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High Value $3/1 Butterball Turkey Coupon

10:16 AM MST
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If you are still in need of a turkey for your Thanksgiving Feast, head on over here where you can print a coupon valid for $3 off 1 Fresh or Frozen Butterball Whole Turkey! And if you have an Albertson’s nearby, you can still score the awesome deal I posted about here through 11/22!

Keep in mind that this coupon is valid through 12/31, so even if you already have your Thanksgiving Turkey you may want to print it for your Christmas dinner!

Also, don’t forget that when you purchase any one Butterball Fresh or Frozen Whole Turkey between 11/1/2012 and 12/31/2012, you can submit the rebate form found here to receive 5 $1 coupons good on any Butterball product(s). Sweet! :D

(Thanks, Coupon Verve!)

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  • Ang says:

    I wonder if these would have worked on the free ones at the store :);)

  • Angela says:

    All of these links say error page not found. Not sure where to see these rebate offers at?

  • priscilla says:

    Bummer! Just bought my Butterball last night.

  • Jean says:

    Said I’d already printed, but I haven’t?

  • mindy says:

    I was going to print 2 more coupons from another computer…too late :(

  • Diana says:

    I was ready to print this coupon but first I decided to google Butterball and when I did a video/article recently posted by The Huffington Post reported on Turkey abuse “again”. It’s very sad not just about the Turkeys but that many businesses (especially the food industry)don’t care about the definition of responsibility. They don’t care about our health or the health of our children or the health of our pets for that matter. They care about $$$. Shameful disgusting behavior and a coupon for a better price at the cost of our health is a insult.

  • priscilla says:

    I checked the site again and did find the rebate form. The thing is, it doesn’t give you back $5 but $5 in coupons.

  • rae says:

    On swagbucks there is still a $3 off butterball turkey when you buy any combination of 4 of the following… green giant canned veggies, pillsbury cresant rolls, betty crocker potatoes (excluding potato buds).
    I used this last night at Jewel Osco (albertsons) along with the $10 off any whole turkey coupon plus their promo for $10 back when you buy any butterball turkey it made for a really nice deal. I have never cooked a turkey and my hubby wanted one so wish me luck lol!

    • rae says:

      Though this is sad and coming from some one who raised turkeys it is really all unnessary, these are not the birds used for our supermarket birds. The birds in the video are all males at one of their breeding farms. The birds we buy at supermarkets are females. I have had this breed of turkey and they are bred to be big and they do often have issues with their legs but its not all the birds. It also isn’t the companies fault that they have idiot workers who would treat these birds this way when they think no one is looking. There are twisted people who think hurting animals is funny as you can tell from the guys laughing in the video. At any of the jobs I worked with in the livestock industry these actions would get you fired and fined on the spot. Think of it this way as a company Butterball has to answer for this and now may loose profit over it as well they wouldn’t intentionally shoot themselves in the foot like that. I am sure they do not train or knowingly allow this behavior to happen.

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