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Ecomom: Up to $80 Off + Free Shipping = 5 Melissa and Doug Puzzles Only $30.95 Shipped

11:08 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Update #2: You can actually score a $40 to for just $20 from Plum District! Stay tuned as I am currently cooking up a post with more details!

UPDATE: Thanks to reader, Leslie, check out this tip she left in the comments:
If you sign up for their newsletter, they will email you a $5 off coupon that is good for 48 hours. I was able to use it along with this deal to score $50 of Christmas present for only $25 shipped. Awesome!

Through Sunday, 11/25, is offering up $20 off a $50 purchase, $40 off a $100 purchase, or $80 off orders of $200. There is no coupon code needed, the discount will automatically be applied to your cart. Plus, score FREE Shipping on orders over $50 BEFORE the automatic discount is applied. That means you can score $50 worth of products for a low $30 shipped!

As an idea, I added 5 Melissa and Doug puzzles to my cart for a total of $50.95. After the automatic discount and FREE shipping, the final cost came to just $30.95, making them just $6.19 each shipped right to your door! These would make great Christmas or birthday gifts!

Melissa and Doug  Vehicles Peg Puzzle $7.99
Melissa and Doug Beep Beep Jigsaw Puzzle $9.99
Melissa and Doug Tow Truck Magnetic Puzzle Game $9.99
Melissa and Doug Puzzle Cards $12.99
Melissa and Doug Pirate Adventure Puzzle $9.99

As a price comparison, you would currently pay $48.75 for these same items on

Come back to let us know if you spot any other deals that would go great with the automatic discount!

(Thanks, Dear Prudence!)

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  • Katie says:

    I totally got burned in their black friday sale last year so I’m a little wary of these deals. Maybe if you get in early enough then you won’t have the big problems I had.

    • Queen Mum says:

      Same here :( I ended up getting my things way too late and had to settle for stuff I didn’t even want.

    • Amanda M says:

      I am a HUGE fan of Ecomom. Last year they were totally unprepared and taken off guard by so many orders, they are a small company, however they worked endlessly to try and make it right! They have amazing customer service and whenever I can I order from them! I love all the guys over at ecomom, it is one of the few companies that you will actually get the same rep more than once!

  • Leslie B says:

    If you sign up for their newsletter, they will email youa $5 off coupon that is good for 48 hours. I was able to use it along with this deal to score $50 of christmas present for only $25 shipped. Awesome!

  • Missy N says:

    Katie, can you explain what happened ? Was it the company Ecomom?

  • Rei says:

    It’s a better deal if you buy the plum district voucher. I purchased one this morning and got $60 worth of goodies for $20.

    • Jodi says:

      It only saved $0.50, but I went through ebates to get 2.5% off on the Plum District deal. Combine with the $5 savings for signing up for email, I reckon I’ll get $60 worth for $14.50. Woo hoo!

  • Heather Nicosia says:

    I love Ecomom! Last Black Friday they got slammed with so many orders and did there best to get them out in time for the holidays. I have so much respect for this company.

  • Andi M. says:

    Can someone please help me? I purchased the coucher and it said I had to be signed in to use it.. How do I do this? Anyone know?

  • Hilary says:

    Thank you Erin and Rei!

  • Sarah says:

    Checkout the details of the & Plum District Deal here:
    You can snag $60 worth of products for only $20. Also check out for other really great deals on eco-friendly/organic toys today!

  • Danielle Nicole Jude says:

    Thanks for the deals ladies – $60 worth of stuff for $20.

  • Cara says:

    Yes, they got slammed with this deal last Black Friday — I still got all my stuff (after hours spent on the site). A few of my friends didn’t, but when they contacted them after the rush, Ecomom sent them a voucher code for the FULL amount of what they had tried to order (even though they had also already received their second choice of goods). I think it’s totally worth trying again this year — I’m certainly going to!

  • LIsabella says:

    I’m shocked Ecomom is signing up to do this deal again after what happened last year. They did the best they could, but I’d be more inclined to take the plunge if they’d cap the Plum District deal vouchers so they don’t drown again.

  • IB says:

    Anyone else having trouble finding the “shopping bag” button???

  • Misty says:

    Site is incredibly slow. No referrals on the Plum District voucher as it is a Plum steal.

  • Jennifer says:

    The Plum District website says the ecomom deal is closed, so I guess that isn’t an option anymore….

  • Jen says:

    I know I’m missing something…I’ve added things to my order/cart, but can’t find where to check out…help!

    • Misty says:

      After you click on something to buy, look underneath for something that says view bag. Site keeps crashing on me everytime I go to checkout.

  • Laurie says:

    Oh geeze…. The site is crashed! Here we go again, i see a repeat of last year in the works! :(

  • Barb says:

    finally was able to put things in my cart and now i am getting an error message when i try to check out. i am feeling a sense of deja vu from last year. ugh.

  • Crystal says:

    Site is crashing…. deja vu. OMG…

  • Lili says:

    Can’t check out because the Shopping Bag icon is not available for clicking! I always hurry up and get the vouchers for ecomom only to regret it soon after! Their merchandise is expensive and I’ve never have found any great deals. If I can’t use the voucher with the discounts going on right now, I’ll be very disapointed!

    • Barb says:

      The shopping bag icon disappeared for me a while ago. I just click on an item and when the item pops up there should be an icon that says view bag. Just click on that and it should take you to the checkout screen.

    • melissa says:

      I was just able to check-out using the voucher. I went to checkout after adding an item to my bag. I was able to use the voucher too. Got some great deals on Melissa & Doug items for my little guy

  • Haseena says:

    I just got off them phone with them and they told me the best way to view your cart is to just type in the URL, now I am able to view my cart, but when I try to checkout the site crashes :(

  • Cara says:

    Yes, the site is having issues yet again — but they were seriously awesome about dealing with it last year, so just have patience and try to do your orders later when the site isn’t overloaded (late at night worked like a breeze last year). And if you have issues, contact them — they have extended deals for me in the past when I have had issues getting an order in on time.

  • Kari says:

    I cannot get to my cart? Where is it? I think maybe the sites getting slammed lol

  • Haseena says:

    Keep trying and use the direct URL to view your cart, I was able to place my order. 6 Puzzle’s for $20.92 :)

  • van says:

    something is wrong with the site

  • Lisa says:

    This sale is good until Sunday…I bought the voucher and now I’ll just wait for their site to improve. I’m sure certain times of the day are worse than others.

  • Barb says:

    Finally was able to place my order. Got $60 worth of product for $20.62. Yippee

  • Sarah says:

    Thanks! I was able to get the tea set & the kitchen/dinning set for my girls for $33 (includes $20 plum district cost) Never would have been able to buy these for my girls if I hadn’t had these discounts! I also found a wood kitchen set used in brand new condition for $20 earlier this year!! They are going to be getting some nice quality toys for Chritmas this year! Now to find some toys for my 7&6 yr old boys for cheap with the same kinds of quality!

  • tracy says:

    thanks! I am using the deal withOUT the Plum District voucher so I can use it to buy baby food. A wonderful price and so excited to have such a great supply. Once I successfully make it through the check-out, I’ll have no need to buy more for quite awhile!

  • Tilla Ham says:

    seriously, must have patience, this almost drove me to drink lol but I got my brothers soon to be born baby 6 awesome Melissa and doug products for 23.95 including the price of the voucher.

  • Bekah says:

    These are great items to have in the last minute gift closet!! I still have a few from the deal last year. $60 worth for only $20, can’t beat it! It took me a while but it finally went through.

    Melissa & Doug Make-a-Face Crazy Characters Sticker Pad 54-5941 $4.99
    Melissa & Doug Play House Reusable Sticker Pad 54-4084 $4.99
    Melissa & Doug Make a Face Sticker Book 54-3248 $4.99
    Melissa and Doug DIY Princess Mirror 54-2716 $6.99
    Mudpuppy Flip & Draw – Pirates 110-6295 $8.00
    Mudpuppy Flip & Draw – Let’s Dress Up 110-2541 $8.00
    Melissa & Doug Princess Elise Magnetic Dress Up 54-1457 $9.98
    eeBoo – Gathering a Garden Board Game 73-3765 $12.00

    Subtotal $59.94
    Shipping & Handling $0.00
    Discount (Free Shipping, voucher, BF 20 off) -$59.94
    Tax $0.00
    Grand Total $0.00

  • Cara says:

    Yes, the direct link to check out is the key:
    It still took many tries but finally got my order through — very very happy with the deals I got!

  • Mita says:

    Go through eBates to get 2.5% cashback at Plum District

  • van says:

    site is still down. won’t take off $20 for spending over $50 for me :(

  • Ketryna says:

    Just bought 2 backpacks for my kiddos for their new leappads from the kmart deal posted earlier so nothing gets lost . Thanks for posting this. Last year was a bit much but well worth it. Ecomom followed through on everything in my order and even went above and beyond.

  • Jessica S. says:

    I just placed my order, total $60 – $20 (automatically deducted)= $40- $40 (Plum district voucher)= $0 I didn’t even have to enter my credit card info. So, $60 of toys for the cost of a $20 voucher. :) Yay! (The site wasn’t slow or glitchy for me and there are still PD vouchers.)

  • Crystal says:

    Can you use the $5 off newsletter coupon on top of the PlumDistrict voucher and the $20 off of $50? I can’t get it to let me enter it.

  • ohlyia says:

    If you’re not getting the $20 automatically, it means your base total is made up of a product they cannot apply the coupon code for: S’well, Make My Day, OrbitBaby, ERGOBaby, Phil & Teds, Woolly Pocket, Skip Hop, Nature Babycare, Ubbi, Boba, Elements Naturals, gift certificates, tax, shipping.

    Remove the item, bump your total back up, and it should work. Just checked out for a grand out-of-pocket total of $23 including the cost of the voucher for $63 in products.

  • Jackie says:

    Easy easy easy! I just scored the Melissa and Doug ice cream set and a trunki for $9.99 after the plum district voucher. So $29.99 total. That’s less than the trunki goes for alone! Woo hoo! :) TY

  • natalie says:

    where do u get 5 off, I already sign up for the plum distric, but i can’t find the 5off?
    They only offer 5 off if I refer a friend and get it after their 1st shop.

  • marissa says:

    I got these for $23! Paid $20 for the plum district voucher, got the $20 for having an order over $50, and got free shipping.

    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit
    Item# 75-5604 $19.99 USD 1 $19.99 USD
    Fossiliced Ice Tray – Blue Triceratops
    Item# 165-1009 $8.00 USD 1 $8.00 USD
    Mudpuppy Eric Carle The Very Books Block Puzzle
    Item# 110-2554 $15.00 USD 1 $15.00 USD
    Innovative Kids Green Start Storybook and Plush Box Sets – Little Gorilla
    Item# 144-6409 $19.99 USD 1 $19.99 USD
    Discount -$60.00 USD
    Subtotal $2.98 USD
    Total $2.98 USD
    Payment $2.98 USD

  • Roo says:

    If you go through you can get 6% back on the purchase of the redplum voucher. Then go through couponcactus again to get 5% back on the remainder of your purchase. I got $56 worth of things today for $20 – before rebates – and I used a $30 voucher I bought last month.

  • Brittany says:

    Here’s what I got for $27.95 OOP

    Melissa & Doug Farm Animals Sound Puzzle
    54-2997 $12.99 Ordered: 1 $12.99

    Melissa & Doug Beep Beep Jigsaw Puzzle
    54-2723 $9.99 Ordered: 1$9.99

    Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker
    54-1432 $16.99 Ordered: 1 $16.99

    Melissa & Doug Tow Truck Magnetic Puzzle Game
    54-3078 $9.99 Ordered: 1 $9.99

    Melissa & Doug Lacing Beads in a Box
    54-1438 $16.99 Ordered: 1$16.99

  • Dee says:

    Hi. Does anyone know when the “first 300” customers starts? Would that be @ midnight, and does anyone know what time zone they are in? Thanks!!

  • sherry says:

    I was one of the first 300 customers, thanks to a fussy baby, I was up AND IT PAID OFF FOR ONCE!

  • Lori Richard Mwagodi says:

    I just received all 6 of my Melissa and Doug toys!! I only paid $7.49 each after the sale and plum district coupon!!!! Thanks Collin!!

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