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Amazon Lightning Deals: Check Back Often

7:48 AM MST
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If you like the excitement of snagging amazing time-limited deals from the comfort of your own home (yep, that’s me! :D ), then you will definitely become a fan of’s Lightning Deals. These Lightning Deals can be found here and go live at different times throughout the day allowing you to save BIG on popular toys, electronics, games and more. If you see something that you like, be sure you snatch it up right away as there are only a limited number of Lightning Deals available and they tend to expire quickly.

Come back and let us know what great deals you are able to score!

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  • Andrea says:

    I was there when the clock hit 00:00 for the furby and it was “out” already….hmmm kinda skeptical now….

  • Hilary says:

    Totally agree and I just wrote about it on the FB page. The second it hit, I clicked on it to purchase and it said it was gone and there was a waitlist. How is that possible? I don’t think I am wasting my time today.

  • Amanda M says:

    I know! I was like What!??? literally 1 min and it said wait list for the furby, IMPOSSIBLE! ughhh :(

  • Rae says:

    So can we put the items in our carts now and then buy it when the deal goes live? Does anyone know?

  • DStan says:

    I wondered the same thing. Didn’t know if I was supposed to add it to my cart and wait for the deal to start or what. Those things were supposedly gone instantly and it said I could be put on a waitlist which already a list of 500 plus people and my chances of getting one was “poor”.

  • Rae says:

    That’s terrible! Sorry to hear that. I did put one in my cart beforehand, but also waited around on the page for the deal to go live and clicked for one to go in my cart. The original one was still ringing up at the original price, but the new one came out to the lightning deal price (just to answer my original question). Also, it defaulted to make me pay for shipping, so I just went back to my order on my account page and changed the shipping method, so heads-up on that one! Good luck, all! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Crista J says:

    Get on the waitlist. We missed the double stroller and was number 28 with a low chance, we were able to get it. You have to watch because they will give you 2 minutes to claim it.

  • Deb says:

    I attempted one deal yesterday.
    Never again.

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