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Sears: 2012 Black Friday Deals

6:44 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Sears opens at 8PM on Thanksgiving Day, 11/22 and will remain open all night. The first set of doorbusters begins at 8PM. The second set will begin at 4PM on Friday, 11/23. All prices are valid while supplies last, or until 1PM on Friday.

Use the in-ad coupon to snag an additional $10 off a $40 or more purchase of clothing, intimates, sleepwear, accessories, fragrance, and cosmetics from 8PM on Thursday night through 1PM on Friday afternoon. Get $15 off if you are a Shop Your Way Rewards Member (you can sign up for FREE here).

(To see the all of the Black Friday deals, click the link below “Read More / Post Your Comments”.)

Here are the best Black Friday deals…

Thursday 11/22 8PM Doorbusters, prices valid while supplies last or until 1PM on Friday 11/23.

Toshiba 50″ LED 1080p HDTV $299.99 (reg. $899.99!)
At least 4 will be available per store, while supplies last. Wear your running shoes! ;)

32″ Class HDTV $97 (reg.  $249.99).
*Models will vary by store.

Proscan DVD Player $9.99 (reg. $29.99)

Coats for Him and Her $15.99  (reg. $50-$75)

Performance Gear Bubble Jackets for Kids $15.99 (reg. $60-$75)

Toughskins Mix & Match Separates for Infants and Toddlers $4.99 (reg. $12)

Women’s Boots $19.99 (reg. $39.99-$69.99!)

Roebuck & Co.  Mens Jeans $12.99 (reg. $39)

Asus X401A 14″ Laptop with DVD Drive, 2GB Ram, 32oGB HD $219.99 (reg. $369.99)

Nook Simple Touch $39.99 (reg. $99.99)
*As a price comparison, I have seen these on other sites for $90!

Cannon Fleece Throws $3.49 (reg. $9.99)

Procter-Silex Food Chopper, 5-speed Hand Mixer, or Coffee Grinder $4.99 (reg. $9.99)

Hamilton Beach Flip Waffler, Panini Maker, George Foreman Super Champ Grill, Kenmore 3×1.5 qt.Slow cooker $19.99 (reg. $39.99-$49.99)

Friday 11/23 4AM Doorbusters, prices valid while supplies last or until 1PM on Friday 11/23.

HP Pavillion G6 15.6″ Notebook with Windows 8 $299.99 (reg. $469.99)
*As a price comparison, I have seen this on other sites for over $400!

NordicTrack 1/4-zip fleece for Men $9.99 (reg. $30)

Craftsman 18-Volt Drill/Driver $29.99 (reg. $59.98)

54″ Official Foosball Table $129.99 (reg. $299.99)

Disney Princess or Cars 10″ Bikes $24.99 (reg. $49.99)

Mens Hanes Flannel Pants or Joe Boxer Micro Fleece Pants $7.99 (reg. $30)

Hamilton Beach 4 qt. Slow Cooker, Personal Blender, or Black & Decker Quick ‘n Easy Iron $9.99 (reg. $16.99 – $24.99)

Bella Chocolate Fountain, Cakepop Maker, Pretzel Maker, or Cakesicle Maker $9.99
(after $5 Mail-in Rebate)

50% Off Kids Boots (reg. $14.99-$29.99)

Beware of the Black Friday Hype

Joe Boxer Blanket Sleepers for Infants and Toddlers $6.99
These are regularly priced at $7.99, making a savings of only 13%. With sales, coupons, and other promotions, you could get a better price elsewhere.

Keurig Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker $119.99
Although this item also come with a $25 Sears Gift Card, bringing the price down to $94.99, I have seen better deals on Keurig Brewers. A few weeks ago, I posted a deal on a slightly different model with the same capacity for way less after all discounts!

* Head on over here to check out the Sears ad scan and all the other deals available.

Also, go here to check out my Top 12 Black Friday Shopping Tips! And be sure to click here to browse through all the Black Friday deals that have been posted thus far.

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  • shannon says:

    I’m sorry but I think starting Black Friday sales on THanksgiving is just not a great idea. What about the people that have to leave their families to work these sales? When i was young, an early bird special was at 8 am on Black Friday. This is just a little much….

    • Tara C says:

      I agree.. before long the stores will stay open on all the holidays just like a regular day.. how sad we have become as a society. No sale is that great to give up time with family and friends to.say a few bucks…

    • debra says:

      Not in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have a Blue Law which prohibits the big box stores from opening on Thanksgiving. They have to wait until after midnight and some 1am. I know not much better but at least those who will have to work get the day with their families where they should be.

    • shanshan says:

      Tsk tsk tsk Sears… Making people choose between family and saving money!

      • Cate says:

        Don’t forget about the people having to work through the holiday, who often aren’t even given a choice.

      • melanie says:

        You cant blame husband works retail and its the demand. The store only do what every one is requesting. And thanks to all the requests my husband will be working thanksgiving night.

        • Lori Carson says:

          It’s not a matter of customer requests. We don’t write letters to these stores and say “hey, stay open all night so others cannot enjoy Thanksgiving.” No, it’s the pandemic greed of the 1-percenters.

    • AnnMarie says:

      As someone who used to work retail, I couldn’t agree more!

    • Brandy says:

      So, I should probably keep my mouth shut but here goes:) It’s retail, that’s what the consumers want, so that’s what the stores do. Retail is not the only industry in which people have to go in to work on Holidays. My husband who works at FedEx has had to go in every Thanksgiving night since he’s worked there and that has been 10+ years. At least people are out spending money so that people who work in retail can still have jobs. There could be worse things and to be honest when working retail you should expect to have to work on holidays. All the complaining about people having to work retail on Thanksgiving is kind of driving me crazy. They are most definitely not the only ones who work during the Holidays. There are people in Armed forces such as my Brother in Law who will not even be home for the Holidays, my husband, people who are over the road truck drivers, pilots, many people who will not get to spend time with their family. So, my suggestion is to just get over it, it is what you signed up for when you took a job in retail. People want to go shopping when they don’t have to work and therefore people have to work in order for those people to go shopping. Kmart and Meijers have been open all day on Thanksgiving for quite a few years. Yeah, it does suck but at least these jobs exist and are providing income to people who do work there.

      • Kendra says:

        I agree with you Brandy. Some people have told me they like to work holidays because they get the bonus pay. My husband is an officer and never gets holidays off unless they fall on his regular days off. It’s the individual’s choice to shop or not to shop. I do hope people will choose to spend precious time with their families if they can.

  • Ketsy says:

    Thanks for the early black friday posts and also for your lookout posts. I’m just sad daycares are closed… I have to drive for 3 hours to get a shopping buddy and so hubby can have a helping hand with the kids ;D

  • Kelli says:

    Michael’s Crafts started opening up from like 5-9 on Thanksgiving night. People would be lined up at the door too. Who needs to get crafts that badly on Thanksgiving night?

    • Deb says:

      My store is opening up at midnight, which is still to early. We sell “shower gels and lotions”…. nothing that can’t wait till 6:00am
      Stay home and enjoy your family.

  • Sandra E says:

    I feel bad for the folks who have to leave their Thanksgiving dinners to go to work so the stores can open at 8pm… It is a shame – are we that driven by a bargain?? I hope shoppers will just stay home until Friday!

  • laura says:

    On your black friday for sears, do you know what page the tv is listed on? I looked through their ad and did not see that specific tv. Was just curious, thanks. And thank you for posting these ads early!

  • Julia says:

    Yeah I wish there was a way we could tell them that we do not appreciate having to leave family to get a good deal. Plus they can’t call this a black friday deal when it clearly is not friday. What day are they going to start next year?

    • Erin says:

      Tell them by not going.

      • Gil says:

        I gave up this greedy madness years ago. If I shop it will be just as I am doing this minute-in the cozy comfort of my condo here on the beach using my laptop. I don’t need a darn thing that bad. I’m on vaca for a week and I had great relaxing fun last year watching the deals Collin posted.
        If you’re looking for a gorgeous holiday quilt (we hang some, display others over antique furniture)-be sure to check out the gorgeous red and white one over @ Eddie Bauer. Last year we grabbed a fab one @ Lands End-I think they had em 40% off.
        Have fun! Relax and enjoy these next few weeks!
        What side dishes are you making for the BIG day? And what cookies did you decide on to add to your holiday cookie platter this year?Got your Christmas cards yet? Most of mine were free from cardstore. I also love Lang folk art cards. So much fun-so many wonderful resources right here on line.

  • Debbie says:

    I purchased the hp g6 pavilion for the same price after a $50 easy rebate at staples in February. The only difference is I have Windows 7. The laptop is actually nicer than pictured.

  • Sam says:

    Julia, I agree with your post. I think the main thing consumers can do is NOT show up during these Thanksgiving hours. If people don’t show up on Thanksgiving they will get the message. :-)

  • Shanna says:

    I would love to get my son the Nook, but standing in line, possible fight over stuff and doing that all after I have eaten myself sick……pass!

    • Tanya says:

      You can put a Nook Color in layaway now until Wednesday to get the 99 dollar price if you pay for it in full by 9pm on Friday evening. That is the way I understand it will work this year after much research and discussion with Walmart managers.

      • Jamie says:

        See I have seen where you can price match other black Friday deals. I also heard you could put things on layaway that are for black Friday and as long as you pay on that day in full you get for black Friday price? I can’t get a straight answer out of my Walmart, I have had to call corporate 3 times on them for being rude and calling me stupid in front of everyone because I was right about price compare and she wasn’t. I don’t want to go and do it because a few said yes, some said I don’t know and one said No? Any ideas?

        • Tanya says:

          From what I understand, you can get the Black Friday prices as long as the item is on sale through Friday night. In other words, the iPads are only guaranteed for 1 hour, 10pm to 11pm Thursday, so they would not qualify for the layaway deals because layaway does not open until 9pm. I think its worth the risk for the $5.00 layaway fee. I hope this makes sense. I put almost $600.00 in layaway(I had to put 10% down) and my total on Black Friday with pricing matching from Target and Meijers, comes down to $238!!

          • Tanya says:

            Make that…Walmart layaway opens at 9AM on Friday!

          • Rita says:

            They said that they would allow you to price match just not the doorbusters 1 hour guaranteed? So all we need for layaway is the store ad correct? I have never put anything on store layaway….from your post what I got is you have to put 10% down and if you dont get an item there is a $5.00 fee. Am I missing anything else? What if you buy it and then return it just to avoid the stupid $5.00 fee? Just in case you have several items and they dont let you price match everything in your layaway or are you sure they will allow you?

  • Ana says:

    shanna- buy the pandigital e-reader from bens-outlet or they had it this month for 20+5shipping it is super nice and hAS MONOCHROME INTERNET
    bens outlet also has a 50 dollar tablet also a great dealand a great item!!!

  • nbilley says:

    For the Sears coupon as a Shop Your Way Rewards member, is seems you get $15 in POINTS to use on the next purchase, not off your current $40 purchase…am I reading that right? So you can either choose to get $10 off $40, or $15 in points when you buy $40…?

  • Anthony says:

    Anyone know when the ads will be in the paper?

  • dayna says:

    I work at a resort and all associates work ALL holidays. People take their entire family and stay with us through the entire holiday season. Gets crazy- we all leave our families and head to work because it is so busy. That’s kinda what we sign up for working in our industry. Just remember when your getting those great deals to be nice to the associate who is there on their holiday. It is sometimes hard enough when ppl are nice- could you imagine dealing with super scrooges when your already bummed about leaving your babies on christmas eve..

  • malo says:

    Please , the nook simple touch, is it the same one target has for $49.99 on their black Friday ad? I need this urgently and need to know where to focus my energy on blk friday.

  • Emma says:

    COLLIN, this is in no way aimed at you because I appreciate all you do to bring us the best deals and information early about good deals, I always go to your site first before anything else, It is just a general outlook on things, Look what america has become, GREEDY!!! thats all it is, the stores want to make money, money ,money, they dont care about the fact that it’s suppose be a FAMILY day of giving THANKS for what we have, even if its only being able to pay your bills, eat and have a roof over your head with heat to stay warm, and the PEOPLE are lured right into it, but it’s their right to do whatever, ME I am going to be THANKFUL for all my BLESSINGS and enjoy the day with my family, and If I miss a deal or if I dont get to get a certain item that I might want to get because I cant afford a higher price later I just wont get it and find something else.

  • nbilley says:

    I work retail, and although I’m not a fan of stores that open on Thanksgiving Day and I do appreciate my family time…I knew what I was getting myself into, just as much as everyone else. When you are hired, they tell you that you have to be ok with working holidays, irregular hours, etc….it’s what we signed on for. And, the industry is catering to shoppers and the demand. If people weren’t crazy greedy the day after they are supposed to be Thankful for everything they have…we wouldn’t have this problem :) Don’t work in retail, or don’t support them. The only way corporates will understand is when you stay home and keep your money…or only support those that open midnight or later. I guess you can always send mail or post on their FB, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

  • Kristy Bearfield says:

    Waho some of these are online now! I just ordered the $97 TV!

  • Lori says:

    All of you that are complaining can make your point by NOT shopping. If enough people feel that way (and back it up with action, by NOT shopping) maybe the stores will get the message.

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