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Burt’s Bees Grab Bag Only $22.50 Each Shipped ($50 Value!) – Includes 13 Products

7:59 PM MST
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Head on over to Burt’s Bees to score a Burt’s Bees Grab Bag for just $25! The Grab Bag includes 13 Burt’s Bees and güd from Burt’s Bees products and accessories that is valued at over $50! Yay! Even Sweeter, 5 of the items are full size products. Plus, you can use coupon code SPRING12 to score an additional $5 off your order! And, if you spend $40 or more your goodies will ship FREE!

As an idea, you could purchase 2 Burt’s Bees Grab Bags for only $45 (+ tax) shipped – making each bag just $22.50! What an awesome deal since you are snagging over $100 worth of Burt’s Bees products! Plus, you can split up these products to make a few gifts and these also go great in stocking and gift baskets! :)

Go through Ebates to get 3.5% cash back!

(Thanks, Good Deal Mama!)

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  • gricelda says:

    2.5% Cash Back thru Shop at Home

    • Rachel says:

      I’m new to this – what is shop at home?

      • Tricia says:

        Shop at Home is a website has coupons, deals, etc. It also gives you cash back for online purchases. For example, when I’m going to buy something online, I go to and put it the store name to see what % of my total sale they will give me back in CASH. (You have to link to the store from their site.)

        Check out the great coupons, deals and Cash Back I found on!

        • Rachel says:

          Thanks! I think I figured it out but my account on shop at home still says zero… Hoping its just because it takes a while to update. Ordered 2 grab bags! Hoping for good items – nervous that it could be anything!

          • A says:

            Ebates is the best rebate site out there (far better than Shop At Home). If you use eBates to visit the Burt’s Bees site, you’ll get 3.5% rebate! Just FYI.

    • Carol_R says:

      If you go through ShopDiscover you can get 5% cashback.

      • Claire says:

        Usually when you use a coupon code it cancels out the ShopDiscover cashback, so in this case it’s probably better to go with Ebates since it’s a very small diff in %age (unless of course you do not plan to use the SPRING12 discount).

  • Estel says:

    Has anyone purchased one of these bags recently? I remember last year people were complaining that the samples were disappointing compared to years past. I love most of Burt’s products but not knowing what comes in it makes me hesitate.

  • Naener says:

    I have bought them three times previously. The selection seems to vary, but I have never been disappointed. The few things I haven’t been able to use (mens, baby, etc) I have always been able to either use as part of a present or find someone else who is interested in them. They are worth it to me, and they’re saying this is their best one yet. I just bought two.

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