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Kohl’ *HOT* Cyber Monday Sales Start Now + Free Shipping (No Minimum!) & Extra 20% Off

11:39 PM MST
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WooHoo!! I am so excited to let you all know that Kohl’s is at it once again with some awesome new Cyber Specials and much more! You see, Kohl’ has officially launched their Cyber Monday Sales NOW with over 300 Specials – available online only! Even better, through 11/27, you can now enter the promo code CYBER20 at checkout and you’ll save an additional 20% off your purchases AND shipping is FREE (no minimum!) through 11/27 too! How awesome is that?!

Also, through November 25th, everyone gets $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent in store, online & at the kiosk on all sale-, regular- and clearance-priced merchandise (redeemable from 11/26-12/3).

Plus, keep in mind that they have 100+ Early Bird Specials available from 12am-3pm (CST), so make sure to take some time to browse around. Stay tuned as I’m now off to browse the sales… but don’t worry, I’ll be back to share! :D

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  • Celena says:

    Plus 5% cash back when you go through

  • cely says:

    is the 20% off on any purchase or only on early bird specials?

  • Rachael says:

    Ebates is 6% Cash back right now… :)

  • serina says:

    When u add TRU 3-Crock Buffet Slowcooker (1.5q), price is $26.99 instead of $29.99. Same goes for the triple 2.5q version. After all the discounts, I paid ~$23 for 1.5q version which is great for me since it’s the exact size i want and I didn’t want to go brave the walmart crowd last night. :)

  • Janet says:

    Awesome deals. I just ordered two pairs of dress pants and a little set of diamond hoop earrings for a birthday gift and my total was 48$ shipped!

    • Lori says:

      If you would have added a few more $$ to bring your total up to $50 (before tax, and after all discounts) you would have received $15 in Kohl’s cash to spend next week. Just an FYI.

  • Buffy says:

    They have Yankee candles in the cleance section for 15.99.

  • Nicole says:

    They jacked up the prices on the toys and hand towels I was watching by about $1, so the 20% will probably equal out, but at least shipping will be free on those inexpensive things I wanted now.

  • chris says:

    The whole cyber Monday thing is a shtick for the technologically inept, as previous years have never been as good as being able to get the black Friday price online the day before. Willing to give this a chance at least since this year’s kohl’s ad was underwhelming for me, too much reliance on mail in rebates and stuff I already had.

  • Susan says:

    I”m being charged a $20.00 shipping surcharge. Anyone know what this means? I haven’t submitted my order. It says free shipping…excluding shipping surcharge ($20.00)

    • Sarah says:

      It means your item is so heavy that they add an extra shipping charge. Surcharges are not included in the free shipping. :(

    • Jessica says:

      sounds to me like you have a heavy item in your cart that is always charged a shipping fee, which they call a surcharge. Are you buying some furniture or something of similar size?

      • Susan says:

        Yes…a toy box for my GS for Christmas. Apparently it’s too heavy to be considered in the free shipping. Think I’ll wait and buy it instore if they have it. It says it’s an online exclusive though. :-(

  • Brooke says:

    Looking to buy a few toys with this sale. Looks like the “Night Owl” sale is offering 50% off ALL TOYS. Would it be a better deal to wait until after 3pm to order. That way I would be getting 50% off the original toy price, plus 20% off and free shipping. This sound a little too good to be true. Thanks for the help!! :) HAPPY SHOPPING!!

  • Kitty says:

    Oh man the boots I bought yesterday would be $3 less and then I’d get 6% cash back thru ebates. Probably not worth the hassle of returning. Do you think anything good will be left by Monday? That’s when everybody’s kohls cash will be good…

    • Kitty says:

      If you do a return that you earned $15 kohls cash on, how does that work?

      • Laurie says:

        At the CS desk, they give you a choice of giving them back your Kohls cash (they tear it up) or refunding the full amt you paid to in the form of a Kohls merchandise credit.

      • Char says:

        If your total after the return is less than $50, you have to return the Kohl’s cash. Not sure how it works if you do the return later and you’ve already spent the Kohl’s cash.

  • Erica says:

    Regarding returns and Kohl’s Cash – if you don’t want to lose the value of the Kohl’s Cash, have them make the return onto a Kohl’s gift card. You still have to spend the money at Kohl’s so you don’t lose the Kohl’s cash value deducted from your return. We had a great manager explain this to us and have done it ever since. I never have any trouble spending the gift card on something else. :)

  • Winnie says:

    I earned two separate $15 Kohl’s Cash. Would I be able to use both in one order or can I only use 1 per order? Tia.

  • Helen says:

    Is the kohls cash before the coupon or after

  • G.S says:

    I’m gonna have to wait for Monday for the deals when my Kohl’s cash is good. I’ve already spent enough at Kohl’s! I have $90.00 in Kohl’s cash and hopefully I will get the rest of my Chirstmas gifts with that :)

  • Susan says:

    The ONLY way to keep your kohls cash and return merchandise (other than an even exchange) you purchased to earn the kohls cash is to return your items without a receipt. You will receive a store credit for the lowest sales price in the last 30 days for the item. Like most other stores you will need an ID but Kohls is VERY lenient with returns. I’ve been an operations manager at kohls for several years. I know the policies inside and out. Any questions.. Let me know!

    • Kim B. says:

      How many returns can you make without a receipt within a years time? I have already done it once I believe at the beginning of this year when I misplaced my receipt :/

      • Kim B. says:

        meant to say ‘make a return without a receipt’! oops

      • Susan says:

        There really isn’t a set amount. There is also a “corporate refund” option which is where corporate researches the return and mails you a check for the amount if they don’t suspect the merchandise returned is stolen. I’ve been with kohls for almost 10 years and have seen it prompt for a corporate refund 3 or 4 times. With that being said the cashier at customer service has the option to tell you you’re getting a corporate refund and that that’s the only option (even though usually it’s not) They only do this to customers in there daily returning merchandise non receipted. Long response short don’t return stuff daily without a receipt and you’re fine. Like I said kohls is VERY lenient.

  • Kim B. says:

    Just wanted to say thank you! Got 2 pairs of really nice sneakers (for my daughters) and a really nice sterling silver ring(normally $100) all for $55.60 after taxes! Plus I will be getting the 15 in Kohl’s cash!

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