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  View changes → 75% Off Holiday Cards = Personalized Cards as Low as 17¢ Each

3:34 PM MST
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Through December 11th, you can snag 75% off all holiday cards and invites from when you enter the unadvertised coupon code CMN2936 at checkout. Plus, you can customize each card by adding your own photos and text.

With individual holiday cards priced as low as $1.09, you’ll pay as low as only $0.27 each after the 75% off code CMN2936 is applied. Plus, take advantage of the Buy More & Save Offer (pictured below) to get an even sweeter deal! For example, buy 100 of the 4×8 value cards for a total of $69 so only $17.25 after the code CMN2936 making each card just 17¢. Awesome!

To find these low priced cards quickly, just type “value 4 X 8 Christmas” in the search box. Plus, choose the “Ship to Me” option and the shipping will be free. What a sweet deal! :D

(Thanks, Kaylynn!)

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  • Ashley57 says:

    Darn! I should have known they would go cheaper! Oh well :) I love Cardstore :)

  • Ali says:

    We got our holiday cards delivered last week and were very pleased. If people have never used before and are wondering about the quality for the price, it’s great! We had used Tiny Prints for the past 5 years, but we switched over this year and saved a lot of $$$!

  • Jessica says:

    We are still waiting to receive the 10 free ones :(

    • lauraS. says:

      i spoke to someone on chat and they said im not getting them by thanksgiving. im really annoyed.

      • Bonnie D says:

        I received an e-mail telling me that the Thanksgiving card would be late but actually it was delivered to my son in N.M. & I got the other Christmas cards today. :)

  • Jessica says:

    Looking at the buy more save more page, it doesn’t look like the stamp is included on these… Am I wrong??

    • Betsy says:

      Stamps are included if you have them mailed directly or have them addressed and mailed to you. Stamps are not included if you just have cards mailed to you and you choose to address them yourself.

      • ali mae says:

        I don’t think they include them when you have them addressed and mailed to you now. They did last year, though.

        • Jessica says:

          This is why I’m confused. Under the buy more save more chart it says “In addition, postage rates will apply if you select stamped envelopes during card personalization. Postage for most cards is $0.45 each to domestic (U.S.) addresses, and $1.05 each to international addresses. Postal rates for 4.75 x 4.75 cards are an additional $0.20 per card. “

        • Betsy says:

          Yes, They are stamped if you address them and send to you. I ordered them a few weeks ago and they all came stamped, addressed and even stuffed in their envelopes.

  • hwick says:

    I’m also wondering about the included stamp… anyone know? I used this company last year and was very happy with the cards!

  • ali mae says:

    Just search “value” and you’ll get more options. That includes the cards that aren’t specifically Christmas, but say things like Happy Holidays. :D

  • Sarah says:

    I am so happy that they are doing this!!! I couldn’t do the other deals they have had because I am waiting to make my cards until we have my next ultrasound a week from today. I want to do a 4 picture card with a family photo, individual pics of kid #1 & #2, and an ultrasound pic of kid #3. Hopefully we will be able to announce what gender baby #3 is!!! I love their cards and their prices!!!! :)

  • Emily says:

    Go through shopathome and get 15% back!

  • lauraS. says:

    i really am torn. i want to use them for holiday cards but i never got my thanksgiving ones and they really dont have a good answer except that i got it for free. they offered the deal and advertised thanksgiving cards. if they couldnt have fulfilled them by then why did they even list it.
    will my holiday cards come quickly???

    • Deb says:

      Sure they will!
      I’ve been getting cards from them for 2 yes now.
      The best are all the free ones tho…we ended up with a good 30 cards free!

  • Carol says:

    does anyone know if the 4×8 value cards come with the envelopes? Thanks!

  • Monica says:

    Am I missing something? All the 4×8 cards that I’ve looked at are $2.29, not $1.09. How do you find the $1.09 ones?

    • Carrie says:

      not sure if you typed “value 4×8 cards” but I did and found them at that price range. Dorky, but could make the difference, I guess ;)

  • silver says:

    They usually do an 80% off code if you can wait :)

  • Carrie says:

    Been looking for a good deal! Thanks!

  • Kathryn says:

    Yay! I got ugly Christmas sweater invitations sent to all my guests and didn’t have to lick and seal anything, let alone pay for postage! Sweet deal. I also went through shopathome- can’t wait for my check in January!

  • aubri oreilly says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I just bought 25 cards and had them print my return address, the recipients address and mail them out and they printed everything for free, paid for the stamp and with the discount I only paid $5.35 to have 25 customized cards sent out. The stamps alone would have cost me more. Great, Great deal

  • Danielle says:

    I am so bummed! I didn’t realize that the stamps were only included if you had them mailed directly to the recipients. I had them all mailed to me and I did not get stamps. Grrrr!

  • JGW says:

    Just received my cards today. The quality was average at best. Not very impressed, and probably won’t use again. But for 47 cents (including a stamp) I wasn’t expecting much, either.

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