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Lowe’ Black Friday Deals Online NOW

10:45 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

WooHoo! The Lowe’s Black Friday deals are now available to score online! Just head on over here and click on the Black Friday banner displayed to browse through all of the *HOT* buys available. And shopping online gets even sweeter because you can use promo code 470218415921390 to score an additional 10% off ALL purchase! Plus, score FREE shipping on orders over $19 OR opt for FREE store pickup.

UPDATE: If the 10% off code above isn’t working for you, then try promo code 470051487922755 to score $10 off a $50 purchase! (Thanks, Sue)

Here are a few of the deals that caught my eye:

Shop-Vac 14-Gallon 4.5 Peak HP Shop Vacuum 5851511
Shop-Vac 14-Gallon 4.5 Peak HP Shop Vacuum Only $39 (regularly $89!)
On sale for 56% off through 11/26 or while supplies last! After the 10% off code only $35.10!
Garden Treasures 35-in Black Steel Wood-Burning Fire Pit SRFP90B
Garden Treasures 35-in Black Steel Wood-Burning Fire Pit Only $39 (regularly $79!)
On sale for 50% off through 11/26 or while supplies last! After the 10% off code only $35.10!
Werner Aluminum Work Platform AP-20-MP6

Werner Aluminum Work Platform
Only $17 (regularly $44!)
On sale for 61% off through 11/26 or while supplies last! After the 10% off code only $15.30!
Garden Treasures 41000 BTU Mocha Steel Liquid Propane Patio Heater HSS-DSSPC
Garden Treasures 41000 BTU Mocha Steel Liquid Propane Patio Heater only $99 (regularly $189!)
On sale for 47% off through 11/26 or while supplies last! After the 10% off code only $89.10!

Oriental Weavers of America Sonoma 7-ft 8-in x 10-ft 10-in Rectangular Multicolor Block Area Rug 1693E4B7L
Oriental Weavers of America Sonoma 7-ft 8-in x 10-ft 10-in Rectangular Multicolor Block Area Rug $69 (regularly $138!) – On sale for 50% off through 11/26 or while supplies last! After the 10% off code only $62.10!

Come back to share what deals you score!

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  • Rae says:

    It says the coupon code has already been used. Do you have another one?

  • COMama says:

    Message: The promotional code has already been redeemed on : (

  • Jeff says:

    same here….code not working.

  • Lynsey says:

    Got two rugs (Sonoma and Bedford) both 5×7’s for $34/each, Frigidaire wine cooler for $49, plus bought four .99 poinsettia’s. At 7pm pst the Black Friday deals were available! Wohoo! Store pickup for rugs and poinsettia. Free Delivery for wine cooler!

  • Rae says:

    The code still isn’t working for me.

  • kama says:

    Code is working, but after I clicked submit order …. Thank you for visiting Our site is currently down due to technical issues but will return soon.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Rachel says:

    Not working for me either

  • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

    Hmmm… not sure as the code worked for me earlier. I also just updated with this code 470051487922755 which may work for $10 off a $50 purchase.

  • Rae says:

    Darn, I’ve tried them both, repeatedly, and it’s still not working. :( Thanks for trying, though, Collin. And thanks for the heads-up on the deals. I’ve always wanted a firepit! ;D

  • Katie says:

    I bought a ladder style bookcase and small shed, both were free store pick up. Sears also has their Black Friday items available on-line now! :)

  • Jeff says:

    second code just worked for me no problem….

  • jane says:

    Just used the first code and went straight through, no problems !!

  • Tanya says:

    Man! I knew I should have checked back here for an updated code, but I was so afraid of missing the sale price. Oh well. I still got a great price especially going through ebates. Thanks Collin!!!!

  • johnna says:

    First code is not any good – says it’s already been redeemed but the second code worked with no issues…thanks!

  • Renee says:

    I wish Home Depot would go live too….

  • Missie B. says:

    Trying to buy a fridge, but even though it says the 18 month interest free option is suppose to be available, it doesn’t show up when I put in my Lowe’s card info. Only 6 month option. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Rae says:

    Still no luck on either code for me. I even switched computers, but it still says they’ve been used.

  • Heather says:

    There is going to be a wood-burning fire pit at Wal-Mart’s Black Friday sale for $22.00. :-)

  • Rae says:

    Really? Maybe I can check that out, thanks, Heather!

  • Crystal says:

    Code didnt work for me.

  • Cindy says:

    Code worked for me and don’t forget to use your shop at home account!

  • Missy says:

    Googled & found these instructions for making a code work… this worked for me:
    1. Set your shipping preferences on your items now.
    2. Enter code and hit Apply Code. It will fail.
    3. Go up to “Change” with the arrow and click that. Enter someplace else in (I used California). Click on a random store there.
    4. Enter code and hit Apply Code (even though it is still displaying the old error message). It will fail again and may or may not give you the same error message (could be either invalid or already redeemed).
    5. Change your store again, and enter your real zipcode in the box where you can search for a store. Click on your real store in the list.
    6. Don’t touch anything – the code should already be accepted and you should see the discount. Click Continue Checkout. (If you hit anything besides Continue Checkout, the order will update and either the code will fail or your shipping method will be changed)

  • Ilyssa says:

    Thanks so much for posting this Collin! I planned on getting the $89 Skil Table Saw for the hubby on Black Friday. I used your $10/$50 code and got it for $84 after tax! Seriously, amazing! I saved $66!

    Now I don’t have to go there early on Black Friday. I’ll just head in Friday evening and grab it when the lines are non-existent!

    I’ve always been a huge Black Friday fan. But I think you’re converting me this year. I’ve already bought two Blu Ray box sets, an LCD tv and this saw for LESS than I could get it on Black Friday! And I didn’t have to leave my computer to do it!

  • Rae says:

    OMG, it worked! Thank you, Missy! I had already given up and just went through with the order, then I saw your message. Now I’ll have to go back and cancel the first order, but the $10 is worth the extra steps. Thank you!

  • amyjo says:

    The first code worked for me just now. I bought a bbq grill. Thanks Collin!

  • midget says:

    Those two promo codes are most likely one time use, probably from the cards in the mover’s packets from the post office, or from mailings. It’s the same number sequence as the cards I have.

  • Beth Wolfe says:

    Missy, It worked!!! I had to make myself be a little extra patient but it was well worth it. Collin I just have to say a HUGE Thank you!!! I woke up this morning to start my turkey and I checked my emails real quick, I found an email from Lowes it said “You’ve Won a $50 Lowe’s Gift Card! (Black friday Throwdown). I remembered entering it from your site. I am beyond exstatic (sp?) Thanks so much for all you do. With the $50.00 free gift card and the $10 off $50 code I was able to buy my husband a dewalt drill for $45 and some change. Thanks so much….

  • Michelle says:

    It worked!!! thanks!!!! Poinsettas and wreaths and garland WONDERFUL

  • dana says:

    FYI– I ordered the fire pit and grill; total: $177. If using your Lowe’s credit card you get an extra 5% . First code worked with my order. I was expecting to only get the 10% , but when I started checking out using my Lowe’s card the 5% was actually taken off automatically. Great surprise!!! Had my eye on that charcoal grill for months!!

  • shannon says:

    Collin THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am about to put my turkey in and decided to check Hip2Save first and so glad I did. I just got the ShopVac for $39 for my FIL and now I don’t have to go stand in line in the morning. You’re the Best!

  • Krista says:

    Thanks for posting this! I was just looking at patio heaters but they were too expensive for what you got. This was perfect! The coupon didn’t work but I was able to get 6% from ebates.

  • Karen says:

    Thank you I was just about to plan to go to the store instead it is shipped and I saved 10.00 Thanks again Happy Thanksgiving

  • christi says:

    Melissa I tired the way you mentioned and still no luck :( Please help

  • Daphne says:

    Codes didn’t work for me even with the change, but my lowes card took 5% off
    I got the skil saw, the platform and pointsettas. My hubby will be very happy Christmas morning.

  • NNS says:

    Awesome code worked for me!
    Free ship don’t have to deal with going up there love it!

  • Dana says:

    Code worked for me. But I had to type in manually instead of copy and paste. As always, thank you Collin!

  • Janine says:

    Yay!! It worked!! Got a patio heater for $95!!!

  • Holly says:

    None of the codes worked right now! Err! But I still placed my order. Need a new rug.

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