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Toys R Us: Free Goody Bag (Filled with $30 Worth of Stocking Stuffers!) – 1st 200 In Line on Black Friday

10:36 AM MST
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Toys R Us recently announced that the first 200 customers to line up at their local Toys“R”Us store on Thursday evening (doors open at 8PM) will receive a FREE Great Big Goody Bag packed with stocking stuffers and gifts! You could find items from brands like Crayola, LEGO, and Disney Jr. inside. The total value of each goodie bag will be $30! Sweet! :)

Go here to read the Press Release for more details.

*Also, go here to check out the rest of the Toys R Us Black Friday Deals!

(Thanks, Jamie!)

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  • leea says:

    I wouldn’t stand in that line for $300 worth of stocking stuffers! That’s a mess I won’t do on black friday lol.

  • Holly says:

    I go shopping every year on BF, but I’m not brave enough to go here first thing lol….Kudos to anyone who does! :)

  • Destinee says:

    I went to TRU last year when they opened at 10pm. The first people in line were there 5hrs prior…no thanks!!

  • Dawn says:

    lol, toys r us prices are usually so ridiculous—their so-called $30 grab bag probably has like 3 boxes of crayons and one CARS car—-not worth it ;)

  • tracy says:

    can someone respond to my post if this toys r us thing is first 200 customers at every toys r us? because i cant see 200 people lining up at the one closest to me,so first 200 at only 8:00,thats quite a bit of people,and has anyone gotten it and what was in it,was it done last year?

    • Tilla Ham says:

      well i’m assuming that’s it’s 200 people at each location because there would be zero way for them to count 200 people across the country:)

  • tina says:

    My sis just found out she has to go in at 6 pm now cause of this bag giveaway…the line for toysrus is always insane with people waiting hours and hours before they even open…I can’t imagine how early people will get there for this bag

  • Ashley says:

    I work at Toys R us and saw them making up the bags today!

  • Lorena says:


  • Keeley Smiley says:

    I work at TRU and I got to look inside of them today.
    The’s like 3 Xia Xia figures, a Pollypocket doll, some crayons, a Star Wars lego thing, a coloring book, a lego friends thing, some coupons and a few other small things I can’t remember. It’s all in a really nice spongebob giftbag too. Really cute.

    • Beth Williams says:

      I do not normally do BF on Thurs. If i do anythjng at all I actually wait until Friday. Our stinking store handed out 10 vouchers to one family. The cut off was about 5 people ahead of us. If they had followed their own corporate ad they would have allowed more people to have one. Ill never shop toys r us again. Someone gave me their voucher later on in the evening but they had already given them all away. I was sexually harrased and groped by men in the line. The cops did nothing. What’s the point….. there was supposed to be 200 vouchers for 200 bags. Which means someone else got my bag. I desperately needed one because my hubby only works 20 hours a week @ minimum wage. I have to stay at home with my kids due to having Aspies at home. I’m hoping corporate will make this right as I’m a long time Rewards customer.

      • Brittany Pulaski says:

        They did not hand out vouchers for the bags…. So I’m guessing “corporate” will see right through you!!!!

        • Patience says:

          Our store did hand out vouchers. I’ve got mind in my hand still. They handed out vouchers for all of the big tickets items. I’ve got it if anyone wants to see it. It’s printed on the slips you take to the front for big items. You can call the store in Hurst Texas to prove it. I’m not a liar and don’t appreciate being refered to as such. Don’t make judgements unless you know sweetheart….

        • Patience says:

          They handed out tickets at our store in Orlando as well Miss Know It All…. It’s a store by store basis as to how they run their line policies. The management does this to prevent people from pushing and running. Beth was correct. Her store also gave the tickets for the bags to pick up at check out then they left. Ours did it the same way. Please think before opening your mouth in the future.

  • Kate says:

    Can someone explain to me how the Toys R Us sale is going to work? I’m looking at the flyer and everything is marked “midnight Thursday – Friday close”. Do people really enter the store at 8:00 pm and then wait another four hours to buy anything good?

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