND takes $10 off $100 or $25 of $200! :D

(Thanks, Ketsy!)

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  • Allison says:

    Has anyone tried this? I am thinking about getting it for my 2 year old that is obsessed with numbers, letters and books…

    • Laurie says:

      My little girl got one at age 2 or 3 and has learned so much! This is a fantastic system and I would def recommend the camera attachment and charger! She is now turning 5 and already able to read. Keep up the books and reading w/ your lil one, but this is a great alternative to TV when you need to get stuff done or on long car trips.

  • Ashley Auxier says:

    Out of stock :(

  • Lucky says:

    Go ahead and buy one for two years old this is an amazing toy but remember you have to spend some more dough for the games since it doesn’t come with it :(

  • Dawn says:

    Just got a confirmation e-mail from Kmart with the following note:
    Please note: Due to high demand, one or more of the items you ordered as noted below will be shipped to you directly from one of our stores. In the event the item is no longer available from there, you will receive an e-mail informing you of this situation. In addition, our personal shoppers are available at 1-800-290-8390 to help you find a similar item.

    I am hoping that I will get it but I guess I will have to wait and see.

  • Nchantd says:

    Green one is sold out and of course I have a son.

    • Lucky says:

      Don’t worry it’s not pink its purple and my son had no problem playing with it infact he prefer the purple one over the green one and he is 3

    • Ketsy says:

      Do you have a Kmart nearby. You can always order it and then go to the store and even exchange for the other color. A bit of a hassle but worth it if you shop there.

  • Ketsy says:

    Yay! Thanks Collin! You got my message. Here’s another deal I just found at Kmart Item# 004W002523481000 It’s the camera and video attachment to this. 11.24 after coupon. Its 24.99 at Toys R US and 14.91 on sale at Better price here :D Great price for a smaller budget gift if you know a child with this toy.

  • Laura says:

    Just wanted to let you all know, that it is $29.99 in store…sure you don’t get the 10% off but it is still a great deal. I just went to my store to pick up the leappad(which is $39.99 in store) and they had like 10 leappads and lots of explorers on the shelf.

    • shanna says:

      So the sale prices are same in store? I called my kmart and they said they had some in stock but would have to charge me 79.99 for the leappad :(

      • amy says:

        C if ur target will pricematch. Mine did. I just had to show the ad from Kmart online n got one.

      • Laura says:

        I ordered the leappad online after seeing the other post. I had it shipped to the store and was notified withing 30 minutes that it was ready for pick up. I went to the store and walked around a bit. There are sale price tags at my kmart that the leappad 1 is $39.99 and the explorers are $29.99. The only difference if you purchase in store is you do not get the extra 10% off.

      • jvu says:

        They are talking about the GS. This one is $29 in store. I just bought 2 an hour ago.

  • Heather J says:

    I was able to get in-store pickup for the pink one, with the camera attachment, for $40! Amazing! My 2 year-old is obsessed with her big sisters’ LeapPads but I wasn’t willing to spend $100 on a toy for her yet, and with this she can share games with her sisters. This is going to make her Christmas! Thank you Collin – what would I do without you and your Hip readers?

    • Laurie says:

      We are in the same boat w/ big sis’s explorer that lil bro can’t keep his hands off. Lol! We paid so much more for hers years ago- so what a great deal! Now they can share the games and each have their own device! And to think I almost bought that FPrice IxL for $30! So glad I waited! This is a great price on a great handheld video game! Yahoooooo!

  • Kathy P. says:

    I got the green one at my store for $29.99!

  • Anny says:

    Just got my three grand kids 3 Leap pads in store.

  • Chris says:

    I tried to buy this online tonight. I put it in my cart and it said the price was $29.99. I added the promo code for the 10 percent off and it came down to 26.99. When I proceed to the check out it changed the price to 49.99. I didn’t catch the error until after I submitted by credit card info. I called Kmart and they said prices change and there is nothing they can do about it. I talked to the manager and he said the price is wrong on the web page and they are not responsible for web errors. I think that will be the last time i order from Kmart.

    • Christine says:

      Tried ordering two and prices show correctly until the final confirmation page so I was reluctant to push the button to confirm :(. Was thinking can just call cust service and they’d adjust it… Glad I saw this comment about them being no help… So disappointing

    • Halee says:

      The same thing happened to me. Just talked with someone at K-Mart customer service and she is going to report the error. You might want to check it again in the morning and hopefully they will have it fixed. If not, print the page out showing the $29.99 price and see if you can price match somewhere else.

    • Maria says:

      I bought this online and picked it up in store and I went to check what the prices were in store and there was a sign for the special price of $29.99 so this is a deal in store too. I don’t know why they would say that the price is wrong. Not cool. I always order from them and have never had any problems.

  • cAROL says:

    AHAHAAHA!!! just placed the order before reading the comments soo mad…. my order said $26.99 after promo codes and sale price went to print my summary and they charged me the 49.99… I called custyomer service and they said they could not fix it . now i have to wait 5-7 business days to get my money back that was charged.. haha!!! what a scam. this is soo not right and unfair to us as a customer i feel like i have been cheated…:( KMART GOING ON THE NAUGHTY LIST FOR SHORE THIS XMAS!!!

    • Loren says:

      I had several items in my cart and my total was hovering around $45-$50. I added 3 pairs of the slippers you told us about earlier for $3.50 and I noticed my total jumped to over $100! I played around with the promo codes trying to figure out if one of them had been accidentally deleted, but they hadn’t. I knew that the leapster camera accessory was only around $12 when I added it to my cart, but it was showing up as over $24! I chatted with customer service, but was told they couldn’t honor the discounted prices because they had expired…(but they expired around 11:30pm)! I’ve emailed customer service but haven’t heard back from them yet. KMART is going on the naughty list for me as well!

  • Ebony says:

    Good Morning!
    Does anyone have the 26.99 promotion printed out? I need it to take into the store to get a price adjustment. I purchased it yesterday and didnt realize that I was over charged. If so could you please email it to me

    • Liz says:

      Good Morning All!!!
      Could someone please email me a copy of the kmart page that shows the discounted item price. Im a mom of three on a very tight Christmas budget. I was told to take the printout into the store and a manager could refund the difference. I really appreciate it. Or even a copy of that email were it appears some of you all were refunded to your Paypal accounts would help.
      Thank you guys so much,

  • mcknna5 says:

    My order was also up to 95.00. I just received an email from KMART saying my paypal account was refunded the difference. I didn’t even contact them so they must be making adjustments.

  • Ashley Arnold says:

    Just purchased mine from the brick and mortar store, couldn’t be more thrilled thanks Collin!

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