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Credit Sesame: Enter to Win $200 Cash (Plus, Get Free Credit Score – No Strings Attached!)

10:48 AM MST
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How would you like to win $200 cash?! Well the folks over at Credit Sesame are currently giving you the chance to do just that! Plus, you can currently get your credit score for FREE! Yep, no strings attached!

As I’ve mentioned before, Credit Sesame is a 100% FREE personal finance credit and debt management tool with NO credit card required or trial period. Credit Sesame will give you an instant view of your credit, including your Experian credit score (refreshed monthly). Awesome!

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  • smadison01 says:

    Whats in the fine print? Do we need to cancel before a certain period of time to avoid being charged a fee for the free credit score?

  • bella says:

    Just a heads up. they dont use the same credit model as others, they dont use Fico [From what I have read about this company,not from personal experience]. so the credit score you get here is NOT your true credit score. it will probably be lower. read reviews on this company before you submit your info

  • ABW says:

    Is this only for new people? I’ve been signed up for a long time, does that make me ineligable?

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