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It’s Bragging Time… What have been your BEST Black Friday Buys?!

2:11 PM MST
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Although I do not normally condone bragging (that is a big no-no in our household), this is one of those rare times where I am asking you to please BRAG, BRAG, BRAG! I’ve received many emails from readers who were very excited to share the awesome deals and bargains they snagged at Black Friday sales both online and in-store. On the flip side, I have received many emails from readers who are searching for the best deals and looking for tips and tricks. So… this is where you come into play!

If you have a great deal or bargain that you’ve snagged today, please share it below. If you are looking for a specific item or deal, please mention it below and hopefully, another Hip2Save reader will come to the rescue! Let’s help each other out… that’s what Hip2Save is all about! :)

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  • Ashley57 says:

    I got a $449 chair from Haverty’s for $238. Pretty excited about that. My husband also got a Jon Boat on craigslist for $75. He said that was his Black Friday purchase! Oh, and we got salt for our water softener – $10 for 120 lbs. Great deal – sometimes you can find great deals on everyday items too!

  • Haley says:

    We stayed in line for the iPads at Walmart. We ended up getting two. We got the $75 gift cards for each if them. We also got $75 each for my hubby and I to open a us bank account for each of us with no strings attached. I’m so excited we went to the store! We paid $500 for two iPads.

  • epawelek says:

    I got 2 of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Caffitaly Systems (single-serve) for only $22.48 each! They also let me buy the display machine for $9.99! I picked up tons of the capsules that go with them for for only $1.63 for a box of 16! That is only $0.10/capsule. Dillards had the BEST sales!

  • an says:

    the furreal cookie has been sold out in my area from the first promo (at walmart for $15 which i missed since i was at work) and hasn’t been available in stores since then that i could find. my daughter has been asking to watch the furreal videos online for weeks in hopes that santa will bring cookie! a hip2saver did get a $15 one and offered it to me! i offered purchase plus shipping to her but she said no and wanted to gift it to my little one. can’t be thankful enough! you made my little girl’s christmas! thank you for this wonderful community of amazing people! best wishes to all!

  • kidsallgone says:

    Well mine was not a huge deal, but i decided this morning that I would treat myself to an Ipad. I compared prices, called around for info, read reviews, and decided to “go for it” online at Best Buy. The regular price was $499.99 for the Ipad Retina 16gb and was reduced to $459.99. I had two $20 rewards and a $5 reward, which made it $415. I also had a gift card for $25, which made it $385 plus tax. Oh and I went thru Ebates, which was a teeny bit back (maybe 1%? can’t remember but I do remember that it was wayyyy lower than I expected). So not an amazing discount overall, but 5 minutes after I ordered it, I received an email saying it was ready for in-store pickup (even though it was free shipping to my home, I decided that I didn’t want to wait :) ) I’ll pick it up tomorrow when I set out on my “small business” search to use my $25 american express gift card and my $25 american express credit :) :) :) :) :)

  • Ashley57 says:

    I got a great Black Friday deal from Like Twice, which sells gently used name brand clothing like Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, American Eagle, etc. Everything on the site is 25% off and if you are a new member you get $10 to spend. Over $49 is free shipping, before the discounts. Therefore, I got two pairs of Ann Taylor Loft pants and a Ann Taylor Loft shirt for $28.25 shipped. I am thrilled! Here is my referral link if you are interested: liketwice(dot)com/BfxKb

  • Erin says:

    I was going to brag that I neither needed nor wanted anything, so I stayed home and saved my money, but it was such a relaxing Thanksgiving/Black Friday that I forgot that I scored a $129 Nabi! Buh-bye LeapPad and your overpriced, underwhelming apps and accessories! You are going back!

  • Mandy21 says:

    I went to a local appliance center that had Bosch stainless steel dishwashers on sale for an amazing price of $199. The regular price was $799. Best part about it was when I went to get it they informed me that there is a $50 rebate. Great! It’s now $150 and sold my old one for $100 making this a $50 purchase.

  • lorine says:

    how are u all saying the polaroid tablet at kohls came to $30 after all discounts? I’m caluclating more..119.99-20% (kohls card)-$30 rebate=65.99..I bought it, so please help me understand how did yall get it for $30? thanks ;)

  • Michelle says:

    Was ANYONE able to grab an “extra” one of the 8″ Polaroid Tablets at Kohl’s this morning by CHANCE that they may NOT be able to use, initially thought they could? If so, PLEASE contact me directly … I’d be MORE THAN HAPPY to pay you more that what you paid as the doorbuster price, and of course add’l for shipping as well.

  • Lisa =D says:

    Our BEST deal over all waspretty much FREE at Steinmart. We have one in the area and they released an ad that had a scratcher on it-to be scratched at the register by cashier. Possible $10, $20, $40, or $100’s Free!! Of course I read it carefully, as we do all cpns and there were no minimums, nor one per customer exclusions! Our paperman friend gave us 17 extra cpns all together. We checked w/ store employee’s & they confirmed we could use them all, even in seperate transactions. Most were $10 and one was $20!

    We scored 2 pairs of men slippers, 3 plush throws, 3 sets of kids zipper pj’s, pair of teen pj’s, one wooden shape sorter, (2) 2-packs of pillows, one B.Room rug, 2 Pash. scarves, tote bags, 2- Cal King Sheet Sets. In the end, we just paid taxes and had to throw in an .89 carmel if our subtotal fell below $10.

    $180.00 worth of Free very needed items for our family and a few gifts. Best deal ever!!!!

  • Sarah says:

    Thanks for the twice tip….You should get a $10 credit. Found great outfit for ME!!! at a great resale price. Here is my link if anyone is interested too.

  • Katrina says:

    A question for everyone buying online, do you think it’s better to go through Shop At home or Swagbucks Shop and Earn? I want to get some good deals myself:)

  • April says:

    My best deal was the elf on the shelf nothing to do with price but it made me the most excited! I can’t wait to start the tradition with my little ones tomorrow. I would say it is my best Black Friday purchase ever! I am more excited then the kids will be. This is the best deal one that gets me existed about the memories of Christmas not the money spent. Don’t get me wrong I bargain hunt as much as anyone else that’s why I stalk your site.

  • Lauren says:

    I am very happy with my purchases today, but more happy that my mom (who hates shopping) was willing to get up at 7am with me to brave Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Old Navy, Lowes and Banana Republic. We had a great day and spent lots of quality bonding time together.

  • Kathy Kennedy says:

    Kohls – by far. Set of Cuisinart knives in a block for less than $15.00 (I believe it listed for $200). That is after the rebate and after the Kohls’ Cash.

  • Carolyn says:

    I got 2 copies of Brave at Walmart, using my $6 off coupon from DMR. So I paid $11.92 for them and am going to use the Honeysuckle White rebate and the Kellogg’s cereal rebate. And I sat outside Macy’s and they gave us a goodie bag with shampoo, conditioner, gel, a Monster energy drink and a $10 gift card to the Rave Movie theater.

  • Txmomx3 says:

    My favorite purchase was the Fuji Instax Mini for my 10 year old daughter. At CVS reg $79, used the 25% off q, cashed in over $22 in ECB from Sunday, used a few CVS gift cards from viggle, so I ended up paying just a couple of dollars oop. So happy!

  • lorine says:

    you’re right..i subtracted the kohls cash and then my deal scenario came to 35.99 for the polaroid android tablet..still not the $30 people are saying but regardless im stocked with the deal i got!

  • Heather G says:

    @ Kohls, I got 3 The Big One Micro fleece blankets (very big nice and soft one), a pair of jeans, a wallet for my husband, the 20 piece t-fal pots and pans, a t shirt and 2 pairs of yoga pants for only $60 (after kohls cash and rebate)!!! WOOHOO!

    @Toys R Us, I got the box of diapers for $4 and the big box of wipes for $3! I used the coupons that were inside the diaper box. I also got $320 worth of toys and stocked up on family games for only $142. I got EVERYTHING my kids wanted. The cheapest Christmas I have ever been able to have!

  • Victoria says:

    I wasn’t lucky enough to receive either, but can anyone tell me what given out in the bags by Target and Toys R Us? I was just curious as to whether or not it would be even worth trying for again next year.

    • Lisa says:

      We arrived late, but someone had left one in the cart we were using. It had Target cpns in there, Burt’s Bee’s, vitamin cpns, and a free Starbucks Refresher cpn. I’m not sure what else was in there, but I was happy to find the Refresher cpn =D

  • Adrian says:

    We really needed a new portable DVD player for our daughter. Ours died on our trip to Texas earlier this week. We went to Target at midnight and could barely get through the parking lot. I told my husband to forget it. We would just run out today and get a different one. Well, I woke up at 7 this morning and headed out to see what I could find. Went back to Target, where I was one of only about 20 people in the store and thought I would try my luck and see if they happened to have any players left. To my surprise, they had tons! I was able to get sleep AND score what I wanted!!

    I also went to Sam’s Club and was able to get the BRAVE DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack for $9.96! Went back later in the day and they were all gone, but they had marked Madagascar 3 down to $9.96. So I was able to get both of the movies for stocking stuffers for the price of one!

    And last but not least, I actually bought something for myself! I was able to get a new pair of jeans at Penney’s for only $11. Marked down from $60. I love when I can get a great deal for myself! :)

  • Jennifer says:

    I got the canon rebel bundle from target. The down alternative comforter from kohls. I got two dsi’s from Walmart but I price matched from Kmart. I’m still looking for some cheap wii and ds games and the Kreo transformers bumble bee and the imaginext eagle talon castle

  • michele says:

    Kohls!! An Imaginex Pirate Ship & Tonka Steel Dump truck for a little over $18..saving $73!!

  • dana says:

    My best deal was at Kohls on a 4.5 qt KitchenAid Mixer. Regular 259.00, on sale for 229.00, rang up 207.00, then 15% off $175.00, next came the $10.00 off. Got $45.00 back in Kohls bucks and it has a $20.00 rebate! $100 bucks is fantastic for this mixer! Super excited! Went back and got my daughter in law one also, just didn’t have the $100 off any longer!

  • Tilla Ham says:

    I got some amazing deals on movies, my girls and i snuggle up every weekend to watch movies and paying 2 dollars for dvd’s and 4 for blu rays is stinkin awesome. I got the kohls pirate ship and bat cave for a friend 48 for about 135 in toys. Oh and at michaels i got 3 scrapbooks for 7 dollars…they were on sale 3 for 10 and another 30% off…fantastic. so happy with my giant stack of movies…oh and new jammies for the girls

  • I says:

    I just came back, went out at 7pm, which meant I didn’t hit up any crazy door busted a.m deals, but I found parking easily, didn’t wait in any lines, didn’t get trampled on, was able to find things in pretty much cleaned up stores instead of piling through the mess, and instead of spending $287 on a bunch of items, I spent $124. All cash. Five gymbo tops for ds, 2 dresses for dd from old navy, fleece for dh, 2 jackets (one from jcp, one from forever 21) for myself, 3 nyx eyeliners, pair of silver cz studs, gloves and hat old navy’s , and five long sleeve onesies for my new lil nephew :)
    Had a very nice time without the rush and fuss of hectic am shopping,

  • Karen says:

    At Carson’s for $69 King Size 1,000 thread count sheet set that came with four pillow regular price $220.

  • Carrie says:

    Bergner’s (a/k/a Carson Perry Scott/Yonkers) offered a $10 off $10 coupon in its Black Friday ad. I used my coupon towards a 16oz crockpot ($15) which was $5 after coupon and my husband put his coupon towards a 1.5qt crockpot ($15) which was $5 after coupon. Two crockpots for $5 each!

    Note: Yes, I did need to promise my husband a Super Bowl party complete with weenies and cheese dip to talk him into using his coupon towards a crock pot. Happy couponing!

  • Dorothy says:

    Well we were due for our Verizon upgrade on our phones. I saw Walmart was going t have the Samsung Galaxy Slll on sale for 129.00 starting at 5am. No we dd not do the 5am we figured maybe they would still have some later in the day. They did. So hubby & I were able to snag 2 of them. To help matters we put 150. on our Walmart cc to bring the cash out of pocket down to 126.00. Then we got 2 $100.00 Walmart gift cards for buying the smartphone! Just as our luck would have it, apparently last night they were unable to locate the 50 inch Emerson LCD TV to put out and as we finished up they brought them out I asked how much they said 298, I said can we Layaway? they said yes so we grabbed one and put in n layaway and used the 200 in Walmart Gift cards we got for getting the phones and owe 98.00 So basically we got the 50 inch Flat screen for 98 bucks not to shabby and we got the phones we wanted for our upgrade Yea we are stoked!

  • Mary says:

    Our best deal was from K-Mart! They had Max Payne 3 for playstation 3 and XBox on sale for 8.99 (retails for 59.99!). We scored that last one they had. My hubby had done a previous separate transaction in which he spent over $50.00 so he got a $5.00 reward card. He gave me the card to use toward my purchase so I was able to get this game for him for just 3.99+tax ($4.58) out of pocket!!!!

  • jen says:

    My best deal was the Nook Simple Touch, Walmart ad matched Sears and I picked it for 39.99 plus tax, and I was back home within an hour of leaving to put my kiddos to bed :)

  • missy says:

    i love reading everyones stories about posting what they missed and other people offering their extras. Makes me wonder if they should start a section on here where you can trade items with people who live near you or coupons through the mail. Or if people need to request donations, there would be a spot where others could donate toys to their families.

  • april says:

    dune racer for 189.00 I got it at sears a few weeks back great deal

  • Melissa says:

    24 piece bed set at Macy’s: originally $400…got it for $50. Woo hoo!

  • mckenzie says:

    Oh man, I wish I would have known about this awesome site before last night. Would have loved to get a screaming deal on knives. Guess I’ll have to wait til next year.

  • Amy says:

    One of my favorite deals I found yesterday had little to do with BF and more to do with right place, right time at Target. I have quite a few Big & Tall guys in my family and deals are rare in those sizes. What I found was 7 packs of 2XL underwear at Target for 1/2 off ($10.49 each) and then used them to get the $10 GC for every $50 in product bought in store. Overall I netted 35 pairs of a HTF underwear size for $42.50 or $1.21 a piece. I just love getting deals on things I have to buy anyways!

  • Sarah says:

    I’m so excited the my Wal-Mart still had Brave at 10 this morning. I stayed in on Black Friday to avoid the crowds and didn’t expect to snag this deal, I was hoping for something Cyber Monday. Score for me! Now I just have to get my Kellogg’s rebate sent in. :)

  • Cindy says:

    My Sister and I braved the midnight opening at Kohl’s, jumping in the line at 11:30. The line went quickly, the line to pay however was a different situation. I did very well with the sales. One sale item I was especially proud of was the Crock Pot they advertised as an early bird for $19.99 – $10 mail in rebate – $10 gift card attached to front of newpaper – $1.50 moneymaker from 15% discount coupon and this item qualified in the $15 for $50 in the Kohl’s Cash Reward. TRANSLATION…FREE CROCK POT….WOO HOO!

  • Cynthia says:

    At walmart i got a 32′ Emerson T.V. for $148.00 and a $40′ T.V. for $198. Also 12 Towels for $1.48 each and 4 barbies, 2 brats for $5.00 each. A xbox game for $25 dollars. At victorias secret i got a free Very Sexy perfume, 2 Leggings,1 hoodie, A tote bag with a mini perfume and lotion and a lipgloss and a perfume sample for $81. At Carsons boots for $19.97, Men Jeans for 17.97, a nine west macbook case for $15. At macys i purchased at MK tote bag for 137 originally 198! :) very happy shopper!!

  • natty says:

    If anyone needs $25 off their first purchase at , you can use my sign up link! I just got a balance bike for my toddler for a great price:)

  • Shanyn Claycomb says:

    OK, so I don’t NORMALLY brag about stuff….but this one I am bragging about all over the place because I’m so excited about it! I got in line at 7pm at Target on Thanksgiving night. My plan was to buy the Canon T3 DSLR camera bundle. I was nervous because the line was already formed when I got there at 7pm so we had a two hour wait in line…there were probably 100 or so people in front of us. But about 300 or more behind us by the time the doors opened at 9. I went in, headed back to Electronics, got in another line for the electronics counter…stood in line for about 10 min. there. Got to the head of the line, asked for the camera, she rang it up and then this is where the story gets exciting! It was on the ad for $499. I had a 5% off shopping pass, a $10 off $100 purchase Target coupon, $155 in Target gift cards (I have been saving them up all year!) $55 in Visa gift cards that I earned off Vocalpoint Voice and a $50 American Express gift card I got for my birthday. Then I paid the remainder of it with my Target Red debit card for an additional 5% off. Walked out of there with a bundle worth $749 and I paid $240 for it! I was home by 9:30! I couldn’t have planned it better. I am so happy!

  • Jordan says:

    The Soda Stream!!!! Thank you for posting that info. I have been wanting one since they have came out.

  • Amber says:

    I know I’m late but I just received our black Friday item. I didn’t think I was going to get it but I got the KidKraft Beachfront Mansion for $1 shipped to my house!!!!!! Yes I said ONE DOLLAR WITH FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!! I can’t wait for our little girl to open it on Christmas!!!!!! All I can say is thank the Lord and God sure is GREAT!!! =)

    • Amber says:

      P.S. Also I didn’t use any coupons to get this deal!!!! The company had it listed for $1 on their website with free shipping!!!!!! Major glitch but I still received it even after I received an email saying it was no longer in stock. Thank you Lord!!! =)

  • Lala says:

    Samsung galaxy 10 inch from Costco for only $279. It was $100 off during BF. The store ran out of stock but hey, they offered rainchecks! It’s the 1st store I have known ever to offer rainchecks on electronics! Love love that store!

  • kc says:

    Nothing too exciting but I got the train table from ToysRUs for $39 (half price) a new printer from Walmart for $49 (which I desperately needed) and some scarves from Charlotte Russe for $5 each to top off my Christmas shopping list. ALL with free shipping! I have been able to find many gifts and stocking stuffers in the past month or so for almost free thanks to this site. Thanks Collin!! The best thing of all is that for once in my many years of shopping black Friday, I didn’t have to leave the house!!! Great deals, not having to drag your toddler to the store, and free shipping = happy momma!!!

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